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Striving for optimum health...


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ETA: Just realized that "Optimal Health" would be better grammatically - whoops! :P

Hello everyone,

Thanks for reading my log. :D I actually started my Whole30 about a week ago (9/29/12) but then decided to officially start on 10/1 so I could do a whole calendar month. I wrote a bit on the Medical Conditions thread but figured it makes sense to put everything in one place. I'll try and keep my basics and how the first week has gone pretty brief.

Age: ~30

Health Conditions I deal with...

*IBS - D (father died of colon cancer, I had a clean colonoscopy, my second, this summer.) Have had this for 18 years and it comes and goes but when it's bad I spend a good 30-45 minutes every morning running back and forth from the bathroom while trying to get ready for the day and teaching fitness classes. Yeah that sucked.

*poor immunity/getting colds, flus, or sinus infections almost every month

*Hypothyroidism (diagnosed and medicated with 50mg levoxyl since 2008 and based on bloodwork it is well controlled however spotting throughout menstral cycle seems to indicate otherwise. Have had recent women's/gyno exam that was all clear.)

*Depression and Anxiety (already struggled with it and then lost two family members so obviously that was quite difficult) was on medication for a year but transitioned off this spring. Am very happy to be off and manage my mood with exercise, meditation, yoga, talk therapy, and getting as much sunshine as possible.

Other info:

*Worked in fitness in an extremely physically demanding job (only for the last year) until about a month ago. Am on the job hunt for something enjoyable but definitely less taxing.

*I'm at a healthy weight, though I don't mind gaining a few pounds, I don't want to lose much or any weight.

*Looking to start TTC in January.

*I had cut out dairy and gluten prior to the start of my Whole 30. The fact that I ate dairy is pretty stupid since I've known since I was a teenager that my body reacts to it. I had a pretty healthy diet before that in terms of eating lots of veggies, a little fruit, and well sourced meat, fish, and eggs. Fair amount of oats though and definitely some sugar via honey and maple syrup.


*Improve overall health.

*Heal gut and get IBS symptoms under control.

*Strengthen immunity so that I'm not getting sick so often and can live a long healthy life.

*Prepare my body to be healthy and able to conceive and carry and healthy baby.

*Feel more energetic and less fatigued (possibly by improving thyroid function) so I can feel well but also be ready to go when I do find a good job. So far two interviews and two offers but pay, schedule, and/or duties weren't a good match. Makes me feel awful that I'm turning down jobs given the economy. :( :(

*Clear up the breakout on my face, which is very new to me. (I'm not so concerned about the look of it but what it means might be going on hormonally.)

*Additional bonus would be to even out my mood a bit.

Progress days 1-5

*Enjoyed the food I've eaten - we live on the coast near farms so we can buy a lot of awesome produce and meats for a reasonable price.

*Am doing much better with afternoon and evening sweet snack cravings (previously I often ate a snack of homemade granola, almond milk, honey, and sometimes fruit at those times.)

*Am having a well rounded snack occasionally in the afternoon or evening if hungry and I'm okay with that since I don't want to lose weight.

*My digestion is doing REALLY well, and I've only had one kinda tough morning since starting the Whole 30 Protocol.

*Had a sore throat ear ache that started on day 3 and is now a full fledged sinus based cold though no fever. I'm REALLY frustrated to have yet another cold but I know it's going to take longer to heal my gut, improve health, and strengthen my immunity. Sucks that we had planned a camping/hiking trip for this weekend and I am really not feeling up to it. (Rant over!)

I likely won't be journaling my food at all but will use the log to note things that are going well, things that I'm struggling with, and just to get a little support when I am feeling discouraged and need to vent. Despite the sometimes frustration, I feel extremely lucky to have the health (and other many non-health related blessings) I do have.

Thanks guys! Hope everyone is doing wonderfully in their own health journeys! :D

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Thanks Mich and Derval! I really appreciate the encouragement, especially because I'm still really struggling with my sinus cold. Had to cancel our camping and hiking trip to Acadia which we've been planning for a while now because I'm just not up to it. I was really wishing that when I woke up this morning that I would be feeling like I'm on the road to recovery but not yet. It's nice to reread the section in ISWF and the forum comments that say that it's normal to feel worse before you feel better. Also I keep reminding myself that my digestion is better than it's been in a LONG time so I know good things are happening.

Despite what I said before about not logging my food that clearly makes no sense because it's important to see how different foods affect me. So here's yesterday's eats Day 5...

Breakfast: 2 eggs blending with a bit of pumpkin and cinnamon and cooked into a 'pancake' then topped with more pumpkin and cinnamon, a few fresh figs, and coconut milk. 1/2 cup of coffee with bit of coconut milk.

AM snack: (Don't typically have one but I don't want to stress my body unnecessarily by keeping it hungry when I'm so sick) 5 dates and a small handful of dry roasted sunflower seeds

Lunch: Canned Wild Salmon, Mashed Sweet Potatoes with cinnamon, avocado, lil olive oil, and a green salad (greens, cucumber, artichoke hearts)

Dinner: My husband treated himself with Domino's Pizza since we're not going camping and I have to say I was having a hard time being near it! Kept dinner easy with more of a breakfast for dinner type thing: 2 eggs, 1 banana, 2 huge handfuls of spinach blended and cooked into a pancake. Topped with mashed sweet potatoes, coconut milk, and cinnamon.

PM Snack: 1/3 cup trail mix (pistachios, almonds, raisins) Same issue as morning snack, haven't been having one but want to keep my body fed as needed right now. Also had been 4 hours since dinner.

ETA: I drank a ton of water with fresh lime juice and herbal tea throughout the day. Also took my supps of a multi, vit C, Vit D (I've tested low previously), calc/mag/zinc combo, and fish oil.

Definitely want to mix up meals a bit more today and hopefully feel better. As I feel better I also want to try different breakfasts because these egg pancakes are pretty standard for me in the am because I can blend up lots of good stuff when my stomach's not in the mood for a hearty meal. Hoping to maybe try a veggie and egg scramble with avocado and then something not so breakfast traditional. But again that might have to wait.

I slept a ton yesterday and didn't even take my dog on a walk. I'll see if I feel up to an easy walk today but am not going to push it. Seriously can't wait for this cold to be gone! :( :( :(

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Well let's just say that every day is a learning experience!

First off, happy to report that my cold symptoms have subsided slightly, not a lot, but enough to let me know I'm on the road to recovery.

Decided yesterday to take a bit of a risk and do something active because I just felt like waking my body out of it's total resting state and sweating out the cold a bit. 40 minutes very easy jogging -> walking cool down -> chugged 3 classes of water with fresh lime juice and added a bit of raw AC vinegar to the last glass. Although I definitely didn't feel awesome doing it, it felt great to flush out my body a bit and I do think it was helpful.

Eats wise things were okay but definitely not great yesterday.

Breakfast: 2 eggs + 2 big handfuls of spinach + strawberries cooked into a 'pancake' topped with a pumpkin and a few figs + coconut milk. (Yes probably too much fruit...) 1/2 cup coffee + coconut milk.

Lunch: BIg bowl of homemade roast chicken, greens, and veggie soup with a bit of compliant hot sauce on top. Really hit the spot - so glad I froze some of the batch I made last week.

Afternoon Snack: locally grown apple - so deliciously fresh! (probably hungry for it because lunch was a little low on carbs after my jog)

Dinner: Tin of Sardines in olive oil, big green salad (spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, onion), roasted acorn squash and then the kicker 1 piece of coconut 'bread'. It's made with all compliant ingredients (coc oil, coc milk, eggs, flax seeds, etc.) but it's definitely a bread of sorts. My wonderful mom made it for me and joined us for dinner and to be honest I was more than happy to give it a try. Do I think the one slice is a problem - no I'm not worried about perfection. However, I guess I got a little too easy going about it because this morning... (ETA PM snack of handful of pistachios, raisins, and almonds)

Breakfast: 2 slices coconut 'bread', 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, few figs, few strawberries. Umm yeah no veggies. :(

And, not too surprisingly my stomach is a bit off this am. Not terribly, but enough to remind me, that I really need to stick to the plan and not assume, oh sure no problem. I'm doing this for a reason! ugghghhghgh

Okay rant over, and hopefully lesson learned. So I'm going to freeze the coconut bread loaf so it doesn't replace my veggies again and start to become a regular addition.

Definitely learning as I go...

ETA: the learning continues - turns out my trail mix eating yesterday and the day before was roasted in peanut oil. Seriously how did I not know that?? :( Alright no big restart but I'm doing a Whole45 and hopefully there will be many fewer (if any) missteps from now on.

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Hey everyone,

Not gonna lie, yesterday was tough motivation wise. Just in a funk, especially with my cold and having had to cancel our weekend camping/hiking plans. But I got through it and hopefully will continue to improve with my food choices (after having overdone the coconut 'bread' yesterday).

Do feel better this morning cold symptom and fatigue wise so that's a definite plus and mood booster. Wise I hadn't woken up at 5am unnecessarily but I guess that means I'm well rested.

Although I already shared breakfast from yesterday (Day 7) I'll do it again with my other eats...

Breakfast: 2 small slices coconut 'bread', eggs, 2 slices bacon, strawberries

Lunch: grass fed ground beef, roasted acorn squash, olive oil, and a big salad (lettuce, spinach, broc, carrots, onions, avocado) to be honest the salad was a bit much in terms of quantity and I didn't really enjoy it at all which was weird. Maybe the weather is making me want more cooked veg?

Afternoon snack: nuts and raisins

Dinner: Homemade beef and greens chili with 'coconut bread' and coconut milk. (Yes I had the bread again - will address below)

PM snack: nuts and raisins

Workout: definitely wanted to get moving again yesterday in a sweaty but not too taxing way. So I did a 40 min mix 1 min intervals of light weights and cardio type moves at home - with a minute rest every 10 minutes.

Okay so here's the situation, which I think many others can relate to. When you get down on yourself for making a mistake, you then think - what's the point in even trying? I definitely felt like that yesterday. (I'm also on the job hunt so I'm also having that weighing on me.)

Also I am NOT a big fan of restriction. I'm fully recovered from and ED and with that recovery comes a solidly held feeling of NEVER wanting to keep myself from enjoying food and putting unnecessary restrictions on myself. With that being said, I have to remind myself that I AM doing this for a very important reason or actually several reasons. I listed them in my first post but the most important, overarching one is to improve my health. I shouldn't be getting colds/sinus infections/flus/etc. every month, I shouldn't be going to the bathroom 5 times a morning in a rushed way (thankfully this is much improved with Whole30), I shouldn't feel as tired as I do, and I shouldn't be snacking as often as I do (at least not as soon after meals and I tended to before Whole30).

I am doing this for very important reasons and clearly from my improvement in GI symptoms, it's doing great things for my body. I need to appreciate this and be respectful to by body and commit myself to this challenge. I don't need to be perfect but I certainly can try harder.

Okay rant to self over. I needed that! :D

Today's started off pretty well with some egg and pumpkin pancakes topped with a more pumpkin and coconut milk + coffee. Looking forward to going shopping for food today at the local farm to get some delicious, well-raised foods and see the piglets that are still nursing from their sow momma! :D

Kinda wish that my husband was doing this challenge as well (he likes to limit meat and eat lots of veggies plus legumes and grains) but fortunately he's overall very supportive because he knows I'm not in the healthy state I should be as a 29 year old. I'm also so lucky to have such a supportive mom who I spend a lot of time with (who doesn't really eat meat herself but is happy to fix it for me when I join her for meals). I have a lot to be thankful for!

I'm already enjoying being back on track and I intend to keep it that way, even if I have to write post my reasons on the fridge! Hey that's not a bad idea.. ;)

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Good morning everyone - here's my recap of yesterday/Monday Oct 8th - Day 8

Breakfast: Egg and Pumpkin Panacakes with topped with pumpkin and coconut milk + coffee + coconut milk

Snack: Apple - ate breakfast at 5am so I was in definite need of something to tide me over until lunch at 12:30pm so this 10:30am snack worked well

Lunch: Homemade grass fed beef and veggie chili with 1/2 avocado and a little sauerkraut (I try to limit cabbage and cruciferous veggies due to my hypothyroidism)

{Stil having a hard time eating enough calories/food and portioning properly when I eat chili, stew, or soup so I was really hungry for an afternoon snack...}

Afternoon Snack: Big serving (2/3 cup total) of cashews, raisins, and a little unsweetened chocolate. {Although it was a bit much portion wise it was perfect in terms of fueling, satiating, and keeping my energy level even.}

Dinner: Spaghetti squash, tomato and artichoke sauce, green salad with avocado, sardines with olive oil, finished with an unsweetened, all fruit 'cobbler' that was topped with a bit of almond flour crust and topped with coconut milk.

{My mom is so sweet to have us over and make all this food specifically for me. Unfortunately, turns out that the almond flour topping had a bit of psyllium husk in it which (I believe) was the cause of a bit of bloating last night.}

Cocoa spice tea for a night cap.

Exercise: 2 long ~50-60 minute walks, one in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

Am really trying to be okay with less intense workouts because I know my body still needs to heal from being overworked and overtired. It's hard though because working up a sweat just feels good and releases stress. I know I need to be proud of myself for the transition I've already made from 3 hours a day of strenuous exercise (yes, for work) to ~45 to 60 minutes per day of moderate activity. Just need to still be a little more in tune and then follow the cues my body is giving me and not listen to my ego!

Am feeling almost recovered from my cold, probably need another day or two. Am REALLY looking forward to the cold being completely gone and having at least a little more energy overall. A few promising things happening on the job search front so I'm hopeful about that.

Hope everyone has a great day! :D

ETA: I did try something different than a pumpkin pancake this morning - a banana pancake. Yes earth shattering I know ;) Just can't stomach veggies in the am!

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Also slowcooked a simple (but judging by the aromas, incredible) pork chop and root veg stew yesterday. Since we ate at my mom's last night, we'll be digging into it tonight and I seriously can't wait... :D

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Alrighty, let's do this - gotta get all purty for a job interview this morning. :D

Recap for yesterday OCt 9th/Day 9th...

Overall felt pretty good. Cold symptoms are almost totally gone and have a bit more energy than usual - at least during the past couple weeks. Digestion was just a tad off but nothing to be worried about at this point.

Breakfast: Banana + 2 Eggs + Turmeric + Apple Spice cooked into a pancake topped with pumpkin, fresh green figs, coconut milk, and more spices. Coffee + Coconut Milk

40 minute walk with my pup

AM Snack: Cashews and raisins. Surprised I needed one but since I was teaching a class (not physical but informational, done with the sweaty ones for a while) I couldn't be all hungry, fuzzy-headed.

Lunch: Sardines in olive oil, spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, green salad with avocado. Didn't hold me over very long at all :(

PM snack: Cashews and raisins (yeah need to diversify these snacks a bit!)

Workout from Mark Sisson's Primal Daily Apple Website: 3 sets of 6 reps each back to back: cleans, presses, squats, bent over row (took about 3 1/2 min). Warmed up beforehand and did some jump rope speed intervals after. Great, effective, and concise workout. :D

Dinner: Homemade slowcooked pork chop and root veg stew. Added some sauerkraut and coconut milk. Seriously filling - definitely not hungry for a PM snack.

So a good day overall but definitely want to see if I add more staying power to my lunches and breakfasts without making them uncomfortably filling.

Off I go!

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Okay so here's the situation, which I think many others can relate to. When you get down on yourself for making a mistake, you then think - what's the point in even trying? I definitely felt like that yesterday. (I'm also on the job hunt so I'm also having that weighing on me.)


I totally relate to this! I'm so glad to hear you got past that funk and are feeling better :D

Btw I love that you put turmeric in your eggs! I've noticed that it's a spice a lot of people are nervous about using because you don't see it that often. I put it in everything tho, meat, veggies, egg bakes. Mark Sisson has a recipe for turmeric "tea" that is very intriguing...

I hope the job interview went well! Keep up the great work!

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Hi Maggie!

Thanks so much for the well wishes. :D The interview did go well, it was actually only 15 minutes and turned out to be a first round one. But since it went well I am through to the second (and I believe final) round tomorrow morning and am meeting with the company's VP and head of HR. Just emailed my hair salon to see if they can squeeze me in for an appointment today to freshen up my highlights and I've got some serious outfit decisions to make. I generally wear athletic clothes all day every day since I work in fitness so I'm totall y lost in this department! :P

Anywho on to tomorrow's recap Day 10/Oct 10th

Meals and Activity:

Breakfast: Spinach, banana, 2 egg, turmeric, apple spice pancake topped with pumpkin, strawberries and coconut milk. Coffee + coconut milk also.

30 min walk with my pup

AM Snack of 1/4 cup cashews and raisins on the way home from my interview so I'd be energized for a little workout

20 minute total workout: 5 min warm upMark Sisson's Unilateral Engagement strength workout which took about 15 minutes. Really loved this one. Stretched and cooled down afterward.

Lunch: Pork and Root Veggie stew, 1 small piece coconut 'bread' + little Saurkraut and lots of fresh spinach wilted in the broth. Filling as usual.

PM Snack of 1/4 cup cashews and raisins

45 minute walk with pup in pouring rain - actually super fun to get drenched!

Dinner: Green salad with avocado, grassfed beef burger, spaghetti squash, pico de gallo, little olive oil

Late PM snack: Cashews, raisins, unsw dark chocolate mixed with coconut cream. Seriously awesome mix. Will finally need to change up my snacks since I'm almost out of cashews which is probably a very good thing! :P

Quick observations in the last couple days...

*Overall feeling quite good. Cold's finally gone with the exception of a bit of congestion and my energy levels are good. Not outstanding but good.

*Digestion still doing well which is simply awesome.

*Mood is quite stable - although it definitely helps to have great possibilities on the job front!

*LOVE chewing the fat. Literally I love all of the fat I'm eating on this diet I think it's great for me. I have no idea how my weight may have fluctuated, though it doesn't seem to have changed much at all. What has changed is that my stomach is flatter because I'm less bloated and my skin is smoother and less dry. And I'm just feeling better overall - WIN! Love coconut milk more than I ever thought I would and well I've always loved bacon. ;)

*Was having an easier time not snacking as much in the beginning but I actually like having one or two per day when I need them as opposed to doing the more structured pre and post workout meals. Especially because I'm spreading my activity throughout the day. Do need to mix up what I'm snacking on though!

*Loving doing a different structure of workouts - kind of like that suggested my Mark Sisson - lots of low intensity stuff like walking and then some short and concise strength workouts. Will add in a 'sprinting' type workout once a week when/if I'm feeling ready for it. Was sad to miss my fav yoga class yesterday due to the job interview. Hope I can keep one in my schedule IF I get the job! (Totally jinxing myself here...)

Off for a bike ride in the beautiful fall weather with my mom. Hope everyone's having a great day! :D

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Thanks so much Derval and Ginty! I really appreciate it!

Going to quickly recap yesterday as I have an iron waiting to smooth out my clothes and a pup that needs a walk before heading out for the big meeting. It's taking place about 70 minutes away but I want to leave lots of extra time. Guess I'll be listening to a lot of NPR debate recaps? :P

Day 11/ Oct 11th Eats and Activity

Breakfast: 2 Eggs, Spinach, Pumpkin, and spices pancake topped with pumpking, figs, 2 bacon slices and coconut milk. Coffee with coconut milk. The bacon was really helpful in keeping me satiated and fueling for a....

24 mile bike ride

Lunch: Coconut water, green salad, salmon, avocado, 1 slice coconut bread, pico de gallo

Afternoon snack: actually did something different! Big apple cooked in coconut milk - really good and satisfying

Dinner: Pork and root veggie stew with ground beef instead of pork since it was all eaten up. Lots of spinach wilted in.

PM snack: Cashews, raisins, unsw choc with a bit of of coconut milk and tea

Overall feeling good - wish the throat clearing/phlegmyness would stop though - yes that's a word! ;)

Alright off I go - thanks for all the well wishes! :D

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Hello everyone and Happy Saturday! :D Everything went well yesterday with my interview and was actually offered the job (which I accepted) at the end. So I start training on Monday interspersed with finishing up my Tuesday morning commitments at my old job (which I'll still do a bit of in the evenings.) Really am encouraged by the great attitudes by everyone I met - from people in my position up to the Senior VP's. A little nervous as always to learn the new procedures and computer programs that are essential to my work but that's normal. Also looking forward to meeting the medical professional I'll be supporting because it'll just be the two of us once I am trained!

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and encouraging vibes sent my way! :D

Day 12/Oct 12th Recap...

Breakfast: 2 Egg + pumpkin + lots of spinach pancake topped with more pumpkin, figs, coconut milk and bacon. (The bacon was SO helpful in keeping my tummy from rumbling until 1pm without a morning snack!) Coffee + coconut milk.

30 min walk with my pup

Lunch: Salmon, avocado, green salad, lots pico de gallo, tomatoes, onions, coconut milk, and almond sweet potato 'bread' (my mom made fresh)

60 min walk with my mom and our pups

Dinner: Always seem to crave breakfast for dinner on Fridays oddly enough so I had the same pancake I had this morning just without bacon and coffee. Wasn't quite as filling as I thought it would be so I cooked up some strawberries in Ghee soon after.

PM Snack: unsw choc, cashews, raisins


Throat is sore again! :( Though I don't think it's because I have a cold or flu, I think it's the change in weather and having gotten outside in the wind the last couple days. Am trying to figure out if anything I'm eating is the problem as well. Nothing new has entered the picture. Hmmm...

So glad I am well into this program before starting my new job! Would have been really tough to train with how I was feeling last week...

Will be great to keep eating this way and not need so many snacks since it's hard to eat while working (lots of patient interaction).

(Women's Health/Cycle Note-feel free to SKIP!)

My period started yesterday without the typically very painful cramps that are so common to me. I'll be very curious to see how it affects my spotting issues (that I think are caused by my hypothyroidism).

Think that's all for now. Looking forward to a great weekend and I hope you all have a great one as well! :D

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Thanks so much Derval! Yes it feels really good to have secured it. Though I told my husband NO celebrating until I get through my two weeks of training and am settled into the position. Lots to learn and more hurdles to get over - in a good way - just need to work hard at it.

Anyone else having a physically hard time adjusting the newly cold fall weather? This is nothing new to me as my body has always preferred hot weather but it definitely seems to be taking a toll. The sore throat (which has fortunately subsided), needing more sleep, and just feeling super cold outside even when it's in the 40's. I actually ordered and little $25 highly rated infrared heater from Amazon.com so that I can get a little boost that I've enjoyed from infrared sauna's. Will see how that goes. Also just trying to listen to my body in terms of activity, rest, and eats - more on that at the end of the post...

Day 13/Oct 13th

Breakfast: 2 egg + pumpkin, lots of spinach pancake topped with strawberries and coconut milk. Coffee + coconut milk.

AM snack: Cashews, almonds, raisins, unsw chocolate

40 minute leisurely walk

Lunch: GF beef cooked in tomato sauce, acorn squash, asparagus, lots of the tomato sauce, and coconut milk (I'm seriously in love with this stuff!)

PM snack: Cashews, almonds, raisins, unsw chocolate

Pre-dinner tide over: 1/2 apple - we usually eat ~6pm but were going to a dinner party at 7:30 and I knew I'd be a mess without a little something

Dinner: Spaghetti squash, marinara, shrimp, almond/sweet potato herb 'bread', green salad with avocado. Unsw fruit cobbler with almond topping + whipped coconut milk. Seriously my mom is awesome for making all this Whole 30 stuff when she's hosting a whole group of people!

Late Snack: Almonds, raisins, choc - Yeah this snack I probably didn't need but went with because I just felt like it - gotta work on that.


*Turned out to be a basically a rest day. I'm not going to lie, with the start of my period I was a total grouch for most of the day and was itching to do some sort of high intensity strength workout before dinner to work off my mood and stress. Now obviously that's not an unhealthy way to deal with stress per se. However, because I'm really in need of continued physical healing for my body and mentally in need of continuing to better my stress management skills WITHOUT exercise, I am really glad that this time I opted for a hot shower and relaxation.

*Overall energy levels are staying pretty stable. Could use a bit more by the end of the 30 days but am feeling good about where they are.

*Still need to work on making sure that I do in fact need a snack when I eat one. Also keeping the intake at meals high so the need for snacking is less.

*Plan for this week is simply to give my body what it needs in terms of rest, activity, eats, sleep, etc. so that I can do my very best as I start my job. No unnecessary stress!

Am looking forward to a slow cooked chicken and veggie stew that I'm going to get started. Perfect for this rainy fall weather. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! :D

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May need to scoot my recapping to later in the day now with my schedule! Will write more later but overall am feeling good, had some great eats, some activity but an overall wonderful restful day yesterday.

Hope everyone's week starts out fabulously! :D

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Well that was a lovely first day of training for the new job. Lovely woman who is letting me shadow her and I learn what I will be doing, great schedule, great environment, and meaningful health/medical work with patient interaction. Can't ask for much more. :D

Back to yesterday Day 14, Oct 14th - wow almost halfway (well kinda, I'm going to do at least 45 days)

Breakfast: 2 egg + spinach + leftover acorn squash pancake (worked okay since I was out of pumpkin) topped with lots of figs and coconut milk. Coffee and coconut milk for sipping.

Strength Workout: 7 min warm up + as many reps as I could do in 23 minutes of Mark Sisson's 500 rep challenge of push ups, (modified) hand stand push ups, planks, lunges, pull ups. I think I got to around 350 or so with the reps evenly split between the exercises. Good workout for endurance.

Lunch: BIG BOWL of bibb lettuce, roasted acorn squash, asparagus, shrimp, tomato sauce, avocado, coconut milk. Guess the strength workout got my appetite fired up because I needed a mixing bowl in order to fit everything in. Was satiating though not uncomfortably filling which was nice.

Afternoon Snack: cooked apple and cashews

60 min leisurely walk

Dinner: Big bowl of chicken and root veg soup with sauerkraut - very filling

PM snack: homemade unsweeted fruit cobbler with coconut milk (didn't really need this was definitely more a habit thing I think)

Am overall feeling really good - finally! Took Saturday and Sunday as easy as possible - some walking, couple long hot showers, fun with family, and just tried to relax. Think it worked. I do think eating this way is simply evening out my mood a bit and making me listen to my body more - love that aspect of it. :D

Looking forward to a nice power flow yoga class tonight - though I'm not much of an evening exerciser so we'll see!

PS I brewed up some Canadian maple ceylon tea that we bought in Stowe, VT and then added coconut milk. The combination of the two is simply to die for. If you can ever get your hands on some do it!

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Thanks Amy! Yes - the thing I think I need the most work on is that evening snack. If I need it, fine but I don't think the fruit heavy stuff is doing me (or my sleep quality) any good. Behaviors and routines can be so hard to break!

Easy day today as I'm finishing up my two week notice at my other job for my Tuesday morning commitments. Let's recap yesterday shall we?

Day 15th, Oct 15th

Breakfast: 2 egg + pumpkin + spinach pancake topped with pumpkin, figs and coconut milk. Coffee and coconut milk on the side

30 min brisk walk with the pup - which turned into a walk with my mom and her pup when we ran into them :D

Lunch: Slow cooked chicken and root veg stew with sauerkraut

Afternoon snack: Tea, local apple, and cashews (really great combo that's filling and well balanced)

60 min brisk walk with my pup

Dinner: Mashed sweet potato, locally raised/made pork chorizo, sauerkraut, chicken broth, coconut milk

Evening snack: fruit 'cobbler' again. Yeah working on it!

Overall felt really good yesterday. Probably not a great idea to have a caffeinated tea in the late afternoon because I didn't get to bed until 11pm instead of my usual 10pm and am feeling it today. Otherwise all's well!

Hope everyone has a great day! :D

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Thanks Maggie! Really enjoying it so far. Nice pace, coworkers and variety of tasks.

Let's recap yesterday shall we?

Day 16, Oct 16th

Breakfast: The usual - AKA 2 egg + spinach + pumpkin + turmeric pancake topped with pumpkin, coconut milk, and figs

30 min leisurely walk with pup

Lunch: Chicken, squash, green salad with avocado

Snack: Fruit Cobbler + coconut milk

Dinner: Slow cooked chorizo, tomato and veg stew of sorts, acorn squash, mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk

60 min walk with pup

PM snack: Fruit Cobbler + coconut milk

Just to clarify, the fruit cobbler is made from a variety of cooked fruits from our local farm (blueberries, strawberries, rhubarb, and peaches) then topped with a mixture of egg, coconut milk, and ground almonds. So as long as I'm actually eating enough at meals and actually hungry for a snack (as I was last night but not the night before - oops) then I'm fine with eating it.


Am loving doing less intense activity and resting. Have done so much resting my body's now craving a bit of a sweat session so I'm thinking a good strength circuit this afternoon would be just the ticket.

Skin is clearing up!

Having a hard time getting up in the morning but I think it's more to do with the fall weather and lack of light early now. The rest of the day my energy levels are great. Yey!

Hope everyone's got some sunshine also, Happy Wednesday! :D

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