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Should I have a chocolate shake and start over?

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Yesterday I had a peice of sushi- so I had about a TBS of rice.... I agonized about starting over.

If I was gonna start over I might as well have that chocolate milkshake I have been fighting tooth and nail not to have... and some cheese... mainly I crave dairy and chocolate (could be approaching that time of the month?)

Maybe to justify a reset I should have a nice glass of milk, cheese with dinner, and a little peice of chocolate candy.... that wouldn't be TOO unhealthy but would make a re-set "worth it" and not wasted on a TBS of rice... if I have to start over no matter what I will make it be worth it! There is NO WAY I will restart without milk and chocolate of SOME kind!

(As a note I am only on day 3 officially, but I had a soft start where I cut out processed food and tried to eat templet but I had a restraunt steak and hashbrown meal "out", three potato chips, a slice of bread, and a little ketchup. so I am on day 3 of strict (real) whole 30, day 8 of "no milk" and it's hard to say about sugar becuse I have been cutting back for a few weeks but not as strict as whole 30... as far as "where I am in the "craving cycle")

Yesterday I decided to forget the rice and just move on as tho it never happened....

But I keep thinking about it. About if I should start over... about if it was "cheating" and not a "real' whole 30...

About brei cheese! About chocolate milkshakes!

That Sonic chocolate milk shake is calling my name.... if I have to start over either way.... No matter what, well, it's been so hot and it would be so cold and chocolatey....

What would you do?

Forget the rice ever happened?

Or have that shake and go ahead and start over?

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So to be sure I understand:


You've burned a pot on your stove (ate some rice), and before you clean it up you're thinking about burning down half the kitchen (eating a chocolate shake with dairy, sugar, chemicals, and more) as a way to justify cleaning up the original burned pot?


I think your brain is messing with you by trying to trick you into a dopamine hit of milkshake and foods it's craving.  ;)


Don't fall for it. Skip the shake. You made a mistake with the rice. Eating the milkshake would not be a mistake, it would be a deliberate violation of the goals you set for yourself. 


It's day 3. Having to repeat just three days is a drop in the bucket of health. Whether you restart is up to you, but don't burn down half the kitchen and REALLY do damage as a way to justify a restart. 


You CAN do this.  :)

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You decided to break the rules yesterday when you ate sushi with rice. That's the issue. You can't play your way through 30 days. You either commit and do it or you are wasting your time. Do the Whole30 or walk away. 

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