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Today is day 31 and I can't believe I made it. I admit I started this journey with only one real goal, lose weight... but I never could have imagined the way it would truly change my life :) I have battled my weight since before high school. It seems like every time I would lose weight I would gain it back plus a little more. So here I was in my mid-thirties with a little over 100 pounds that I needed to lose. I tried weight watchers but I cheated all the time, especially after my divorce. The kids wanted "easy" food anyway so why cook dinner for just me? Then I remarried, and my new husband was supportive of my efforts to lose weight and he wanted to lose a few pounds too (like 20 vs. my 100). He fell into the trap right along with me though. We would say we wanted to make healthier choices and then we would for out for Mexican food or order pizza :wacko:

I stumbled onto the whole 30 after finally trying to get back into yoga. The instructor, Dan, mentioned this program he wanted to roll out so I started reading about it. I talked to my husband and his initial reaction, was "no way". Give up all those "great" food items for 30 days? He was pretty sure I had l ost my mind and he knew I could not possibly go without a glass of wine for 30 days. I spent about 4 days talking him into the program and reading ISWF. We decided to go for it, I let my friend come clean out my fridge and my pantry then I went shopping. Wow, it was hard! I had never spent so much time reading labels and I am still disgusted by how many hidden sugars you can find in processed food. The journey wasn't easy but it has been so worth it. I expected to lose weight and that was the only starting measurement we took: I lost 15 pounds and my husband lost 14 pounds :D

but what I didn't expect has made all the difference:

How much I learned about food and its effects on the body

Previously I lived on zyrtec, everyday, I depended on it to be able to breath even a little... I haven't needed it since week 1

I had fallen into a pattern of taking advil pm every night to help me sleep and I have only taken 1 since I started this journey

My husband and I both prefer what I am cooking for dinner now versus the things we used to eat

I have tons more energy and I don't get winded as easy

I don't miss Diet Dr Pepper at all

I don't miss sweets unless it is trully something high quality like a rich slice of cheesecake but a cookie or a candy bar is so not needed

AND the most unexpected change came with the discovery one evening, about 2 weeks into the program that a healthy diet is way more effective than any blue pill. Hopefully, that's not too much information :unsure: Not something I saw mentioned in testimonials anywhere so it definitely came as a nice surprise to both of us.

While I admit I am looking forward to celebrating this journey with a glass of wine tonight, I could not be more excited by knowing that my real journey has just started. I have no desire to go back to my old relationship with food. I have years of bad habits to undo and my off-roading will be minimal. I did not post very much during this journey because I could never figure out what to say but I read posts in the forum almost daily. I am grateful to Melissa and Dallas for starting this program. The difference in my life in 30 short days is overwhelming and I know that things will only continue to improve from here. So thank you to the Whole 30 and the Whole 9 life for helping me get on the right track :wub:

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Awesome post! Good for you. I was in a similar situation in the begining. Boyfriend said I was crazy, and it was an impossible diet. But now he sees the difference it's made in my life. I still haven't convinced him to do it with me but I think he might be considering.

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