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Hello all you lovely Whole 30ers, 

I completed a Whole 30 last summer and absolutely loved the program.  I am prepping for a second round and I have three questions about the pre-workout meal.  

I am aware of the recommendations on the meal template for a pre-wo meal.  "...include a small amount of protein (1/2 a meal size or smaller), and (optionally) a small amount of fat (1/2 a meal size or smaller). Do not add fruit or carb-dense veggies to your pre-workout snack. It specifically says if you train first thing in the morning, something is better than nothing." 

1.  Does a handful of whole 30 approved nuts and/or seeds or a couple of spoonfuls of nut butter work as a pre-workout meal?  I am allergic to the protein in eggs so eggs or any item made with eggs are not an option for me.  I have done small portions of chicken with avocado or something similar, but it is hard for me to stomach when I am not hungry (especially if I am training in the morning).  

2. Sometimes I work out twice in one day; two mile run with the dogs in the morning before work and then weights, rock climbing or other cross training in the afternoon.  Should be eating a pre-workout snack twice in one day?  

3. According to the Whole 30 book, coffee should be drunk with a meal as it is an appetite suppressant, but does it have to be with a full meal?  Or can coffee be drunk with a pre-workout snack?  

Thanks in advance!  

Candice :)

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If the nuts/seeds or nut butter work for you, it's fine. If the nuts ever seem to be causing digestive issues when you work out, you could try coconut flakes or coconut butter instead. Also, as you get used to eating something first thing in the morning, you may find yourself hungrier in the morning, and if that happens, you could look at changing the pre-workout snack.

When you work out later in the day, pre-workout food may not be necessary, if you've eaten a meal within a couple of hours before and aren't feeling hungry. If you do feel hungry, or feel like you need a little extra something to get through the workout, it's fine to have. Post-workout food is more important, especially after any workout that involves strength training -- be sure you have at least some lean protein within a short time after your workout, and optionally add some starchy vegetable. Here's some more explanation about that.

You can have coffee with your pre-workout snack.

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