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I struggle with the "follow" as well. I used it to make sure I wasn't missing any topics in the forums I'm officially tasked to watch, but it hasn't worked the way that I anticipated that it would. I assumed it was user error on my part and never minded enough to try to figure it out. :) I'll point Matt here and see if he can help us out.

I've been tracking new comments via the "view new content" section. You've got to do some filtering, but it's not that much of a bear, AND the forum remembers what your filtering prefs are next time you come to the page.

I filter by "forums" > "content I have not read" > "topics i participated in"

I've tried the "just items I follow," but that hasn't worked for me, maybe it's because I follow full forums not just certain posts? Poke around with that and let me know if it works for you guys...I'll still ping Matt.

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Hi all,

If you click the "Follow" button at the top of the page here, you'll get notifications -- depending how they're set up in your User CP. To receive an email and an alert in the 'bell' drop down menu, ensure the first two columns are checked, like so:


If you click "Follow" at the top of a forum, you'll receive notification of when new topics are posted in that forum, but you won't receive notification of replies to those topics until you follow them individually.

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Newbie question here:

Is there a reason why people "notify" that they like a post you made, other than to be friendly (not that there is anything wrong with that!)?

It's someone showing support for what you said. I found an unexpected benefit; I go see what they "liked" and sometimes that same person will also reply to my post. I may miss that if I don't see a like. :)

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