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Explaining Paleo to Skeptical Family/Friends


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I completed my first Whole30 in October and am now on day 41 of my Whole45 that I started on January 1st. There are still a LOT of friends and family who just don't understand and/or are very skeptical of my dietary choices...

I am sure you all are familiar with this. Hopefully you have support from some people but based on my experience I am sure you still experience unhappiness when someone you care about has a negative view of paleo or Whole30. Am I right?

This video is a WONDERFUL way to explain a paleo or Whole30 lifestyle without saying the world "paleo" one time. It couldn't be more simple or more clear. Share it with EVERYONE! I feel like this should be shown to every child and parent and should be aired on national television daily until the poor health of our country turns around.

Check it out: http://slimissimple.org/

Enjoy friends :D

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