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Costco list - anything I'm missing?


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First things first - I'm only on day 4 of my first Whole30, so this is all pretty new to me!


I'm not currently a Costco member (I live alone and have visions of paper towels taking up my entire guest room), but have been wondering if it would be worth it. The Costcos in my area are doing a "shop for free" weekend for my employer, so I'm planning to go by one tomorrow and check it out. I went through some older posts and compiled this list of what to look for for Whole30 foods. Any of your favorites that I'm missing (or any general suggestions)?


grass-fed ground beef

almond butter (is this cheaper than making your own? I've made cashew butter and adore it)

light olive oil

Wholly Guacamole

Kerrygold butter

macadamia nuts

canned tuna


(I know coconut oil would be on a lot of lists - I'm not convinced I love the taste enough yet to buy a Costco-sized tub! Still working my way through a jar from Trader Joe's.)


I get some produce, eggs and meats from my CSA, shop at Trader Joe's and Publix pretty regularly, and occasionally Whole Foods when I need something very specific or can't find meat I want elsewhere.


Thanks in advance for your help! Two adventures in one week!

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I would just say that the TJ coconut oil is intense in smell and flavor because its not refined. Look for refined coconut oil, it does not have a smell or taste, much better to cook with in my opinion. But, you can use TJ oil on you skin so it won't go to waste :)

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These are great ideas - thank you all so much! I'll let you know what I come home with.

Mom2, I just read about that difference today, and I may look for some refined oil. I've had a lifelong hatred of coconut (inherited from my mom), and while I can eat, say, sweet potato hash cooked in coconut oil, it definitely takes some getting used to for me!

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DEFINITELY get the refined coconut oil.  I don't know anything about Costco, but refined coconut oil makes it possible for me to cook.  I can barely stay in the house when a jar of the unrefined stuff is opened.  Shudder. 

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I always get the black olives -- ingredients olives, salt, water -- 8 cans for a decent price.


Highly recommend the Wild Planet canned tuna -- pricey (works out to ~2.50/can I think?) but really tasty.


5.5 lb bags of frozen mixed broccoli florets, cauliflower, baby carrots, & yellow carrot for 6.50.

4 lb bags of frozen organic broccoli for a little less.


Good prices on many fresh veggies and berries.


Look for your Kerrygold butter in the cheese section, not with the other butter things.


Maranatha almond butter is very good price (but I am no longer allowed to buy for my own safety).


If you have the patience, plan to wander through every aisle to see what they've got and to read labels. I do that sometimes still.

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laurenislost, I've actually never seen a guac recipe *with* sour cream! (I'm sure they exist, I just haven't seen it.) I made this a few weeks ago and it is awesome. So easy too.


Well, guys, I am successfully home from my first Costco trip! Thanks SO much for your input. I looked for a lot of things but didn't come out with a ton (which is good). Successes:


organic chicken breasts

almond butter



Saigon cinnamon

Wild Planet tuna - it is a splurge, so I'm trusting y'all on this!

La Croix combo pack (love the lime - excited to try the others!)


Looked but no luck:

  • Grassfed beef - ours, too, only has organic, and since I can get grassfed at a reasonable price at TJ's I didn't go for it.
  • Chicken apple sausage - mine only has the pineapple bacon, which I'm pretty sure is out! Our Target has the chicken apple, though.
  • Kerrygold - they have it, but only salted, and since I was going to make ghee with it I decided to get the unsalted at TJ.
  • Nuts - I actually didn't see macadamia nuts at all! Bummer. The others seemed to be competitively priced with Trader Joe's, and since I'm just one person I didn't want giant containers of cashews around!
  • Avocados - same thing. They're actually a little cheaper at our TJ right now.
  • Coconut oil - I saw the giant tubs, but they're virgin, so I'm going to keep an eye out for refined.
  • Olive oil - I only saw extra virgin or "pure olive oil", which I don't think is the same as the light I use for mayo. I'm good on extra virgin right now so I didn't buy any.


I get pastured eggs from my CSA right now (so delicious!) and am set on veggies from them too, so that's what I focused on. Thanks again for all the help! It was a pretty good experience - overwhelming (I mean, it's a huge store, obviously), but the employees were so nice. I'm not sure it makes financial sense for me personally, but I'm going to keep mulling it over!

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My Costco has beautiful wild salmon at a great price too!  Organic chicken prices can't be beat either.  I haven't seen almond butter, what brand is it?  Also four pounds of frozen organic broccoli for $6.49, unheard of!  So much fun finding this stuff!!!

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I haven't seen almond butter, what brand is it?


Mine carries Maranatha. I think it was with the rest of the nuts - I only remember seeing the kind I got (roasted creamy), but they may have had other varieties, I'm not sure. At my store it was $7.49 for a big jar that I'm maybe a quarter of the way through, so it should last me awhile!

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If you are looking for a sugar free marinara sauce the "Kirkland Marinara Sauce" is awesome. Comes in a pack with 3 large jars and the ingredients are: Tomatoes, Water, Tomato concentrate, Onions, Garlic, Basil, Sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, Oregano, and Citric acid.


I also get:


organic chicken,

organic beef,

organic buffalo

Red pepper and spinach sausages (cant remember the name, but they are gluten, sugar, and preservative free)

Lindsay Naturals Black olives (Ingred - ripe olives, water, sea salt) - these are probably my most favorite find, they dont look like the dyed black olives oyu find in the supermarket, they are a more brown color, and the flavor is AWESOME!

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TJ's also has a sugar free marinara that's delicious. I've only found compliant chicken apple sausage at Costco but others may have better sources. I also buy kirkland brand tuna, it has one more ingredient(I think) than Wild Planet but it fits my budget. I pretty much buy all conventional meats(lean as I can get) unless my budget allows for grass-fed which I can pick up at Costco. I also only buy whole chickens, more bang for the buck.


I love Costco.

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Sams doesn't have much organic.  I get a HUGE tub of organic greens for 4.50. I often see organic raspberries for amazing prices.  I load up and freeze them when they have them.  They also have horizon organic milk and kerry gold.  Maybe a few other organic items, but not much.   I don't think I've ever seen organic or grass fed meat at mine.  They do have gluten free crackers and nuts.  I'm thinking about trying costco, but it's more of a drive for me.  I can see sams from my house.  

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Unfortunately the costco brand smoked salmon has sugar but right next to it they sell smoked BAKED salmon that is compliant and so good! It comes in a pack of two 8 oz salmon fillets. Both pieces are smoked and baked, and one has peppercorns on top. It's very salty so I tend to chop it up and serve on a big bed of salad greens and avocado. I find it perfect for a no-cook meal.

I also love the jars of roasted red peppers, jars of hearts of palm, and the cans of mushrooms. Much cheaper than those items anywhere else.

I've found with Costco it always pays to check prices-- don't assume they're always the cheapest. For example, in my area the trader Jose's macadamia nuts are cheaper than Costco.

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Their smoked salmon is good when not on the whole 30, but that smoked baked salmon sounds awesome. I'll have to try some.


My grocery list is usually:

Almond Butter



Broccoli Florets (Not always cheaper, but a good quantity and convenient)

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Figured I'd necropost this rather than dragging the new thread.


UC Davis' EVOO study found that the Kirkland Organic brand that Costco white labels is the real deal.  It seems that some of the supermarket BOGO brands don't lock the doors on the olive house.  No white wedding for them.


Kerrygold is owned by Koch Industries.  While we're all kicking Monsanto to the curb, take a look at coal production, mercury, and the contamination of tuna, swordfish, and shark.


Kerrygold is owned by Cargill.  I had the product on my blacklist, but attributed to the wrong corporation.

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I picked up some Chicken sausage from Trader joes with the following ingredients: Skinless chicken meat, water, roasted red peppers (red peppers, Water, salt, citric acid), seasoning (*sea salt, sugar, jalapeno pepper, onion powder, garlic powder), jalapeno peppers.  it claims to be all natural and minimally processed.  No added hormones, gluten free and not nitrates or nitrites added.  


I need to know if this is Whole 30 compliant!

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