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Container for Coconut Milk


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Not really a food source, but a container source. If you are like me and use coconut milk (from a can) in your coffee, you've struggled with what to do with the can once you open it. Do you just leave the can in the fridge (and then the openings of the can get gloppy) try a container which may not really work. Well, I think I've found the answer!


The other day we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond (for non-US W30 people, it's a store with home goods, centering on the bath, kitchen and bedroom). I wanted to get a few W30 things. A small salt and oil container that I could bring my salt and olive oil to work to put on my lunches. I found those, they work great. I love having my own salt at work and not having to use those little packets that have God knows what in them.


We also wanted something to put the coconut milk in. The can in the fridge is gross and the other containers we've tried didn't work. Then I stumbled onto this:




It's a salad dressing shaker/pourer. It's a bit large, but so far it's working great. You can shake it, and the top has a little lever that you press to open and pour. The milk, even cold, will then go back into the container without gumming up at the opening. The top also screws off for easy cleaning. I bet it works great for homemade salad dressing too!


Here is a link http://www.oxo.com/p-879-salad-dressing-shaker.aspx

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I use either jars I've kept from purchased foods, or a few items from Container Store.


This one is good, but really too large.




This one is my favorite.




You need a bottle brush to clean it though. 

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I would imagine you could get the square glass pitcher in the UK.  I pulled mine out and checked the manufacturer (on the bottom) and it says it's Bormioli Rocco and they are made in Italy.  A google search provided lots of results.  I'd check Amazon UK first.

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