What to have with Pulled Pork?


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So I made some delicious nomnompaleo's Slow Cooker Kalua Pig yesterday.  It smelled amazing.


I am looking for ideas to what to serve with it tonight.


ColeSlaw would be the "suthern" thing to do (my family is from North Carolina)


I am not opposed to some sort of wrap-device ;)

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Oh, my God. Anything!


I know!  I feel like I'm kind of overwhelmed by choices at the moment!


I'm ruling out the eggs though for the moment... just because we really like the Egg Foo Young and eat that regularly.  (I am a big fan of eggs for dinner but just not too many days in a row)

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I think I'm going to try this:


pulled pork


green leaf lettuce

nori (for wraping)




(sort of a take on Nomnompaleo's Tuna and Avocado wraps but with pork instead of tuna)


This might also solve our "sushi" craving.

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The first night, we usually just eat the pork with whatever vegetable sides sound good- mashed cauliflower, sautéed cabbage, roasted broccoli or cauliflower, brussels sprouts...


The leftovers we use for the plantain nachos from Well Fed 2 with homemade guacamole and salsa, or tacos wrapped in lettuce. 


We also used a bit of leftover Kailua pork in Marinara sauce over spiraled sweet potato noodles- it turned out amazingly good for a thrown-together dinner. 


It's just great to have a whole lot of already-cooked delicious meat on hand for an easy meal. :)

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I love nomnompaleo's Kalua Pig with her World's Best Braised Cabbage.  The cabbage is cooked at lower heat for 2 hours and then finished at higher heat for ~ 15 minutes.  I usually do the long cook on a day I'm working from home and then use the 15 minute higher heat part as the re-heat.  If I have Kalua Pig, I just heat it in the same baking dish as the cabbage.  Sprinkle a little balsamic vinegar and flaky sea salt on top...making me want this right now! 

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Round two tonight.


So Mike (my bf) should be forking up the pork this afternoon (put it in the slow cooker last night).


I think we are doing zoodles and meatballs tonight (nomnompaleo) but I've run out of lunch stuff so I'm going to need to use the pulled pork for lunch tomorrow.... thinking of the cabbage... maybe I'll make "coleslaw" tonight.

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