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Oh, I forgot to mention, I had a horrible time with muscle cramps last night. I am thinking that it could be a couple of things:

1). I have not been drinking as much water since coming back from AZ. Might be a bit dehydrated.

2). 2+ weeks of walking and now - nada.

3). Being on my feet 12 hours at work, mostly standing

4). The massage I had Wednesday releasing too much lactic acid......

Any thoughts?

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Sodium. When going keto, it is important to make sure you are getting enough. Some people even use bouillon cubes! Let me go find a link to some great articles I found helpful. I'll be back. :)


Ha!  Great minds think alike!  I have been plagued off and on with minor cramps.  I upped my water intake today, thinking it was dehydration.  It wasn't until I was eating dinner that I suddenly realized that I haven't been putting salt on ANYTHING!  With all the yummy fat, I haven't missed it.  I am going to have to dig in the pantry and see if I have some bullion cubes (as soon as you said it, I remembered JM talking about them).  If not, I will go to the grocery store tomorrow - and try to add some salt to my food tomorrow too..... :P

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Day 4


Ketones (by calculation): 1.5


FBS: 104

M1:  slow cooker taco soup (found it in the freezer when I came home - lot of carbs in it (carrot/onion), but I'm not going to waste it. topped with sour cream


BS: 93

M2:  pulled pork, celery, cream cheese


BS:  96

M3:  omelet (2 eggs, 1 egg yolk) cooked in ghee:  filled with cheese and spinach/mushrooms cooked in pork fat left over from my sausage.  Topped with 1/2 avocado and 4 tbsp sour cream. small pork sausage patty on side.


No activity today.  This was the day I had set aside to get myself back into all my projects (kinda nice that it rained all day so I didn't have to wish that I was outside).  I had to go through all my various notes/folders/binders and figure out where I am out and what needs to be done.  I also signed up for my next advanced certification exam that I wanted to take by the end of the year.  There is no way I am going to be able to finish my courses for lactation consultant by the deadline to apply for the exam (deadline this month - exam not until april...  crazy), so rather than killing myself, I am going to work on the courses though march/april, when the application for exam is due for the October test.  I am gearing up to start some big projects at work - have to do lots of formal teaching (yikes!) which I have never done before - going to be fun!  I was also able to get a number of CEU courses completed - required on an annual basis for work and to maintain my nursing license/certifications.  Have a bit more studying on the agenda this evening before going to bed.


I have been looking at a hike in April - backpacking with back country camping.  I have never hiked with more than a day pack, so that will need some training.  Right now, I am trying to decide if I can use my larger day pack (40L) and "make due" or if I need to start saving for a bigger pack (60-70L).  Big decision since I know that I am going to need to get new boots soon.  I noticed on my AZ trip that my current boots are looking a little sad.  Still plenty of tread on them, but the soles are just starting to separate from the boot on the toes.  Considering that they easily have over 600 miles on them, not too bad :)


My mood has been a little bit strange today - just kinda down.  Have no reason to be:  had really enjoyed being home with the kids this week.  I have had some great conversations with both kids.  I know there are some upcoming challenges with DS to face just after the holidays.  I can't believe DD is in her senior year of high school.  Time is just moving so fast - before I know it they will be grown and gone.  Also, have been thinking about a friend that just stopped contact with me earlier this year.  Last time I talked with her was when I called to congratulate her son for graduating high school last June, with regrets that I wouldn't make it to his party because of DDs surgery.  I never heard from her after that:  no call to see how DD was doing after surgery, no call on my birthday, no calls/texts/emails/ or anything.....  I sent her a card with a "date night" gift card for her and her husband for her birthday in August and got no response.  I have left a couple texts and voice messages since....  guess I am feeling a little lonely.....  or maybe its just the rainy weather  :unsure:


PS:  went to look in the pantry for bullion cubes.....  didn't find any.  But as I was looking on the kids shelves, I came across a bag of chocolate chips and (gasp) a half a bag of potato chips!!!!  I shut that door really fast!  :D

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Karen, I never did use bouillon cubes. I made some really salty broth & drank that a lot in the beginning. I think I looked at bouillon in the store and it was all loaded with junk.

I'm sorry you're feeling down. I have seen talk lately about carbs for serotonin production. Lots of talk here, you know, about adding starchy veggies for mood issues. Just something to be aware of if it continues. You could look for a supplement like 5-HTP which helps boost serotonin, make sure you are getting a walk each day, look up other ways to boost serotonin as well.

It's also possible that you are going through some detox from the vacation food. It could also be from the increase in dairy. In any case, I hope you feel better soon!

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I heard the kall of keto!!

That's cool you've got a Ketonix on the way. I don't recall the specific formula I posted in my thread (I'll double check when I'm not on my phone), but IIRC it definitely a very rough guideline.

The main thing is keeping carbs low, which, if you're not counting grams a la Whole30 guidelines, can be hard to do but sticking to animal stuff and the keto friendly veggies usually works.

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Day 5


Ketones (by calculation) 1.54  I know this is just a calculation - my ketonix should be in the mail tomorrow - can't wait to see what my levels are :)


FBS:  95

M1:  brat, broccoli roasted with bacon drippings, sour cream


BS:  92

M2:  celery, cream cheese, pulled pork


Activity:  3 miles


I actually slept in this morning until 800 - about 10 hours of sleep.  Felt pretty good all day today (not as sleepy as yesterday), even if my mood isn't much improved - at least until 6 this evening - not I am ready for bed!


After church, I went in to work only to find out that none realized that I was coming in (didn't see me on the schedule).  I wasn't needed, but since I had shown up, I was guaranteed 2 hours of pay.  So I stayed and worked on some of my annual skills that needed to be done.  DS picked me up a couple hours later, and in the meantime he had been called and told not to go into work tonight either.  So, I talked him into going for a walk with me.  Within the first mile, he was falling behind, saying he was "tired".  I know that it is his sleeping habits (he assured me that he sleeps at least 6 hours each night) and his eating habits, but I have talked to him so much about it that he just closes his ears to me.  


So, as we were walking, it was getting quite dark.  I can't believe that it was almost too dark to see by the time we finished at 545pm.  Home by 615, dishes washed and put away and now I am curled up under my electric blanket.  I know that I should be eating dinner, but I am not hungry.  


At least I got my 10000 steps in today!

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I haven't used my Ketonix for quite awhile, so I just got it out of the drawer and plugged it into my computer to charge up.  I had to look online for instructions, because I couldn't remember how long to blow!   :lol:   Anyway, I see now they have "red" or "blue" with fancy software and everything.  Can't wait to hear all about your experience with it.  Just remember that it needs to be the LAST breath from your lungs -- it is sort of hard to do.  Instinct is to take a deep breath before you blow into something, but that will throw things off.

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Day 6


Ketones Ratio (by calculation):  2.2!  (Finally got it above 2)


FBS 93

M1:  Mushrooms, onion and spinach cooked in ghee/avocado oil.  brat, mayonnaise.


BS: 93  

Ketonix: 36

M2:  pork sausage, cream chees


BS: 92

M3:  bacon, green beans (canned) cooked in the bacon drippings, 2 eggs + 2 egg yolks  (got to figure out what to do with all these egg whites - seems a shame to throw them away.


Ketonix came in the mail today.  Got all the software set up and did a measurement this afternoon- it was 36 (no ketosis) - needs to be above 40 for mild ketosis and above 55 for "good" ketosis.  Since then, I haven't been able to get it to give me a reading.  This one it saved for me this evening was 5.  I know that isn't right!  I know it is probably user error :)


Took DS to school today and had a bunch of errand to run.  Had great plans to walk again today but it was cold and rainy all day.  In the end, I also ran out of time.  One of my errands was a Dr's appointment for my shoulder that I hurt back in mid-October and still hasn't healed.  I was given a prescription for PT and an ortho appointment.  Talked to my Dr about the ketogenic diet and he was all for it.  Told him about my blood sugars being up and am being send for an A1C.  I opted out of doing the rest of the labs J Moore recommended - I just had a basic work-up anyway and all was good.  The only thing was the labs for inflammation (which my recent hiking and shoulder injury would affect the results) and for my thyroid (which has always been fine).  So, the plan is to stay on the diet as long as I can and we will recheck labs in the spring.


I am starting to feel a little bit more energy - not as tired as I was over the last few days, and (dare I say), I think my mood has improved a little bit - at least I am not quite so "melancholy" today.

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Day 7


AM Ketonix 59 (yellow)


FBS: 101

M1:  broccoli slaw with mayo and sour cream, 2 eggs+ 2 egg yolks (cooked in bacon fat), 2 slices bacon


BS:  97

M2:  celery, cream cheese, pork sausage


BS:  91

M3:  huge salad with romaine and spinach, bell pepper, radish, cucumber, pulled pork, olives, moroccan dipping sauce


BS:  102

M4:  brat, 2 eggs + 2egg yolk cheese omelet


Good day at work today.  When I got off work (on time) and got home, I was feeling a little bit antsy.  Didn't feel the need to crawl right in bed and didn't want to watch TV.  I ended up heading to the gym (only because it was too dark out to go for a walk)!  Guess I am getting my energy back.  Also, can't say I was in a bad mood today either :)


The fourth meal was because when I got home, I was feeling hungry.  


I was looking back over my logs and am realizing how much the dairy is creeping in.  Its a great fat without carbs.  I am going to try to figure out this week other fats to sub the dairy for.  Hope to see less of it in the future.....

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Day 8


Ketonix:  53 yellow


FBS:  97

M1: roasted chicken thigh (with skin), green beans cooked in bacon fat, sour cream, guac


BS:  100

M2:  broccoli slaw with sour cream and mayo, pork sausage


BS:  95

M3:  spinach, beef stroganoff


PM Ketonix:  66 red


No cravings today!  Sat in a couple of meetings with candy in a bowl on the table in front of my and I almost didn't even notice it.  Only weak moment I had was this evening when I was sitting in the McDonalds parking lot waiting for DS to get off work.  Sat there for an hour - and I was hungry.  I had thought I would get out of my last meeting in time to go home and grab dinner before having to get him - I didn't.  So, I sat there and thought about a burger - no bun, no ketchup.  Five guys is right next door.  Thought about a burger some more.  By time I thought so much, he was getting off and I went home and pulled dinner out of the fridge.  Packed meals for the next two days.  (Shocked me when I only got 4 meals out of the super sized tub of spinach I just opened).  Now I am in bed and typing this up....  tired - early lights out tonight.

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Day 9


Ketonix;  64 red


FBS: 94

M1:  2 eggs +2 egg yolks, 2 bacon, mushrooms and spinach cooked in ghee, guac, macadamia nuts and pecans


BS: 93

M2:  chicken thigh, green beans cooked in bacon fat, sour cream


BS: 90

M3:  spinach, beef stroganoff


Ketonix:  69 red


Work day today (1 of 5).  Mostly busy but not horribly so.  Was able to get a little bit done for some of my committees too - and I started my christmas shopping :)

When I got home, I only had 7000 paces on my fitbit.  I was heading for bed, then decided to get those last 3000 steps in.  My pacing was driving DD crazy!  But I did it!  

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Is that the stroganoff recipe from Jimmy's book?   We LOVED that one!  The first time I made it, I added an entire bag of spinach.  The second time, we added crispy bacon & pickles -- like a cheeseburger.  Awesome.  

No - it was from frugal paleo cookbook - but I subbed the almond milk for beef broth, heavy whipping cream and sour cream to boost the fats. I will have to try JMs next time :)

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Day 10


Ketonix:  52 yellow


FBS:  90

M1:  2 eggs +2 egg yolks, 2 bacon, mushrooms and spinach cooked in ghee, guac, macadamia nuts and pecans


BS: 90

M2:  few bites pork shoulder and one small sausage (last of each), green beans cooked in bacon fat, sour cream, cream cheese wrapped in salami rolls


BS: (forgot to do it)

M3:  spinach, beef stroganoff


Ketonix:  58 red


Work day today:  Paced up and down in my nursery.  Once my baby was transferred to the floor, I paced up and down my unit.  Then I got home and had a thousand steps to go, so I paced in my living room while watching a tv show - next thing I knew, I was at 11000!  I really need to get out and do some hiking....  I miss it :)

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Day 11 (Yesterday)


Ketonix 53 yellow


Did not do blood sugars today


M1:  4 eggs, 2 slices bacon, guac, mushrooms and green beans cooked in bacon fat

M2:  salami rolls with cream cheese, artichoke hearts, olive tapenade, dill pickles, pecan and macadamia nuts

M3:  west african chicken stew with coconut cream


After work, went bowling with the kids.  Lots of fun but meant a late night.  I also didn't have any of the "Smothered fries" that my kids were eating at the bowling alley :)  

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Karen, I love to see you feeling good & motivated to get those 10,000 steps each day. This is picking back up for me, too. A GOOD night of sleep + day 6 of keto here = mental clarity and energy really picking up! :) I am walking around and around at the art center right now, which I have not done for the past couple of weeks. I was just too tired.

Did you ever figure out why the doctor was calling?

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Karen, I love to see you feeling good & motivated to get those 10,000 steps each day. This is picking back up for me, too. A GOOD night of sleep + day 6 of keto here = mental clarity and energy really picking up! :) I am walking around and around at the art center right now, which I have not done for the past couple of weeks. I was just too tired.

Did you ever figure out why the doctor was calling?

So glad to have motivated you :)


I actually forgot about the drs office - until they called me again today.  It was about my A1c being "normal" :)  But I know it can be better  ;)

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Day 12


Ketonix:  48 yellow


M1:  omelet with mushrooms, ham and cheese topped with sour cream, bacon

M2:  large salad (spring lettuce, cucumber, cheese, olives, topped with crumbled hamburger patty, sour cream and salsa

M3:  salami slices with cream cheese

M4:  2 hamburger patties with cheese and mayo


Ketonix:  34


So - the crazy thing is that I stopped counting my carb/proteins/fats and checking my glucoses and my ketones suddenly tank.  The only thing different is the stroganoff and chicken stew that I have been eating.  and the increased activity..  oh, and I am not sleeping well at night... and I just finished my fourth shift in a row..... *sigh*.    Then again, maybe it is just that "time of the month".....I wish I had a magic ball that could tell me what I need to fix.


Don't mind me - am just tired and wishing I didn't have to work tomorrow......


Another late night tonight - was able to get to "Bands for Hunger" after work tonight.  All the high school bands in the county (5 of them) hold an event each year where they perform their shows, then all the bands take the field together to play God Bless America and America the Beautiful together.  The admission:  a donation to the county food bank.  This year, they brought in over 7000 items of food, and over 6000 dollars in money.  It was my last band performance as a "band mom".  Kinda bittersweet  :(

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