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New Rules?!


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I accidentally, and I believe completely by chance, learned that there are new rules to W30!

All potatoes are compliant.  I looked back at the shopping list and did not see white potatoes

listed.  I know it is not an exhaustive list, but had GFChris not seen a comment I posted to

someone about potatoes, I would have never known the news.  Also, when learning about the

new approval on all potatoes, salt came into the discussion as   "now" being compliant.  But salt

was compliant before.  


So I fear that I am somehow out of the loop.  I'm not on Facebook,Twitter or any other social media.  

Is that where the latest news travels?  Am I missing other important updates?


Please advise.  I'd greatly appreciate it.  I'm a rule follower & want to keep up to date and keep doing 

W30 properly.


Thanks!   :)

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Salt itself was always compliant, but they've loosened the rules so that you can use table salt, which often includes a little bit of sugar as a desiccant.


And yes, white potatoes were added to the ok list about a month ago.


As far as I know, there are no other changes though.

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