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sugar dragon artwork


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(mods, wasn't sure what sub to put this in?)


Ok all, I'm wondering if there are any better artists than me out there?

I was thinking it'd be cool to have some visualization of the dreaded "sugar dragon"!

Both in threatening form, and in the defeated form.


Was thinking instead of fire, the dragon would spray sugar.


Also instead of scaly skin, he'd have the texture of gumdrops:




The trouble is, I don't really know how to do those textures/effects in Photoshop?  There's some images of spraying snow that might work for sprayed sugar?


So, in the interest of helping us all brainstorm, here's some concept sketches I made.  (pretty rough, don't make fun of me!  :ph34r:)


Sugar dragon looking mean:



Sugar dragon attacking poor SAD city:



Knight using silverware instead of a sword:



Sugar dragon being starved out in a dungeon:



Sugar dragon with empty pantry, nothing to eat:




let me know if I'm totally weird, or maybe on to something, or any comments in general I suppose. :)

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The SADs would be the dragon's keepers, they make the dragon happy through his control of them and he wouldn't harm them.


You could go Tolkien on this with One Donut to Rule Them All, an epic adventure to bury the dragon under bags of sugar where he fights back with fire and caramelizes all the sugar into a sticky imprisoning mess.  Gotta get through all the SADs who protect the dragon first, and their corporate junk food overlords would be mini-bosses.  Each boss would be weak to a certain healthy food.  Legolas can shoot kale arrows into the mouth of one of them as they shout Eat More Twinkies!  Gimley can beat one of them into submission with a mace made with a head of cabbage.  Gandalf's staff, made with Pixy Stix, puts the SADs to sleep so the adventurers can reach the dragon.

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Had this visualization today ---- burying the Sugar Dragon like the cursed priest from the Mummy movie:

(warning: some icky Hollywood mummification imagery if you're sensitive to that sort of thing)

I guess it was a real thing?


I thought the live mummification aspect was cool to apply to the Sugar Dragon, since we talk about the only way to kill it being to starve it.


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The standard advice about "shop the perimeter of the grocery store" and "avoid the center aisles" made me think of those old maps where sailors were worried about falling off the edge of the earth, worried about sea monsters, etc. ...

so here's a knight having to travel through the sugar dragon-infested aisles of the center of the store:


Basic knight-vanquishing-dragon imagery:


Fighting a sugar dragon with good fat:


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