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No more excuses, No more babying, its TIME


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Dinner: 2 eggs, butternut squash, steamed cauliflower, mayo, pear, kit's bar.


Ok so I want to get back to the meal template. I have been snacking a lot. Today I tried to eat all the food cause I am leaving to go home tomorrow. I am letting my binge brain get me a little bit, I'm not listening to my stomach. Returning back to the template. 


I have to remember the carefree feeling I have around food. Nonjudgmental, listening to my body first and letting it tell me when I have had enough. I don't have to eat all the things to appreciate them. I can be at peace with the food I do not eat. 

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Day 16: woke up at 4 am to drive home (So cal to nor cal) 


Breakfast: 2 eggs, butternut squash


Snacks on the way there: Dried mango, apple, pomegranate, nuts.


Lunch: Sweet potato, 2 eggs

trail mix for snack


Full bodyweight workout, 2 egg whites pwo..


Going to japanese food tonight! Don't have any coconut aminos though..I guess it will be a soy free endeavor...

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Bad news...i slipped. Had a kind bar in a moment of weakness...Im planning on following whole30 as close as possible through the holiday, and start a new whole30 on january 1. Cheers! I don't feel terrible. I know I can focus on being as strictly gluten free as possible with my new diagnosis, and focus on not bingeing. 


Happy holidays! Lifes not worth beating yourself up!

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