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I really like that family tradition and the way you always put your children first.   As it should be.  A child's education and family traditions are the most valuable pieces of  their history.   Those outside activites keep them well-rounded and socially skilled for life beyond the home.


I would like to insert Hank Williams Jr. - Family Tradition.   :D   "Why must you live out the songs that you wrote...leave me alone, I'm singing all night long, it's a family tradition."  Son, how did you get into this condition...I'm just carrying out a family tradition."   "Stop and think it over and put yourself in my unique position..it's a family tradition."  :lol: 

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I really like that family tradition and the way you always put your children first.   

Technically the tradition is for the candle to stay in place until Candlemas which is the 2nd February but we move into Birthday season at the end of January so we have to be done with Christmas by then - the Epiphany seemed like a good compromise!!  :D

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Alrighty then.  Catch you on the flip-flop at my house. I need to hang up some lil Swiss curtains, put on my toasty socks, bring in some cozy pillows and a cute lamp. I need creature comforts and music.  Pretty pictures. I'll be checking in now and again.  Keeping you company while you write substantive posts and I blather on and foam at the mouth about burpees and manmakers...how to get a euphoria bump without knocking yourself out. 


Yes,  there's the SWYPO's and SWIPE'Os.   Making copiescopy-smiley.gif?1292867575 and plans for the food explosions...NOT.  Okey dokey.   Y'all come see me now, sister from another mister.   I detect pearls in all of your oysters. 

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  I detect pearls in all of your oysters. 

I *just* texted my mum to ask her to look out for some scallops for me from the Fishmonger on Friday if they're selling them at a decent price....

Oysters are a lot of faff for too much money to be honest, but mussels are definitely worth it - I'll have to have a look out for those in the next week or two. I once went to a local cookery school to learn how to cook seafood/shellfish & there were mussels on the menu - great way to spend a few days!!

Today was a day of clearing out. Both the house, and my digestive tract  :wacko:  Good call on the FODMAP free day methinks!!

Tomorrow, however, is another day....... 

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Thursdays are manic. From the 6:30am gym session right up until the moment my head hits the pillow..... Thursdays tend to be leg day followed by a day at the office, followed by picking up the first born from my mums, followed by chores & laundry, packing gym bags for myself & the first born for Friday, packing a change of clothes for both boys to send to their dads for Friday, getting uniforms ready, checking homeworks, followed by dinner, then dropping the first born at Chess League & somehow miraculously making it on time (at the exact same time!!) to collect the feral child from gymnastics on the other side of town, making it back home on time for the grocery delivery, unpacking said delivery & getting lunches prepped for the morning, sorting post training food for the feral child, awaiting return of first born, supervising baths/showers, some study and then finally bed.

Today was no different, so I was a little reluctant to add the stress of a food trial into the mix but my day had gone so well in terms of pushing myself at the gym, and then getting through all the things I'd hoped/planned to do before sitting down to my food that I thought I'd just go for it.

So... for meal three I threw together some roasted diced turkey breast (leftovers from the Holidays), some cherry tomatoes halved, a diced pickled cucumber, an equal quantity of diced fresh cucumber, a generous helping of sauerkraut, and the last huge dollop of my current batch of mayo - mix & serve - and then wait for a reaction.

The reaction this evening was Oh My Word that was good!!! And yep, a lorra lorra food......!! And yes, I felt full at the end of it, but it was the good kind of full where you know you've just eaten something you've really enjoyed & that has nourished you. NOT the kind of full that starts almost immediately from the breastbone down & causes great & constant discomfort. The kind of full that sometimes goes with sleep.

My legs/glutes have that dull ache already that tells me I worked them HARD, my tummy has that nice satisfied feeling that tells me I ate well, and I'd hazard a guess that the whole 'clearing out' thing yesterday was my body getting rid of the remnants of the alcohol I indulged in over the festive season, and I'm thinking that a repeat of tonight's tea for tomorrow's lunch will confirm this theory. Or blow it right out of the water. Either way, I'll know.

In other news my immersion blender died, JUST as the ingredients of my latest batch of mayo emulsified - good timing!! It had a good innings the poor old thing, and at least that gives me a day or two to source a new one at a decent price.

In other other news I *had* been planning on re-introing leeks next as they are so versatile and in so many of the recipes in my food rotation. But I called in to the Farm shop today to stock up on cherry toms & cukes and spotted that the candy cane beets are back in season - and I LOVE me some beets..... And despite the fact they don't taste much different from bog standard beets these ones look so purrrrdy so I might just have to go with beets next week. Maybe.



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Fridays have always been my favourite day of the week. Ok, that *might* have been helped by the fact I used to work a four day week up until a few years ago and so Friday was a part of my weekend. Now it's maybe because technically I finish an hour earlier on a Friday (even if that doesn't always happen), and since the boys go to their Dad's on a Friday I have time for me - for haircuts, Dental/Dr appointments, shopping, catching up with friends, long gym sessions, nights out.... You get the picture.

Friday is also when I plan my food for the week - I take a trip to the Butcher, see what meat he has available, do a quick review in my mind of my 'go-to' recipes, estimate what else I'll need, visit the farm shop next door & we're good to go.

I'd asked my mum earlier in the week to see if she could get me some scallops this week at a decent price & she's called to say I won the lottery  ;) I'm all scalloped up and now I've no clue what to do with them. Pre Whole30 & pre Paleo I used to make a scallop & chorizo risotto with fresh garden peas (de-podding peas - if that's what you call it - is very therapeutic & takes me right back to my childhood when my Dad and I would de-pod the peas for my mum & eat more than we gave her) but obviously the rice & the peas are out so I'm gonna have to do a quick search to find something else that will work with those flavours...

Oooh, this one looks good - simple, but tasty.... <adds extra spinach to shopping list...>  :wub: (I'll sub the garlic for garlic infused oil & add in the greens of some spring onion & maybe some fresh ginger...)

Also on the cards this week is Kalua Pig, a whole Chicken and (fingers crossed) some Beef Shin - there's been a huge drop in temperature over night and slow cooked shin with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg & all spice berries is perfect for that kind of weather, plus it'll provide me with some fresh broth.

DOMS has set in to my legs/glutes as anticipated so later I'll go for an upper body workout followed by Spin - that should loosen things up nicely - and then home to study. The latest module of my nutrition course started on Monday (Diet & Weight-loss Management) and so I've two webinars to catch up on this weekend, on top of revision of the previous module (Child Nutrition). It can be tough enough squeezing everything in but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

At Christmas I was very kindly gifted a rather expensive Body Composition Monitor (along with a set of skin fold calipers!). I thought I might have been tempted to step on it out of curiosity, but having ditched the scales many years ago coming from a background of disordered eating (severe calorie restriction) they're still in their box. Before my Whole30 I hadn't weighed myself in 9 years. I stepped on the scale on Day 0 of my first Whole30 and then again on Day 31. I ate to satiety at every meal, I ate to the high end of the template throughout the 30 days, I ate very limited fruit - maybe two pieces a week? - no nuts other than in recipes, & no bars of any kind. I ate starchy carbs some days at every meal, some days not at all. I didn't change my training schedule at all. I stopped counting calories, thinking about macros, weighing food, measuring my worth against how I looked, or how others perceived me. And I tuned in and listened to my body. And it felt GOOD. At the end of my 30 days I hadn't lost a single pound. Not even a half. Nada. I HAD however dropped a substantial amount of body fat - almost 5%

How I eat now would probably look like a Whole30 to anyone on the outside looking in. I don't stray from the template, I don't snack, BUT I do make conscious choices about my food. There is no 'good' or 'bad'. No 'clean' or 'dirty'. Only MY choices. I've continued to listen to my body and I tweak as I go and I can see that my body composition continues to change - sometimes up & sometimes down - but never too far from the set point I've come to know and love. I'm in a GOOD, HAPPY, HEALTHY place.

could step on those scales today - I mean Friday is a good day, right? But would the number that I see effect my mood? Would it encourage me to make conscious/sub-conscious food choices? Would the number on that scale make me a different person? Would it make my boys love me any more or any less? Would it change anything? Would Friday still be a good day....?

So for that reason I'm going to weigh my mum  :D 

Seriously though, she's not interested in Whole30 (I've tried, believe me!), but she is interested in improving her diet, increasing her activity levels, & maybe adding in some body weight  exercises to trade up some fat for lean muscle - so we'll take a starting weight & body composition for her, along with taking the measurements with the calipers, & then set her some goals & monitor her progress.

I'll get in some practice with putting together nutritional plans, she'll get to make some positive changes & we'll both get to learn from the experience.


See, Friday really IS a good day.


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I predictably went for the beets, although in my defence the leeks looked pretty sad, and like I said those beets are so purrrrrrdy.... 

I managed to get me some beef shin (with a small chunk of brisket), which is currently second in line for the crock pot...

Sauerkraut test meal number four went down very well. I managed to lift, and I then managed to spin around 4hrs after eating with no real issues. If anything the pickled cuke repeated on me a bit - so, yeah, to the guy on the bike beside me, sorry about that!!  :wacko:  :blink: 

I'm confident that I can handle a serving of sauerkraut for two consecutive days and I'm happy with that. The plan is to test all the fructans & then to start combining, so for now it's auf veidersen kraut.

Next up BEETS.


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BEETS beat the KRAUT hands down.

Today has been a day of chores, and my final chore of the day was reintroducing beetroot to my food rotation. Beets used to make almost a daily appearance in my meals, whether they were roasted along side some other veg, or boiled & chopped up in a salad. I was pretty saddened to have to cut them out at first when the whole FODMAP thing became apparent, but in truth once they were gone they were gone - out of sight, out of mind.

When I spotted the candy cane variety at the Farm Shop last week though my heart skipped a beat - see what I did there?  :P

tried to stick to my original plan of reintroing leeks but those beets were calling my name.......  :wub: 

Anyhoo - Breakfast was a serving of bacon wrapped kahlua pig with a bunch of cherry tomatoes on the vine, fried eggs & a drizzle of mayo, lunch was the last of my chorizo sausage & pepper casserole with ghee braised kale & courgette, and then dinner........ <drum roll> well, dinner was a chicken salad with cold baby boiled potatoes (skins on) with cherry tomatoes, chopped scallions (greens only), a HUGE dollop of mayo & x2 chopped boiled beets.

Oh my.

I'd forgotten how much I LOVE those damned things, and I'm happy to report that they would appear to love me back - for now at least.

No bloating, no discomfort, no wind/gas.

No regrets.



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They do - although the harvest of horse chestnuts was very poor here this year - I think the trees were diseased, or maybe it was just that the weather wasn't optimal...

We call them conkers:

Conkers is a traditional children's game in Britain and Ireland played using the seeds of horse chestnut trees—the name 'conker' is also applied to the seed and to the tree itself. The game is played by two players, each with a conker threaded onto a piece of string: they take turns striking each other's conker until one breaks.


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Must've been a bad year for trees and bushes everywhere.  Everything here looked blistered with rust. Many, many trees have died and some are hoping they'll come out of it by summer.  We had major UPS and downs in temperature...freezing, warming up and it just knocked the daylights out of them.

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Since I did two days of Sauerkraut on the trot (no pun intended!) I thought I'd keep the same protocol with beets, so today was day two...

For the first time ever I short changed myself at lunch time so I was ravenous by the time I got home. I was still able to distract myself for long enough to chauffeur the Feral child to gym, empty the dishwasher & get the school uniforms ready for tomorrow though before prepping tea - 5&1/2 hrs later - scallops & chorizo pan fried in garlic infused olive oil with fresh chilli, ginger & scallions on a bed of wilted spinach with cherry tomatoes & chopped beetroot.

What a great mix of colours, flavours & textures, and better still, how great to be able to enjoy it without issue!

That said, knowing the cumulative effect that FODMAPs can have I'll give myself a break from trials again tomorrow & then give the beets another go on Wednesday & Thursday.


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It is BALTIC here today so my lazy lunch of Kahlua Pig over a BIG ASS salad with a generous helping of mayo wasn't the best of choices, but it did hit the spot. It's also raining (no surprises there then!) so no walk at lunch time to get the blood pumping.

Looking forward to my slow stewed spiced beef with roasted veg for tea, as well as the little trip I just booked for my folks, and my boys & I for Easter.

January can be such a 'flat' month that it's become a bit of a ritual of mine to book a little trip at this time of year to lift the spirits and have something to look forward to. I've also been looking at my training schedule and have spoken to one of the PTs at the gym about helping me put together a new program to really mix things up & get me out of my comfort zone.

I'm not in to the whole New Year, New Me thing - but a better me wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing!


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LOL I've no idea yet - I've spoken with the trainer in question and told him my goals. He knows my strengths & weaknesses & is familiar with my diet (we've spoken in length about nutrition) so we'll see what he comes up with. He's training a mixed bunch of folks at the gym for figure comps so I think he *might* go down that route, although he knows I don't actually want to compete.

As far as crossfit is concerned I went along to the open day at the new box in my town when it opened a few years back, and whilst I LOVE the idea & the whole community thing I have an issue with the level of injuries I see from it. I have a scoliosis in my spine which makes me more prone to back injuries. I had a prolapsed disc in the summer caused by the impact of a car crash which I'm really only just back to strength from and I've spent a lot of time, effort (& money!) on rectifying an under-development of the muscles in my lower left back and my right glute due to the scoliosis so I don't want to risk further injury or time out.

That and the fact that all the 'kipping' that was going on made me twitch a little :blink:  I'm from a gymnastics back-ground and form is a BIG thing in gymnastics! My 9yr old son is also a gymnast (he won Gymnast of the Year last month at his Club's annual display last month! <proud mummy> :wub: ) and if he can do strict pull-ups/muscle ups then so should grown men/women!! LOL That said I do incorporate a lot of the moves in my current training - just slower & more controlled....

Whatever the plan I'll throw myself into it - I feel like I just need someone to push me a little right now to get me out of my comfort zone.

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So..... I beat the beets once again.

Yesterday was trial day three and I opted to eat them at meal 2 knowing I'd be training that evening - and the measure of success is determined by how comfortable I am (or not) to dead-lift come 6pm. I had a BIG ASS salad of pulled pork, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, scallions (greens only), boiled chopped beets, a small amount of spinach and a huge dollop of mayo, and come 6pm I was feeling energised and ready to go. No bloat, no discomfort, no gas  :wacko: 

No issues at all.

Training done & dusted, and home to shower, eat, sleep, repeat.


Training done & dusted, showered, fed & watered - beet trial no4 coming up later...


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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Fair enough.  For the record my husband never did kipping pull ups - any WOD with them he would scale the # and do strict.  But the high rep nature of most WODs is understandably more likely to produce an injury in someone with biomechanics issues sine you continue into the realm of I-will-do-anything-to-get-this-bar-up :)  


From the little I've seen from figure training programing - that should be sufficient to kick your butt :)  

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Oh, I've no doubt there are a fair few that do 'strict' in normal circumstances but it was the nature of the beast I guess - open day, testosterone filled room, bare chests, something to prove - I'm a creature of habit though so I was probably looking for something to put me off.....  :ph34r: 

I've quite a few friends love it though!

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jmcbn 4 beets 0


Woohoo!! The final beet trial was a success - and given that I also had a HUGE plate of raw spinach to contend with, a washing machine that wouldn't spin, the first born wanting dropped off at his Chess tournament, the feral child wanting collected from gym at the other side of town, the first born texting to say actually his team weren't playing tonight and could I collect him please - now.... and all before the grocery delivery arrived on my doorstop - which needed unpacked & then packed away it's a definite victory. If I was ever going to be uncomfortable at any point having eaten my fill of beets it was going to be this evening, and here I am sipping on a raspberry & echinacea tea with only a feeling of satisfaction in my gut - and relief that beets and I are friends again.

Next up...... broccoli.

The farm shop where I buy my veg has a little deli counter. They make pretty much everything on site - soups, salads, stews, etc - and back when they first opened I'm fairly sure I kept them in business with the amount of broccoli and carrot salad that I went through. When I first started Whole30 and discovered that their mayo was non compliant I encouraged them to pay attention to their labels and they eventually sourced a much healthier mayo elsewhere - not *quite* compliant (it had added sugar), but fine for when the W30 strings have been loosened slightly. Then I went & had a falling out with FODMAPs and I stopped buying their broccoli salad again.... I've always felt bad about that so if I can have the same success with broccoli that I've had with sauerkraut & beets I'll be pleased as punch - and broccoli packs a pretty big nutritional punch after all.


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So, what if sauerkraut agrees with me fine, beets are okay in reasonable (not plate-fuls) quantities, and broccoli leaves one doubled over in agony?  Is that a FODMAP thing or something else?


ThyPeace, which is sad because I really do like broccoli.

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