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Portable meals? Soccer mom, Whole30 newbie needs ideas


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I am brand new to Whole30, looking for some portable meal ideas (things that can be eaten in the car - no utensils) while I'm running kids to soccer, scouts, choir, cross country, etc. My Tuesdays and Thursdays really something I can grab and eat while driving. I used to make a sandwich, a hoagie, or a wrap, but none of that works on Whole30. I've thought about lettuce wraps but they seem a wee bit messy for the car. 

Thanks for any ideas!

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You're totally right, I tell people all the time to google those terms because there is a tonne of information available. Just from Whole30/Whole9, I found the following in a quick google search. That is not taking into consideration all the non-sanctioned bloggers posting about how to take Whole30 out in the world with them (just take care to review their ideas/recipes and the rules as not everything that everyone else posts is compliant).  In all of these threads below there are people offering suggestions.......even though I may have posted suggesting that they also google those terms.  Happy reading! :)



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Here are some things that I like that are portable:

1. Whole30 meatloaf muffins: http://thesimplepen.com/italian-meatloaf-paleo-whole30/ just leave off the marinara sauce on top if you think it will be too messy. To add vegetables, I add chopped up mushrooms, onions, and peppers that I sautéed before adding

2. Egg muffins: http://www.galonamission.com/paleo-breakfast-muffins-whole-30-approved/ if you can't find compliant breakfast sausage, just use ground beef and add a few extra spices

3. Chicken Sausages- find a compliant brand, heat, and go :) most are fully cooked, so you can simply pop in the microwave

As far as vegetables or 'sides' you could easily pack some carrots, cucumber slices, pepper slices, etc. I know it doesn't sound like the most 'fun' meal, but sometimes food just needs to be functional :) 


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