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I Am Worth It


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I am planning to start my whole 30 on September 5th.  Several years ago I competed a whole 30 (also a whole 29 and whole 14)

I am nervous about it since its a solo run so to speak....

I need to do this for my health and I am worth it

I will post my food and other observations in this thread.

Feel free to join in with comments, tweaks and support as the more public it is the more accountability which I hope will be a motivator

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Just to add  my log title is my mantra.....and to be honest I have a hard time believing it sometimes which is another reason I am committing to the whole 30 again.  I am worth it but sometimes I need to remind myself...So if my title sounds a bit "full" its just because I am human and need reminding :)

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So I have been away from the computer but I did start on the 5th so today is day three. Strangely enough I had a weird food dream two days before starting about "messing up" My brain really wanted out of doing this. I have had another similar dream since. They are really disturbing....

Now on to the food. I will say up front that I know I have much room for improvement especially in the breakfast and veggie area but so far so good.

Day one:

M1: (within an hour of waking) 3 hard boiled eggs, hashbrowns cooked in coconut oil and a hefty hand full of olives

M2: burger patty and guacamole (from a local place that is 100% grass fed ground beef) but they forgot to include the burger veggies and I hadn't shopped yet

M3: steak grilled with coco coffee salt, sautéed potato, mushroom and onion

Day two:

M1: (woke with a migraine and feeling very sick) 1 hard boiled egg and a cup of broth

mid morning: cucumber and olive

M2: tuna salad made with homemade mayo, almonds, and apple served over baby spinach and arugula

mid afternoon: cup of broth

M3: roasted chicken thigh with roasted potato, broccoli, onion and zucchini

Day Three:

M1: (running late for work took with me but got stuck in meetings did not eat till 11:00, will adjust other meal times) three hardboiled eggs with mustard, grapes, black olives (need veggies...) cup of herbal tea

M2: (planned) leftover chicken and veggies with mayo dip

M3: not sure yet

so this is so far...

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Slept pretty well woke up easily but already really sleepy

Yesterday M3 ended up being 3 fried eggs over hashbrowns

I didn't feel well at all and almost didn't eat anything. I know what I ate wasn't perfect however it was what I could stomach

Today Day Four:

M1 I felt nauseous and ended up only having bone broth and some (a good serving size) of black olives

M2 (planned and premade) salmon salad with grapes, almonds, jicama and mayo. Also jicama sticks and squash sticks with mayo balsamic dip

M3 not sure

must plan better...but even feeling crappy I have been doing my best to eat

I have been having issues with blood pressure and not sure how much that is playing into feeling crappy (I know bp is not related to whole 30) 

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Definitely try to eat, not eating will ultimately make you feel worse.

Are you salting your food? You should be salting it enough to taste good -- not getting enough salt can lead to fatigue. You don't say what kind of BP problems you're experiencing, but too little salt can cause BP to lower.

Also be sure you're drinking plenty of water -- aim for a half ounce per pound of body weight, so a 120 lbs person needs at least 60 Oz.

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thanks for the response. I am definitely salting my food and drinking a lot of water around a100oz daily. I know not eating is the worst answer so I have made an effort to eat even if I don't eat perfectly. As far as blood pressure Its high. I am on two medications and my doctor recently changed one (I'm not even sure why) but it was well controlled and now is rising. When its even moderately high it gives me headaches which starts a bad cycle of not being able to get rid of the headache... I do have another appointment but that combined with the first few days of the program have left me tired and crappy. I am planning better to eat more including making ahead a casserole. I will also eat steak more often in the next week or so because it is so easy and my husband loves it.  I do appreciate your response and tips

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Thank you I appreciate the support really :)

Last nights dinner ended up almost as planned.  Steak with sautéed mushroom and onions

Day Five

M1: breakfast casserole -- hashbrowns, egg, coconut milk, topped with chorizo and baked. I also topped with a good amount of salsa

M2: (planned) leftover steak and veggie along with raw squash and mayo dressing. Maybe some coconut flakes

M3: (planned) cold oven salmon with roasted asparagus plus either avocado or mayo

I was very sleepy off and on yesterday, but I slept better than I have been. I have a bit of a headache today not sure if its detox or blood pressure. Also bowels have been very loose but not to abnormal for me so will give that some time to straighten out. Just kinda tracking it.

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Playing catch up on the log. I find it hard to post from my phone so I waited till back at work...

Friday Day five ended with a different meal than planned

burger patty with guac and sliced tomatoes

Day six

M1: few bites scrambled eggs

M2: baked salmon with asparagus and avocado

M3: steak, grilled shrimp, steamed veggies, a small amount of sweet potato

Day seven

M1: egg salad and slaw

M2: 2 hotdogs, slaw and avocado

M3: meatballs, sweet potato w/ macadamias and dried cranberries

M4: still hungry a bit after dinner had handful of macadamias, 4 slices prosciutto, and sea snacks

day eight(today)

M1: chicken and slaw salad with avocado and sea snacks (easiest breakfast to eat so far)

M2: (planned) meatballs, sweet potato with macadamias and cranberries plus sunshine sauce

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M3 last night ended up being 2 hotdogs, purple potatoes with ghee and sautéed baby spinach and arugula

Day 9

M1 (did better except wasn't able to eat until almost 10, when I got up at 6. Things got busy at work) meatballs with sunshine sauce, half an avocado and a whole bag of frozen steamed cauliflower

M2: sliced cucumbers and tuna salad made with mayo, apple and macadamia nuts

not sure about dinner will make something with salmon

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last night M3 ended up being baked salmon sticks with dipping sauce, green beans, purple potatoes, and olives

had a cup of broth later.

Day 10

M1: 3 hard boiled eggs, coconut flakes, cucumber slices (a lot)

M2: 2 hotdogs, purple potatoes with left over dipping sauce, olives

M3: don't know yet

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M3 last night was late, but really really good. I made a has of white and purple potatoes, onion, garlic, and mushroom and had this with 2 decent sized chicken apple sausages and half an avocado.

slept ok but had to get up x3 to use the restroom. My body is still adjusting to drinking the proper amount of water. mood is more even and feeling better in general I think

Day 11

M1: Tuna with mayo apple and macadamia nuts, sliced cucumber and sea snax

M2: chicken apple sausage and hash described above along with coconut flakes

M3: no idea yet

I need to get in more green veggies and I like them not sure why I haven't


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Still getting up multiple times at night to use the bathroom....need an uninterrupted nights sleep...

M3: steak with roasted baby yellow potatoes and brussel sprouts plus half an avocado

Day 12

M1: same as yesterday but no cucumber

M2: chicken apple sausage with leftover roasted veggies from last night

M3: don't know yet

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Well Friday night ended up strange and kinda derailed by the whole weekend. Just a bit...nothing non compliant just not good planning

M3: out of town shopping so ended up with 2 minimeals.

    part one: chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and guac

    part two: prosciutto and seaweed rollups

Day 13

M1: nothing

M2: nothing

last minute decision to go to an airshow and I hadn't planned for it. So with no compliant choices at all I had lots of water and ice

M3: red snapper with roasted gold potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, and steamed broccoli

Day 14:

M1: Tuna salad

M2: applegate hotdogs and homemade slaw

M3: salmon salad, made with lots of veggies, egg and mayo

Day 15 (today)

M1: (late due to bloodwork at dr) Tuna salad, large servine of carrots

M2: (planned) 2 red pepper and garlic sausages and homemade slaw

M3: unknown


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Note to self:  I am not craving but I am finding myself missing snacks. I love snack food. Salty, crunchy, buttery stuff. Its kinda like the angel and devil on the shoulders arguing. I feel better I am not hungry, I do not have specific cravings. I fear that I won't successfully make it through reintroductions or if I do it won't matter and I will go back to eating junk. I want to be healthy but I so love food. I love food that's good for me too but... I miss snack food and I am not sure that will go away...just writing it down for myself will hopefully help...

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M3: Cuban beef piccadillo with homemade plantain chips plus 1/2 avocado about an hour later still felt hungry so at several slices of prosciutto

I am struggling with what I think is false hunger. It may go back to missing meals on Saturday... I finally got my M1 within an hour of waking today but didn't get in veggies with it so not sure if it s an improvement or not.

Day 16

M1: Tuna Salad

M2: Leftover picadillo with plantain chips half an avocado and pickle slices

M3: don't know

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M3: from last night ended up hashbrowns (maybe too many) three fried eggs and 3 slices bacon

had the full but hungry feeling again, drank chicken broth, then a little bit after a small handful of cashews

slept ok but had to get up several times for bathroom

today had breakfast on time again

M1: tuna salad and cucumber

not sure about other meals yet

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Day 18: I go to the doctor today to follow up on repeated labs from May. I hope to see some improvements in several areas such as A1C and cholesterol but there were other issues such as anemia and elevated liver enzymes that we don't know the cause of. Hopefully they have resolved as well.

M1: tuna salad and cucumber (easy to eat for breakfast, not sure why, but getting bored will have to figure out something else)

M2:(planned) two chicken apple sausages, olives, large dill pickle, and sea snax

M3:(planned) chicken with mushrooms in a mustard (coconut) cream sauce with roasted baby gold potatoes and brussel sprouts

I need to start thinking about reintros, but I'm having enough trouble planning meal to meal at this point.  I still struggling with wanting to snack because I simply like snacking. I am not sure how to break this. I feel better eating this way but it is a struggle of desires I guess. Even if I go back to a SAD diet I really want to stick through good reintros so I know what bothers me and how. That way I can at least avoid the big offenders... I don't know its a mental struggle at this point I guess.

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