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p**p issues.....haha


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yes, let's talk poop! I know, gross but I'm on Day 10 and just really have been having runny, not solid BM's. Is this normal? Is there anything more fibrous I can eat to help this out? It also seems hard to go even though it is not constipation....

Typical day of eating is eggs, peppers, kale in coconut oil. some sort of leftovers (meat, veggie) for lunch and salmon, turkey, or chicken along with veggies and fruit for supper. I do snack in the afternoon on raisens and nuts which I know I should eliminate but it still seems hard to let go of it all.


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The fiber from veggies leaves poop looser than the fiber from grains, at least for me. I've just accepted things the way they are because I don't want to change my diet to give myself a bowel movement more like what I became used to when I ate 3 bowls of Fiber One cereal per day. I don't know what you might eat to change things anyway.

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As Robin said, it could be the additional fat and your body adjusting or just the way your body responds to having less grains to bulk everything up. Another thought, is food intolerances - they can often present themselves as loose stools and if you're eating something more often than before, it could be overwhelming your system. You could try cutting out the nuts for 2 or 3 days, or eggs...both are highly allergenic foods. Then reintroduce and see what happens. I know it might feel like you've already eliminated so much but I can't eat eggs and still manage to do the Whole30 and eat paleo just fine :)

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Nuts! They absolutely destroy my lower GI tract. I am working on trying to cut them out of my diet altogether (which is so tricky because they are often the only readily-available compliant food). I am 3 months into Whole30-style eating and my belly is happy and healthy until I eat anything with a touch of nut butter, flour, etc. Try having a nut-free week and see how you feel.... It's too bad, because they are tasty little buggers!

Disclaimer: I may or may not have inhaled half a pound of my mom's roasted nut mixture over Thanksgiving (and will be paying dearly for that all week long)...

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So glad I found this post. I've been adding more nuts and raisins to help clear up some escalating tummy troubles (constipation, gas, etc) and after reading this, I realize they may be the culprits after all. To bad, because I've really started to love raisins - goodbye little droplets of deliciousness. Thanks everyone! :)

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