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Based on what I can find, you will have to call.

This list will give you a start: https://www.citybbq.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Allergen-Info-April-2019.pdf. You can at least identify what doesn't have dairy, wheat, and soy. But there is more information you would need to know beyond what information they provide. You need specific ingredients. For example, I would be surprised if they didn't have some form of sweetener in most of their dishes.

Sadly, it looks like their website doesn't provide exact ingredients. So you'll have to call and ask lots of questions. So when they say one of the ingredients is mustard, you then have to ask whether the mustard has any sugar in it, including the sneaky names like dextrose (which I've definitely seen in mustard).

Good luck! I honestly don't bother to eat out on Whole30 for this reason. It seems daunting to me! But lots of people do it so good luck! 


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3 hours ago, Pandora Black said:

Probably not. BBQ sauce is almost always not compliant, unless you buy the special whole 30 approved sauces, which that restaurant does not.

Yup, looking at that menu I can pretty much guarantee there isn't a meat on there that isn't rubbed or marinated in something non-compliant. BBQ tends to utilise a lot of sugar for richness of flavour.

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The good news is that you CAN make your own barbecue, you just need a recipe that's compliant (or can be subbed into compliance). It's not going to taste exactly like the barbecue you can get from a restaurant, or even the barbecue you'd get by adding a 16oz sauce bottle to a crockpot with meat... but my experience with homemade barbecue during Whole30 have been good, and even my family liked it.

We used this bbq chicken recipe, though I did tweak mine a bit compared to the original I'm linking...
-- coconut oil for browning the chicken (instead of olive or avocado)
-- 1 whole large sweet onion in place of 1 medium red onion
-- I definitely didn't spring for the BBQ rub from Primal Palate, so just salt, pepper, and garlic powder on ours
-- in the sauce, we cut the vinegar by a tad, used plain mustard (instead of brown), plain paprika (not smoked), and extra garlic.
*** be sure to double-check your mustard and tomato sauce ingredients!

Here's a BBQ sauce recipe from Primal Palate, just remember to check your labels and omit the maple syrup for Whole30.

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