My 1st Whole30 of 2020 (and in several years)...

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What happens in the crock pot is the milky dairy part drops to the bottom of the pot. You don't want to disturb that by pouring the whole lot through the cheesecloth. Instead, you scoop out the golden ghee with a ladle of some sort and pour that through the cheesecloth, so the little solids that floated to the top get strained. It'll make sense when you do it and look at it. Just make sure the crock pot setting is at its lowest and that you keep the lid off. 

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8 hours ago, LadyM said:

You two crack me up with the not being able to sit down and eat a meal in a specified timeframe. I have the opposite problem. I finish too fast and am working on mindfulness from the opposite end of the spectrum!

I'm a classic for eating a meal over the course of literally hours. It's always cold by the end!

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Day 10 (Day 1 of The Hardest Days) ... 

I am fortunate to say this has not been one of The Hardest Days and I am super grateful for that! I think part of that is due to having two adorable little rescue pups keeping me too busy to overthink this and also for my friends who are letting me coach them and for you nice people I interact regularly with here. A support group is huge! 

Breakfast - 4 eggs, zucchini and acorn squash, plus coffee with coconut oil. I've been using less coconut oil in my coffee so I added a few almonds. 

I had half a bottle of kombucha during a meeting.

Lunch - chicken wings, plantains fried in coconut oil, baby cucumbers and cashew sauce. 

I finished breakfast in just under an hour. I'm going to keep aiming for 30 minutes. Lunch went down a little easier, and I think the primary reason is that I wanted to hurry up and get those finger foods down so I didn't have to keep washing my hands before I touched the computer. :lol:

Insights: I haven't done a great job of drinking my water today. 

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Day 13 - I think??? 

I can't seem to keep the days straight anymore. This whole adopting dog thing is NO JOKE. It takes SO MUCH TIME to do medicine and potty and walks. It's exponentially more difficult having 2 than it was with 1. 

The last few days haven't been easy schedule wise but I've done my best to stay on track. I haven't eaten anything non-compliant but I haven't necessarily hit the templates. Part of the problem is food boredom and part is just being too tired to care (and too tired to be able to face more dishes). 

I went grocery shopping this morning without a list - not usually the smartest idea. I ended up buying another bag of cuties thinking I was nearly out, so now I have way too many. I guess that will be my fruit for the next little bit. :lol:

Breakfast - eggs, zucchini, asparagus and mushrooms, coffee with coconut oil 
Lunch - apple, almond butter, chicken breast 
Snack - cuties and coffee with coconut oil 
Dinner - I'm debating between chicken wings and a steak. 

NSV - I have taken the pups on 3 walks already today 
NSV#2 - I slept really well last night despite having a small chihuahua fighting me for space 

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