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How Big Are YOUR Thumbs?

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Sorry, I'm awkward...I guess I'm posting this because this is my second Whole30 and uh...I'm weirded out by the fat stuff. I can't tell if I'm cheating or overeating or what is goin on. Check it:

I'm on day 10, I started over, well, 10 days ago because I ate my final piece of Divine 85% dark chocolate four days in, mindlessly just plopped it into my mouth...(I'm only giving you all this information because I can practically taste it...NOMNOMNOM...except...not really). In the last 10 days I haven't had any cravings, mood swings, or anything major like that. I eat nearly whole30 compliant normally; I splurge and have goat cheese occasionally (and the chocolate all the time..).

When I started up this program I was lookin for a way to have a healthier relationship with food and to perform better in my fitness stuff (I work out/run five days a week and have for the past year, just transitioned into a Crossfit program) and to see if my weird nonsensical proportions would even out (I'm not a big lady, 5'5", 125lbs, but for some reason the T&A are outrageous on me...TMI, I'm sorry). So I work out. Buuuuut. I hate sweet potatoes. And the other sweet root veggies (turnips, jicama, and the plantains, and whatever the other ones are called). AND OHMYGAWD I can't tell if I eat enough fat.

This is gonna go on forever. I'm so sorry.

Right so. Moving forward.

I don't know where to get my carbs. I hate most fruit, though I discovered I like bananas but plantains upset my stomach. But the boobs, guys! I want smaller boobs! Are carbs essential post wod? Am I doing my performance a disservice by not really eating them? I drink the big things of coconut water after my workouts usually; the cans are 17.5 ounces, it that acceptable!?

And what of the fat?! I was trying to switch it up this week, since, aside from the chocolate, I stuck to the Whole30 for two weeks, varying my meat to more red meat this week cause that's what you're supposed to do, right? Well, do I add more fat to my ground beef? It's 80/20, antiboitic-free, though it's grain-fed so I drain the fat off. But it's still fatty, eh? Also, it's given me pimples! So I don't want to eat red meat too much now. So, if I'm eatin poultry, fish, eggies, and...I dunno? Should I go to the Asian market and by some pheasant? How do you cook that? And what about the fat!? Add some thumbs in? I'm kinda skimpy on adding the fat. Except for when it's coconut manna...

You wanna know what I eat? Here it is:

Breakfast One: Three eggies, sunny-side up, side of spinach and asparagus, two cups of coffee three tablespoons (each) of good coconut milk

Lunch One: Sometimes, I've skipped lunch because I just can't eat it. Also, I workout after breakfast so sometimes lunch can't happen. But when it does:

A palm-sized portion of chicken sausage, cooked in ghee, chard and cauliflower on the side, maybe a little less than a quarter cup of coconut milk on top. A big can of coconut water.

By the way, I drink an obscene amount of water.

Dinner One: Palm-sized portion of bison steak, more spinach and asparagus because it's cheap at TJ's and I'm a poor college kid. A kombucha usually accompanies this. I don't usually add fat to those veggies. I cook them in the cast iron after the meat/eggs.

Breakfast Two: Three eggies, sunny-side up some leftover veggies, maybe a smaller bit of chicken sausage. Coffee with the coconut milk.

Lunch Two: A skillet of a palm-sized amount of the beef, drained, then some veggies.

Coconut water.

Dinner Two: Same as breakfast but with more veggies and no coffee.

I'm not gonna be eating the ground beef anymore because pimples are unacceptable, so it'll probably be chicken or some kinda fish...OR PHEASANT?! Fancy pheasant pleasantries.

I'm asking if I'm doin this right because I can't tell if I'm hungry, craving, or accidentally depriving myself of stuff. I JUST WANNA WEAR A REGULAR BIKINI. And feel good.

Uhhhyeah. Thanks for reading and good night. I need to go to bed.

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You get good fat from whole eggs and coconut milk. It is okay to cook veggies in fat from meat that you have cooked, but if you need fat for cooking veggies, one heaping tablespoon is often fine.

If you don't feel tired or limited in your workout performance, you don't need to worry about carbs. The idea with carbs is to eat as many as you need to support performance. If you are not dragging, you are probably okay.

I am not a fan of coconut water because it delivers a lot of sugar. It is one thing to drink a big can of coconut water after a half marathon and another thing to drink it regularly. Ordinary water is a better choice most days.

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Personally, if I'm having a high fat meat, I don't worry too much about additional fat sources at that meal. And I also find that I prefer solid fat sources (fattier meats, avocado) to oils - keeps me fuller longer. I do cook with some oils, but unless that is my lone fat source for a meal, I don't worry about getting a full portion of it.

I know a lot of people here advocate for red meat, but if you're not feeling it, you don't need to eat it all the time. I prefer lamb as my red meat of choice, and only have beef 2-3 times a month. Eat what you like. I dunno about pheasant, but duck is delicious if you want alternative poultry sources.

As for the boobs - you can't spot reduce. As someone who is well endowed, the only way I ever got them to shrink was through a reduction. Everyone is different, some ladies do lose from their chest, but if it's solid tissue and not fat, no amount of diet or exercise with change that.

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Don't ever feel sorry for your posts. We've all felt weird, we've all freaked out at something and we've all vented our feelings here at one time or another ;) . Welcome to the club sister. :) Just hope we're able to help

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...uhm. I think I was having one of those weird freakouts. I feel better now. I'm sorry for that horribly awkward post...

Don't ever feel sorry for your posts. We've all felt weird, we've all freaked out at something and we've all vented our feelings here at one time or another ;) . Welcome to the club sister. :) Just hope we're able to help

This. This is why this forum both exists and is awesome :wub: Freak out when you need to. Dance when you don't.

Don't you just wish you could share your fat around? I'd gladly take some of your extra boob fat, and I've got tons of thigh for anyone that feels like they need a bit of rounding out in that area!

I'm donating booty! And I'll take some breast meat :ph34r:
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I'm donating booty! And I'll take some breast meat :ph34r:

Mellie, why can't it work that way!?!?!?!?!

...I feel so ridiculous sometimes.

An update!

I'm on day 26 (almost 27...) I feel better without the red meat, although I think I'm in one of those...extinction rounds? What are they called? I want pizza. From Pizza Hut. And I hate Pizza Hut. I've been paleo for a year and a half before this, and now...Now I want to eat everything that is terrible for me. And there's the insomnia. I'm terrible at sleeping. WHY?!? You know what, I'm rambling again. Seriously though. I'll make it through the 30 days and then...I dunno. It's good that I've done it? I guess, in my case, I'm glad I'm doin' something good for my body, even if it doesn't do the things I wish it would. It's not fair though. Where's the reciprocity?

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