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  1. Could you try eating more of a mini meal instead of just plain fruit or veg? A hardboiled egg and some mayo, some leftover chicken, meatballs with avocado etc... along with your fruit/veg.
  2. Hey there. I can't find anywhere on Chris Kresser's site where he lists his 30 day reset do's and don'ts. Can you provide a link? My suspicion is that the one cup of coffee a day is for the same reason that Whole30 recommends that coffee be limited. Maybe this link will help?
  3. First, you didn't 'fail' the Whole30. That's very harsh. I'm going to post the link to our article that we suggest that you read about starting over but first, I'm going to share my thoughts. Soy can be hugely problematic for some people (myself included) and it's a completely unnecessary filler ingredient in most products you find it in. Part of doing the whole30 is to do the reintroductions and test for whether items bother you. BUT, unless he sprayed the actual potatoes with the spray or you licked the baking sheet clean or he put so much of the spray that the potatoes were
  4. Yes, as long as you can find a product that has compatible ingredients. The one thing is that we recommend post workout not include fat - fat slows the absorption of protein which for meals is what we want so that you stay full longer. For post workout, we don't want it slowed, we want the protein to uptake as quickly as possible. Now, that all said, unless you're a pro athlete or training for some type of body building competition, eating fat with your post workout is not going to be problematic, you just might find that your recovery rates are slightly slower. If a hardboiled egg and s
  5. The Whole30 is not a weightloss diet so we don't really give out tips/pointers on how to hack it for weight loss. Some people do lose weight on it if it's a drastic change to their way of eating. The one thing I will say is if you are restricting or undereating or choosing not to eat the recommended amount of fat, you will be doing your body a disservice which could cause it to hold on to weight. Bodies lose weight when they feel safe to do so... think about before food was available 24/7... your body wouldn't have dropped weight during a famine because it would have held on to every mor
  6. I'm not sure what yeast 'supplements' are. If it's yeast extract or nutritional yeast, these are fine. Meat sticks are exactly what they sound like... meat in the shape of a stick Here's a link to an option on Thrive
  7. Hi Chris; Yes, this is fine, assuming there are no off plan ingredients in it. Couple things - usually people who eat following the template which should get you about 3-9 cups of veggies a day, don't need a fibre supplement to be going to the bathroom so you may find that as you go through the 30 days, you don't need this. Second, just so you don't have to wait for a response - almost everything like this has been asked and answered on the forum so if you use google (cause our search function kind of sucks), you can find previous posts about the thing you're looking for. For i
  8. You should fix a plate of food according to the template that keeps you full for 4-5 hours between meals. There's no one size fits all because each person's needs, activity and body type are different - I think the servings are a suggestion altho I can't say I ever look at the serving sizes because I just make a thing and then use it as part of a template meal. The template is linked in my signature below if you need a quick look. Also, it's great that you don't have anyone to share with! That means leftovers!! (I live alone also!)
  9. It's not that Whole30 doesn't 'allow' smoked meats it's that it is nearly impossible to find smoked meats that have all compatible ingredients. If you smoke your own meat and the ingredients in any rub or brine (??) is compatible then go for it!
  10. Oh no! I'm really sorry that happened! Did you read through the article and make a decision about where you want to go? How about a Whole52? Maybe that's easier on the brain and soul to do that instead of starting back from 1? Lots of people continue on past the 30 days as well so it's not that unusual.
  11. We really don't recommend that you eat this every day for breakfast. You don't need to eat bacon or fatty meats either, you can eat anything you would normally eat for another meal - leftovers are often great and usually can be more 'breakfasty' if you throw a fried egg on top. Check out the below link, there are four pages of people talking about non traditional breakfasts that they love that don't include pretend porridge... I think the thread was focusing on not being egg heavy but again, you can always put an egg on it.
  12. Oh dang! I'm so sorry to hear that! Have a read through this article and see what stands out for you.
  13. It would be hard to say that eating protein, veggies and fat is doing damage to your body and I'm not sure I've read anywhere that not eating soy is damaging to the body - it's possible that you're having hormonal changes and balancing due to the changes in your diet.
  14. They are compatible with the Whole30 but as with all nuts and seeds, we recommend that they be limited.
  15. Hey there! Sorry you're not feeling too great. A couple questions to help clarify - Were you eating according to the template as well as just sticking to the rules? If you were under eating, restricting fats, not eating starchy carbs or not salting your food, those are all things that can contribute to not experiencing the most of the program. Second, for the aches and pains, is it possible that you were eating a lot of something during the 30 days that you don't normally eat? Sometimes we have an intolerance to something we don't know about until we do the program and start eatin
  16. This all looks amazing! The only thing I would do differently is maybe make a baba ganoush instead of a mayo/tahini 'hummus' if you're expecting people to eat it in volume like they do with pita bread and normal hummus... It just seems it would be a bit rich given that it would be basically sesame seeds and mayo - it would be delish if you're using it as a dressing to drizzle on the chicken tho. Just my two cents. Your meal looks great and I think it will be VERY impressive for them to see what variety you've been eating on Whole30! Here's a recipes for baba that is Whole30 com
  17. Ideally you would find one that didn't have soy but you should go on the advice of your doctor in this case.
  18. You'd be better off eating your breakfast when you wake up hungry and then eating a small post workout meal (hardboiled egg for instance) after your workout.
  19. You don't need to put the mustard in a homemade mayo - it will taste different but it's not one of the ingredients that is necessary for the mayo to BE mayo.
  20. There's definitely a lot of misinformation on the internet. If you use the Whole30 resources, you'll be best off. For instance, using the sneaky sugars pdf and the Can I have document, you can find a lot of items. Potato starch is compatible with the whole30 as potatoes are compatible. As for chicken broth, usually on ingredient lists, it'll look something like 'potato starch, chicken broth (chicken, carrot, celery, water...) If there's nothing non compatible in the brackets which is what makes up the ingredient then the chicken broth is fine. if there is no list behind it, then you can as
  21. LMAO, best typo ever!
  22. 1) Does cooking something IN the oil count as a plated fat or no? If I cook some chicken patties with heated olive oil, is that my fat? Generally no, it doesn't usually count because the oil is usually left in the pan or split between the portions and doesn't amount to much oil actually consumed. 2) Does Ghee need to be refrigerated after opening? Nope. Do I have to cook it to use it? Nope Or do I just use it like regular butter and put over my veggies/potatoes? Sure, you bet! 3) Why should nuts be limited to every other day or so? What's wrong with eating them more often? They
  23. I'm very sorry you're not feeling well. I don't know anything about the medical conditions that you suffer from so I can't offer specific advice but I would suggest that you salt your food. When you are eating only whole foods that are cooked from fresh ingredients, you don't get any sodium and your body actually does need it. The reason that common advice is to remove salt from your food is because the majority of people are eating packaged and processed foods which are VERY high in sodium so a person would not need extra. If you are not eating this and then also not salting your food, you
  24. Hello; Thanks for posting - please don't cross post copy/pasted posts into multiple spots on the forum, per the rules. I've removed the duplicate post.