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  1. Thanks for your feedback @LTmommy. I'll pass your feedback along to HQ.
  2. Yes definitely! I hope it makes you feel better!
  3. Make a plan in advance. Get your food prepared and in the fridge so the only food thinking you have to do is to take out a meal, heat it and eat it... Make an If/Then plan for the scenarios that seem to derail you: See below from this article: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare Some More First, write down every potential stressful, difficult, or complicated situation you may encounter during your Whole30. These may include business lunches, family dinners, travel plans, a long day at work, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, or office gatherings. Ne
  4. You would need to read the ingredients on the items you're wanting to eat to determine if they are compatible but if all the ingredients are fine then yes, pickles and olives are okay.
  5. Ya unfortunately there's a few things that cause an item to be incompatible with the program that wouldn't be listed on the allergens sheet... could be sugar, could be a sugar substitute like stevia other sneaky sugars, could be added sulphites or carageenan or something like that - it's always best to ask to see the ingredient label yourself - usually places will bring that up to the front of take a pic for you to see.
  6. Sorry, you cannot use any type of flour to recreate pasta or any other dough/baked good item. You may use compatible flour to coat protein or thicken sauce.
  7. when I make them I use Mel Joulwan's recipe (but leave off the crust) Also, 'pellet' seems like an off choice of word since like @Rebecca001said, they're HUGE.
  8. The only seed oils that are specifically excluded are the ones that are off limits according to the no grains, no legumes rule: corn, rice bran, soybean and peanut. The rest are encouraged to be limited at home (safflower, sunflower, canola, grapeseed or sesame) but not specifically excluded. Like I said in the previous post, if you were a person that was eating out a lot, you'd be potentially exposed to those oils in quantity which would mean that limiting them at home would be in the participants best interest. If seed oils are fine for occassional eating out and the person does not eat out
  9. As long as it is just the psyllium husk and no added sweeteners or non compatible items. You may find with the abundance of veggies we recommend you eat on the program, that you don't need this as it works by irritating the colon... It also sounds from the way you posted like this is all you have for breakfast? Please check out the Meal Template linked in my signature below and aim for your meals to match to get the best results.
  10. It's not ideal according to the 'no seed oils at home' but it's up to you. Seed oils are okay when eating out (because otherwise it would be near impossible to eat out) so if you're like me and never eat out, then you can make that decision for yourself if you get what I mean. Again, not ideal but not the worst thing in the world.
  11. Welcome! I'm sure there will be some mid month starters to join you!
  12. Awesome, thank you! I wrote the meal plan in pen so I was hoping you said that! It was so beautiful on my drive to work this morning! There was a gorgeous blazing orange sunrise in my rear view mirror as I drove west and all the farms that I've missed because it's been dark on my drives were beautiful as the sun came up! I just discovered this morning that I'm down another belt hole for a total of 3 down since mid January. In other also great news, I'm getting my Covid19 vaccination today as a healthcare employee (not front line or acute patient care but in an acute hospital s
  13. Please let me know how the salsa stew turns out, it's on my meal plan for next week
  14. You're dead on @Rebecca001. @mek402- if you only have the 6 days, I would pick whatever item two items you think you will not be able to avoid and then test them. Eat one item (dairy?) for a day, stop for a couple days till you feel as good as you felt before you ate it and then do the second one. I get that you don't want to be worrying about this when you're celebrating your friend but try and think about this in the big picture - if for instance you found out that dairy gives you the runs and affects your sleep, when you go to your friend's birthday celebration next year, are you going to
  15. That's a pretty specific thing isn't it... I would say that if you're not consuming the apple juice then it would be fine - I don't think you can steam sugar into food which I assume is the ingredient that makes it not compatible.
  16. I've grouped both your posts into the Pregnant and Breastfeeding subforum. Please don't cross post as it makes it hard to follow along when people are giving responses on both posts. Did you have a read through the breastfeeding forum to see if there were any vegetarians in the mix? Usually it's fat that helps keep your supply up so have a read through and you'll see what people do regardless of whether they eat meat to help maintain supply.
  17. Definitely! Feel free to share anything like that! (we usually only restrict links when it's blatant ongoing self promotion or spam). Things you can link: recipes, podcasts, articles, photos of cute dogs/cats... go forth and link
  18. Our family has very little food tradition (save for Christmas baking) so I definitely don't envy you.. especially coming from and having relatives where food is love and there's just a complete delta between generations... not sure if that's how it is for you and obviously there's some stereotyping because I'm sure not every Italian family grandma is a 'feeder' but it's become a stereotype from a level of reality. I definitely enjoy this group. I like hearing what people are working on, struggling with or winning at - we cannot as human beings have every experience ourselves so it's nice
  19. Yep, sounds amazing! As long as the ingredients are compatible you're good to go!
  20. Same... I feel zero feelings of guilt or shame or a need to be pleasing to others around food... If I'm the only one that has to deal with the reprecussions of eating the item, then I'm the only one that gets to weigh in on the decision. I get that is MUCH harder to do for some people - I'm not a people pleaser by any stretch of the imagination which I imagine makes it much easier for me. I think the one good thing I can say to help others that have this struggle that comes out of my experience with being 'that person' as you say @Rebecca001 is that my friends still invite me around, m
  21. First, have a read through this article about 'tiger blood'. Second, gassy and burping and digestive upset could be caused by something you're eating on the Whole30. Compatibility with the rules doesn't always mean compatibility with each individual. Are you eating a lot of raw veggies? Lots of crucifers (broc, cabbage etc), lots of nuts, coconut etc...? Is there something you added into your Whole30 that you don't normally eat when you're not doing the program?
  22. It's interesting hearing/reading this wine discussion. I'm not a big drinker in general but previously did like to indulge in a bottle (or two) of wine with a friend or my sister on a sleepover night. And then I started to realize that usually within the first half a glass, I would get an aching headache that hung out down the left side of the back of my neck... it would pierce up behind my ear and generally make whatever fun we were having almost unbearable in that I wanted to take a handful of pain killers and go to bed... I want to say this never use to be a problem for me but it's possibl
  23. Not sure who answered the question 3 years ago but just confirmed, this is a legume and it is not compatible for the Whole30. Even this page's faq says they're legumes as the answer to the first question
  24. The ingredients are fine but I would be very careful with the Garcinia Cambodia - also if you're using this as an effort to lose weight and not just because you love the flavor of it, we would not recommend you do that at the same time you're doing a Whole30 as it can mess with your results.
  25. If it is technically a legume like a peanut then it's out for the Whole30. If you want to make sure it's something you tolerate, introduce it like any other reintroduction item I just looked up the Baru nut and all the sources say it's a legume. I can ask HQ again for you if you want but its possible that 3 years ago, they misspoke... because it is a legume...