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Hi! Susan had a wonderful idea of having one place where it is all things related to making/brewing Kombucha could be asked and answered. There are several of us that are newbies at this (me) a

Awesome idea! Plus one for the n00bs right here ... Three weeks ago I didn't know what kombucha was, and now I (hopefully) have a pet SCOBY growing in my kitchen. Either that or I am farming mould.

Just thought I'd share a pic of my 2 1/2 gallon SCOBY and brew, Denver, started by a dear friend and jazz musician several years ago from a bottle of GT's. He passed it along to me when he moved

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My tea and sugar are now cooling.  My vessel has been washed and rinsed with distilled vinegar.  The spot for my vessel has been prepped.


Now I wait for it to cool, then 8 long days!  


I agree with megmac; I never would have had the courage to try this without all of you!

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I have an iPhone so can easily attach a picture, it's reading the posts on a tiny little phone that's hard! Lol-not my favorite part of my 40s!

I just bought what I hope is my last case of kombucha from WF. :)

I just tried to take a pic but my tea is so dark you can't see him. He's mostly clear.

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Btw, when I was at the co-op today I decided to treat myself to a fancy lemonade.  Clearly, it contains sugar, but it was a freshly squeezed lemonade that also had ginger, apple and cayenne.


Yep - lemon ginger apple and cayenne will be tried!

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Well I haven't got my booch brewing yet but I froze two ice cube trays of strawberry puree for flavoring when I do.  ;)




Now that is darned brilliant Physibeth!  



Thanks. I bought a flat of Strawberries from my produce delivery so half are getting frozen and the rest I pureed. I also have a bunch of kiwis that I don't seem to be eating and was wondering if I should just puree those too. If I do should I peel them first or just puree fuzz and all?

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Yes I think peeling them is a good idea. I saw something today that jumped out at me at the store but I dont remember what it was. FIGS!! I was intrigued by that idea. Maybe fig and dried ginger. It says on the package of ginger and hibiscus that I should use 1/2 tsp per 16oz. Such a tiny bit. I'll have to see.

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