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Photos of my Success!


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Here are three collages of four different weights I have been at since 2013.  The first photo is where I was at somewhere around February, the 2nd is the start of the whole30, the third is day 15, and the fourth is day 31.  Between February and my whole30 experience I lost some weight, but none as drastic as what happened during my whole30--nearly 15 pounds!  (143 down to 130)  I think the most impressive and drastic changes are evident in my back.  So happy!


In addition to the weight loss, the actual single most important thing for me that I wanted to improve was my skin.  I have received more compliments on my skin since the whole30 than I have since I was a pre-teen.  Someone even used the word "glowing" to describe it.  I am so happy.  Only time (and winter) will tell if this new way of living has also cured my unbearable winter dry skin that plagues me year after year.


The other most important thing, besides skin and weight loss, was conquering my toxic relationship with food, specifically sugar/chocolate.  I am still not ready to do any reintroductions to sweets, but I have a good feeling that when the time comes and the moment is right to eat a sweet treat that I will thoroughly enjoy it, and then be back on my healthy eating.  I don't think I am a slave to it anymore.  


I am very happy.  I am looking and feeling good, wearing clothes that I haven't worn in a year, and ready to continue my new healthy lifestyle!  




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Well done!!  You look fantastic and have clearly put huge effort into making your W30 successful. I loved reading your insights about overcoming your relationship with food too. I think that is really important. Yay for you!!  :)

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