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No snacks?!?!! Help


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Hello fellow whole30'rs....I am on day #6 of my first whole30. I was paleo for a few weeks before starting the whole30 and I loved that I could eat based on hunger and snack when needed, for all the paleo approved foods. I am having a hard time just eating 3 meals a day. My body is used to grazing, and eating when my body dictates. The evenings are the hardest for me, I crave some protein/veggies but I haven't indulged because of the program rules. I've tried having larger meals, but food ends up getting wasted. I walk everyday, usually 15-30mins and I work out at least 4 days a week. I'm nervous to eat more carbs because I am trying to loose weight. Help! I've been following the program 100% and I want to be successful. Any advice would be a great help. Thanks!! :)  

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No snacking is not a rule, it's a recommendation. Generally if your meals are composed optimally, you will not be hungry for 4-5 hours. But everyone's body and schedules are different, and especially in the beginning of the W30 it can be harder to get away from snacking. You might want to post what a typical day's meals look like...it's possible you are undereating. If you are genuinely hungry though, eat! Try to  make it a mini-meal, not something like fruit or nuts. It will get easier as you go along.

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Hi There.


First of all don't limit carbs.  Really don't.  Women need carbs.  So if you want to limit them, limit them to 1 meal a day.  More if you workout or are pre-period (seriously!)  Unless of course you find problems diggesting them (most people don't)


Secondly snacking isn't restricted, but should be avoided if it is a "habit".  For instance - you always had a brownie in the afternoon.  And now you have a banana with almond butter in the afternoon because you always have a snack.  Is it a better choice?  Yes for sure.  But you are not eating because you are hungry, just simply because you always do.  I hope this make sense.  If you have a snack, do it because you are actually hungry.  Make sure your snack looks like a mini meal - protein, fat, veg.


If you are looking maybe to fill the void of something because you always have a snack after dinner at 9 pm - try having a tea instead.  My personal favourite is mint/ginger, or vanilla rooibos.


If you can post a couple of days meals here - people here might be able to troubleshoot further in how to keep you fuller, longer.


Good luck!

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I ate 4-5 and occasionally 6 meals per day when I started. I never snacked, but I ate a real meal when I became hungry. Over several years, I learned to compose meals that kept me satisfied with just 3 per day, but it was not a fast change for me. 


So don't eat a snack, but do add extra meals as needed. 

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Thank you!!! A typical day looks like this...

Breakfast: 2-3 eggs in the morning, with grass fed bacon, tomato slices/cucumber., sometimes an omlete packed with spinach, garlic, onion, peppers and tomatos. 


Lunch: usually left over protein from my dinner, ie: chicken/pork chop/steak, asparagus/brussel sprouts/salad, 1/2 sweet potato - with coconut oil/olive oil. 


Dinner:Salmon/Chicken/Steak, mixed green salad with all the fixings drizzled in olive oil (or other veggies). 


I am following the balance suggestion in the meal planning, and during the day my hunger is in check. When I get home from work, I usually work out/go for a walk with my husband at some point in the evening. Usually 15-20min of light cardio, 5-10lb free weights, planks, squats etc. Workout is usually about 30-40mins 3-4 days a week. I make it a point to walk for 15mins on my break at work as well. 


I get home at 4:30, have dinner around 5:30, work out between the hours of 6:30-8:00pm, then bed time is at 10pm. I find that when I get home I'm hungry, so I try to make dinner right away. I tend to want something to eat in the evening, around 7-8pm. I've been keeping busy and not snacking. I also don't want to eat 2 hrs before bed. 


I was talking to my husband last night about not being able to snack (he has seen me in the Kill. All. Things phase, lol) and he said he felt that the program was too strict if I can't even a few almonds/cucumber slices/salad if I needed it. It's nice to know I can have something if I'm hungry.


Thank you for the tips about having a small mini meal. I will try that, and not feel guilty!! 


To get through I've been talking to myself saying "Are you really hungry, or are you bored, mad/frustrated, etc" normally the need for food passes after about 20mins. So maybe if will get better as the days progress?? 


Thanks again :)

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Your meals really look spot-on to me. You could consider your evening snack as a post-WO meal, which is generally recommended. I don't think it's odd to want more food after you exercise. Or...either try making your dinner slightly bigger, or even cut it down by a bit and eat the remainder after your workout. For those times when you realize you are not truly hungry, you could try some tea or something else to drink. I would definitely be uncomfortable going to bed on an empty/growling stomach though.

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Thank you @JJB, that is a good idea, eat 50% of my dinner before working out, and then the rest after. I also don't want to go to bed with a hungry tummy. Also...I've been waking up in the night. Normally I sleep right through. I have to go pee at least twice in the night and it's disrupting my sleep. I stopped drinking 1 hr before bed last night, but I was still up! LOL. 

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I would suggest having a proper post workout meal after you exercise. That would be a palm sized portion of lean protein and some starchy vegetable. Many people like to do chicken breast and sweet potato. I've had a lot of luck with egg whites and sweet potato or pumpkin scrambled with cinnamon especially when it is at night and my last food of the day. I find it easy to digest and get down. I teach a lot of 7pm classes at my gym so this has been a life saver for me. 


On the getting up to pee thing, I feel you. Have you greatly increased your intake of water? This may just take some time for your body to adjust to. I find I need to get my water in earlier in the day especially when I workout at night so I'm not so dehydrated after my workout that I drink a lot before bed.

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@Physibeth, thank you. I've always drank a lot of water during the day, at least 3-4 bottles a day. I'm required to talk a lot for my job and tend to get dry mouth. I now have a eco friendly water container and drink at my leisure. Maybe I am getting more than I would've before, since I am not drinking juice/pop/etc?? I will try to monitor my intake later at night. 


I LOVE sweet potatoes!! I just had 1/2 as a side last night, with some coconut oil broiled and caramelized in the oven, delicious!


I am going to do the 50/50 dinner idea, make it a larger meal and then have some left in case I get hungry after working out. I always thought that you shouldn't eat 1hr before, or 1hr after a meal if you wanted your body to use your stored fat to burn as fuel instead of the food you just ate.

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I am going to do the 50/50 dinner idea, make it a larger meal and then have some left in case I get hungry after working out. I always thought that you shouldn't eat 1hr before, or 1hr after a meal if you wanted your body to use your stored fat to burn as fuel instead of the food you just ate.



I'm assuming you meant an hour before or after a workout? As long as you avoid starchy vegetables within the hour before you workout your body should burn fat as fuel. You want to eat lean protein and starchy vegetables immediately after a workout because your muscles are primed to receive protein at that point and the starchy vegetables help replenish your glycogen stores. Instead of a 50/50 dinner I would have a minimum template meal before you work out with no starchy vegetables (focus on greens) and then when you get home lean protein and a starchy vegetable. I really think that would work best based on the schedule you told us.

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I think the first week or so, the hunger you feel is just your body demanding the grains and sugars it's used to.  A lot of people ask me how I can feel full without bread or rice.  And honestly, I think it's just a different feeling of fullness that you have to get used to.  Grains are heavy in your stomach, and while Whole 30 foods fill you up and leave you satiated, it doesn't leave you feeling heavy, unless you're like me and had digestive issues with all the protein I was not used to consuming.  And I would suppose some people need to get used to digesting vegetables if they weren't used to digesting that.  Anyway!  What i'm trying to say is, your digestive system needs time to adjust to your new diet.  it's worth it though, because I just completed my 2nd Whole 30 and both times I felt amazing the last week of my 30 days.  The 2nd one actual went better than the first because the first few weeks weren't so painful due to protein indigestion.  My stomach finally figured it out.  :)


Your diet looks pretty good, but maybe you want to consider increasing your portions if you are feeling hungry.  The template can be scaled up or down according to need.  You might just have a quicker metabolism.


I also found that moving my meals later into the day helps with evening munchies.  I start later on breakfast and move all my meals back accordingly.  I usually have 4-5 hours between meals and about 3 hours between dinner and bedtime.  That's at least 1 hour short of when I'd naturally start feeling hungry.  :)  Then again, that's just me.  I don't feel hungry when I wake up, just thirsty.  I get up around 6:30, chug a glass of water and don't eat until 9am.  The recommendation is the eat within an hour of waking though, so I'm not strictly following the rules...  If you actually do feel hungry on waking, you should probably eat.  Having one small meal on top of your 3 regular meals is actually ideal if you're working out. 


As for the bathroom issue, (potential TMI ahead) I don't know how much your salt/vegetable consumption has changed since starting the Whole 30, but less salt and more water-loaded veggies means more liquid makes it into your bladder if you're drinking the same amount as usual.  I felt like I was drinking less on the Whole 30 simply because my food was just so much wetter that I didn't get thirsty after eating, but I was peeing more than ever.  The color of your urine should be a good indication of your hydration level.  If it looks almost clear, you might be over-hydrating. 


Good luck!  Things will get easier as you figure them out. 

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Tks mercuryhime & Peg541.



I made it through my first weekend with flying colors!! I ate when I was hungry and that worked really well. I am more structured during the week because of work, so I was nervous about all the free time the weekend provides. My husband and I went to a poker game at a friend's place. I brought along some water and a whole30 meal, snacked on that while we played. It opened the door for a lot of questions, but being prepared and having food with me REALLY helped. I did get offered an adult beverage, on more than 3 occasions, but happily declined. 


I feel better knowing that I can add another whole30 meal if required. I was too focused on "only three meals a day". I am getting into a good rhythm now and feeling GREAT!!


Thanks for all the advice!! :) 

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I may be allergic to eggs, uh-oh! I just bought some farm fresh eggs, they are so delicious but after eating them I get pain in my stomach. It usually lasts about an hour or two. With store bought eggs sometimes I'd get the same pain, but it wasn't every time. I've continued to eat eggs because I love them, but I worry I may be upsetting my stomach balance by eating them. Anyone have a similar issue? Did you find anything that helped? Thanks!!  

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Moving regularly will help with your pulse/weight loss. Nothing crazy required - if your body is reluctant, do several shorter sessions. Walk around the block, then walk it twice when it isn't harder.


I've had problems with my blood pressure and pulse rate being sky high for the last two years, since I hurt my shoulder and couldn't work out. I have underlying health issues for that, just that I would regularly test in the 150/90 the first time, and have to focus on calming down to not test that high.


I have moved to a big city where it's faster to walk and/or bike to work daily, and I do. My work is straight up a hill, and I challenged myself that someday I'd make it up the last super-steep hill segment at the end (my bike weighs a TON - 35-ish lbs). My boss would comment on my not making it, and how someday I would. Well, a few weeks ago, I finally made it! It's still difficult, but I bike up it twice a day. My next challenge was to do it when I had my backpack with a change of clothes in my bike basket (weighs about 15 lbs). I only got that this week.


Oh, and that issue with my bp/pulse? Gone. I regularly test below 130/85 with a normal resting heart rate.


I understand that I didn't have the weight issues that you do, but it will help your body to normalize. Plus it should help to tighten things up so you have less extra skin. Once you've improved you can start more things like weight lifting and such, but just starting is enough to help you get started!


Good luck, and be proud of yourself! You're changing your life for the best!

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It is official, I am allergic/sensitive to eggs. I've monitored my consumption this week, every day I have pain in my upper stomach for 1-3 hours after eating eggs. I am currently suffering from my egg choice this morning. :( I love eggs and they are a staple for my breakfast. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can make for breakfast besides my standard, eggs with coconut oil, bacon and veggies? 

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Also please note that being sensitive to eggs will not always be the case.  Some individuals have found that they can consume eggs after their body heals.  Also some people have noted that the diet of what chickens eat will impact their ability to digest eggs.  So you might want to try eggs from pastured raised chickens at a later date to see how you deal with those.


So be patient with yourself and know that maybe at some point you might be able to enjoy eggs again. 

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Brisket for breakfast is good, sausages (if you can find compliant or make patties yourself), etc. I've done chicken hash with root veggies, sweet potato hash, even salads can be good for meal 1 (might help you get past your hump of calling it breakfast but not eating breakfast foods).

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