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Hold onto your butts...


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I had planned to start next week, but found myself overindulging in future "forbidden" foods as "Day 1" grew closer. To the point that I had too much to drink last night and got little to no sleep due to insomnia and congestion. Decided that today would be day 1. And I'm actually pretty stoked about it. 


One of my fears about this Whole30 thing was drinking my coffee black-it's not so bad after all. 


I can do this. 


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Sometimes just diving in is the best way! Make sure you have a list of go-to foods for the week, and do a big cookup ASAP so you're never caught on the back foot.


I personally have always drunk my coffee black, but am now a convert to coconut cream mixed in (when at home, anyway).

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Day 1 is successfully in the books. Had

B-Eggs, avocado & salsa

L-Chicken & avocado 

S-Kale Chips

D-Baked Pork Rib, Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Cole Slaw 


Was really sleepy in the afternoon and forced down a cup of tea. I did not sleep well the night before, so I can't say that was food-related. 


Proud of myself though-I took the kids to Sweet Frog and had zero temptation to get one myself and turned down all of the bites they cheerfully offered me. 

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Well done on completing your first day! You're off to a great start. Make sure you're getting enough fat in all meals - the avocado would have been fine in breakfast and lunch, but it's not clear where the fat would have been in your dinner. Pork fat? Mayo on the coleslaw? 

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Thanks, all. As for fat, I made liberal use of olive oil in the cole slaw and tried making ghee which I put into the sweet potatoes. I haven't been very hungry. I just REALLY miss beer. I love craft beer and Friday night is a night to have a few and watch a movie. I successfully resisted, but it's hard to ignore those habitual cues.


I also miss Sriracha. Grrr. 


Day 2:

B-Leftover ribs & sweet potatoes

L-Chicken & Avocado Salad

Had a snack of a banana with almond butter when I was lamenting my future beerlessness

D-Morracan Kofta, Coconut Tzatzki Sauce and a Tomato & Pepper Salad

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There's a recipe for homemade, W30 friendly sriracha from Nom Nom Paleo - I haven't tried it, but I've seen other people post about it on the forums here.


Can't really help with the beer, though. You could try kombucha as something different to have to drink sometimes, if you want something different. 

Thanks for the Sriracha article. I may try that. 


Day 3-

B-Breakfast Salad with Fried Eggs, Avocado and Leftover Coleslaw (a surprisingly good combination)

L-Leftover Kofta and Tomato/Pepper Salad

S-2 handfuls of nuts

D-Beef Stew


The weirdest thing so far is breaking my habit of weighing myself every morning. I physically moved the scale up the the attic, but am still amazed that I start to go through the motions of weighing myself. 


I am sleeping well, but woke up at 2am because my daughter was crying. It took awhile to get her back to sleep and me even longer. I noticed I was hungry (and had been dreaming about food-ice cream, to be exact, which is odd since I rarely eat ice cream anyway). I ended up taking a sleeping pill, so I was a bit groggy this morning. I would like to get away from that. 


I am really enjoying the food and finding new recipes. I absolutely love cooking. And if I get through Day 4, it will be the longest I have gone without any form of alcohol in 4 years. Kinda sad, I guess, but it is what it is. 


I haven't felt an overall lack of energy. Yesterday morning I felt tired, but I don't know if that was another sleeping pill hangover or the food. But by the afternoon, I found myself running 3.5 miles and felt great. So I dunno. 


I did seem a bit slimmer/less bloated this morning. Maybe my imagination. We'll see. 

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Interesting side note...I ran 5 miles today. I know that I am supposed to be at the "Kill All the Things" phase, but I felt okay and figured I would stop if I needed. Well, I was slow. Super slow. Not sure if it is the lack of sleep, the humidity (low 80s, 60% humidity, feels like upper 80s), or the low carb diet. Doesn't matter as it was a distance run and not a speed run. What else I did notice was that my stomach didn't hurt. When I trained for my first 1/2 marathon, I would eat toast or a bagel before running and was met by stomach pains during my long runs. There was none of that despite a large breakfast of eggs, avocado, kale and tomatoes. I also didn't hit a "wall." Was slow, but had even energy. Very interesting. 

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I was doing half marathon training when I did my initial transition into paleo and my first whole30. A decrease in performance is definitely normal in the first two weeks as your body transitions from being primarily a sugar burner to primarily a fat burner. I saw a noticeable decrease in my run effort for those 14 days and then a steep uptick. Sounds like you handled it just right for this stage! Well done. Make sure you reward your effort with some starchy vegetables after those runs. 

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Thanks for the advice. Glad to know I am not the only one. 


Day 4 (longest I have gone without alcohol since my daughter was born...in 2010!)


B-Shoot. I can't remember. I'm sure it involved eggs and an avocado. 

L-Beef Stew w/ 2 handfuls of nuts (was hungry after my run as I was warming up my soup)

S-1/2 banana with almond butter

D-Carribbean Pork w/ Peach Salsa, leftover coleslaw, coconut kale (delicious!)


The desire to have a beer has lessened each day-I almost miss the "ceremony" of it more than the taste-opening the bottle, pouring into the glass, settling on the couch. But I did dream last night that I "accidentally" had 1/2 a beer during the Whole30, so my subconscious is still working on the issue. 


No sleeping pill last night (yay!)


Onto Day 5. 26 more days to go...

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Just stopping by to say I am thoroughly enjoying your log-it made me laugh! Love the title too! I am also totally identifying a lot with your experiences. This is my first w30, so it's cool to see how different people react. Thanks for the share! 


P.S. I have recently discovered the magic of coldbrewed coffee. I never thought the day would come where I could stomach black coffee, but it's here and freaking amazing! I'm never going back!

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Not sure if your local Whole Foods sells Buddha's Brew Kombucha (out of Austin, TX), but they have a new brew called Hop'd which has various hop flowers included in the brew. It's still just kombucha, and it tastes like kombucha, but it does have a nice aromatic similar to hoppy beer =)

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@bamjkay-Thanks for the comment! The coffee thing surprises me too. I have been drinking coffee when since I was 7 and started out with a teaspoon of coffee, tons of sugar and tons of milk (the proverbial, "Would you like some coffee with your sugar?"). As I got older, I changed the ratios to just milk and coffee and can't stand sweet coffee like Starbucks. But I did like my milk. Never thought I would give it up, but it has been the easiest thing. It makes me feel evolved, like I have let go of the vestigial legs of my youth and am fully adaptable. (I have been known to avoid situations-i.e. camping-when I didn't think I would have access to milk in my coffee.) I kinda feel evolved. :)


@Cate B.-Oh my, I may have to check that out. I love hops. My  beer of choice is the hoppiest IPA that can be found. I've never had Kombucha, but I would try it for that. 


Okay, onto Day...5, I guess? I guess this is getting easier since I have trouble remembering my start date and what day I am on. 


B-Sick of eggs! Ugh! They aren't my favorite thing anyway, but I can tolerate them with cheese (oh, the lamentation of missing cheese) or avocado. My avocados are still being stubbornly unripe, so I opted for Paleo Pancakes-1 banana and 2 eggs whisked together and cooked in coconut oil. Heated up some blueberries and balsamic vinegar as a topping. Made 4 pancakes and I ate 3.5. It was serviceable. The kids thought they looked monstrous. 

L-Leftover Beef Stew

S-(after elliptical and weight-lifting at the gym)-blueberries and a handful of nuts

D-I'm a salt/savory person anyway, but was really craving some olives. Made an olive heavy ground beef sauce and put it on top of summer squash noodles. Ended up being more of a chili than a sauce, but good nonetheless. 


Husband was rear-ended yesterday (he is okay, just a little sore). This is our 7th car accident in three years (none of which have been our fault). I would normally really stress about this (How long will we be without the car? Will the insurance company total it?). Not sure if it is because it's summer and I don't really need a car or if it's the food, but I am not stressed at all. Que sera. 


I am ache-y. Between the five mile run on Sunday and gym yesterday, my piriformis syndrome is really acting up (It is, technically, a pain in the butt). Iced it last night and took ibuprofen PM to get rest. It worked only so-so. Moving slowly today. 

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You know you don't have to have eggs for breakfast, right? You can have leftovers, or soup, or anything you would eat any other time of day. Today I had a leftover brat, a hardboiled egg, some sweet potato, some zucchini/yellow squash thing that I'd baked over the weekend, and a few strawberries. Over the winter when I was doing a W30, I liked to have a creamy cauliflower/root veggie soup that I would top with whatever meat I had leftover for the protein.


Other eggless breakfast options can be found in previous threads on this forum, like here, here, or here -- or just google Whole30 breakfast no eggs and you'll get a ton of results.


(And don't shoot the messenger, but I feel compelled to mention -- pancakes, even from compliant ingredients, are against the rules of Whole30. I didn't make the rules, I'm just telling you in case you missed it somewhere. It's addressed in the Can I Have list, if you want to read more. )

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ShannonM816-Thanks for the feedback. I have had soup for breakfast, but nothing I had on hand sounded appetizing. I sometimes suffer from a lack of imagination B.C. (before coffee). As for the pancakes, I figured the bare minimum of ingredients-banana & egg, made it somewhat acceptable. Not going to sweat it or overanalyze. Not a pancake/muffin/baked goods person anyway. 


Day 6-

B-3 eggs, bacon, kale & tomato

L-handful of hazelnuts and blueberries (was in a place where there was no food I could eat)

D-Steak, mashed sweet potatoes & seared chard

S-1/2 banana w/ almond butter. I'm not really a dessert person, but something about getting dessert for the kids set me off and I wanted something sweet


Feeling ok. 

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I'm crashing. Found out the car was totaled. Had a beer. Snuck a mini Milky Way. Found myself out with the kids today during lunch. Ended up ordering a salad that was "workable" and them picked a bad dressing. Thinking and not thinking. Sigh.

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