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A rough road, but I see progress


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This is big for me, I honestly never thought I would be posting here.


I had done a whole30 before, and was eating pretty strict paleo, but I still had gas, bloating, and loose stool every couple of days.

I decided to do a low FODMAP whole30, as a lot of the foods I had issues with were high in FODMAPs, so I thought that would help me identify which foods were triggers.

When I started this whole30, I had a really rough time


Day 9 “Really struggling here with digestive issues, I feel going low fodmap is contributing to this, which means it was something I needed to do, but I hope its over soon…ARRRGGGHHH!!”


Day 11 “I'll be honest, I'm finding this really hard. I'm really tired all the time, and I can't see a way to break myself out of this funk….So far the issues have gotten worse, and I have no energy (worse than I was before). I'm getting sick of the food options I do have, and beginning to lose motivation to carry on with this”


Day 12 “I'm thinking of extending out to a whole45, because I want to start reintroductions from a really good place”


Day 15 “still slight digestive issues….I'm aiming for a whole45, I obviously have a lot of healing to do.”

Day 19 “I am struggling with digestive issues ... I am doing a low FODMAP whole45, as I think I need the extended period to heal.”


Day 23 “I'm seriously considering going off my whole45”

Day 26 “I was mostly ok on paleo, but thought I would go low fodmap for 30 days to see if that made a difference. Since I started whole30 it's been worse…and just really feel like throwing in the towel. I've done more research on FODMAPs on the internet and it seems some thing I thought were low, there is debate about, like yams and sweet potato. I'm worried I've done this all wrong”


Day 29 “I redid measurements today, and I have lost 1.3kg, which I wasn't intending to do, but I have also put on around 20 cm round the waist and hips and doubled my body fat percentage. No idea what's going on here” “Why is this so hard?!?!?”


On Friday, day 34, I noticed I’d had less gas than usual, and my digestive system was back on an even keel. On Monday, day 38, I woke up with a completely unexpected side effect – no bloating! I had a flat stomach for the first time since the start of high school. I was shocked, I never expected this.

I have had more energy to work out (I’m back at pre-whole30 levels, but not expecting miracles here), but the digestive issues being solved is making the biggest difference in my day-to-day life.

The hard part will be sticking to whole30 guidelines to make sure I give my reintroductions the best shot possible, I made up a chart to plot what I have tried and what, if any effects it has had on me, and it’s a very long list – it would take about 6 months if I tested everything, with 5 symptomless days between each trial.


Wish me luck, cheer me on, and expect to see me crying in the corner as my beloved swede goes out of season.


Knowledge is power


Knowledge is power


Knowledge is power

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I did not do a proper re-intro at the end of my last Whole 30 -- and I have the utmost respect for those who do.  My way was stupid and emotional.  Yours is absolutely the correct way to do it, as you know.  Keep up the GREAT work!  


And I love your mantra.  :)  This will all be SO worth it to have these symptoms gone and KNOW that you have pinpointed the culprits.

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