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Day 2 - I NEED SUGAR!!!!!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!


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Well.... It's day Two, 3:18PM EST. My sugar dragon is raging. However, I am going to starve the son of a b*tch!


I started off Day 1 strong and was extremely excited. My wife and I are doing this together and we've already spent a lot of time prepping meals and strategizing how we'll do this together. This weekend we go out of town and are committed to staying WHOLE. Overall, I feel better about my self and this choice. I am really looking forward to seeing some results. For now, I am recognizing the extreme cravings and dizzyness to detox.


So far here is what I've done:

Day 1
-M1 = 3.5 Egg Omlette with 1 bell pepper, qtr. onion, and half handful of mushrooms. 1 Clementine and a half handful of peanuts.
-M2 = Large Bed of Romaine, handful of ground turkey with sauteed onions and peppers, handful of carrots, handful of cucumbers, 3 cherry tomatoes. handful Strawberries and blackberries. handfull of nuts.
-M3 = Palm and a half of Tilapia. 1 hardboiled egg. 1.5 cups of Zuchini and Squash sautee. Cup of boiled green beans. handfull of strawberries. Half avocado
Snack: handful mixed veggies, avocado, pinch of nuts

******Day 1 went well. I did get a hardcore sugar craving around 8:00pm but was able to make it through w/out eating any fruit.

Day 2
-M1 = 2 Hardboiled Eggs, 5 large strawberries, half of a sweet potato,
-M2 = Large bed of Romaine Lettuce and Spinach, fist of steak, 1.5 cups of tomato, carrot, onion, jalepeno, sweet pepper mix, Table thumb of homemade mayo, half portion of mixed nuts, handful of blue berries, Can of La Croix
-M3 = Palm and a half of shrimp, 1.5 cups of tomato, carrot, onion, jalepeno, sweet pepper mix, sweet potato, grapes. handful of nuts

****** Day 2 has been rough. I underestimated my appetite and only have nuts at work to snack on. I'm already sick of them. I am watching my co-workers eat a catered lunch of steak and chicken tacos with nacho cheese. Since I had a very early morning and late night I had to bring breakfast, lunch, and dinner with me. I am praying I make it to 5:30 so I can stuff my face with Meal 3. Tomorrow I will do better on portioning.

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In order to keep your cravings at bay - eat more.  The first week of so (first 10 days) make sure you are serving yourself a fist sized portion of starchy veg at least once a day.


You could stand to increase your fat content too.  That's what's really going to help you with kicking the sugar cravings  ;)


Also a word about peanuts.  Peanuts are not nuts.  They are a legume. And they are out. 


A word about nuts - nuts are not an ideal fat source.  Yes they are approved, and yes they are a fat, but they are also well known for causing cramping, bloating and overall gut discomfort.  So best not overdo them.  You would be okay with a closed handful of nuts a day - unless you are super sensitive to them.


Also if you are honestly hungry - like you are hungry enough to eat something super bland like steamed fish and broccoli - then eat.  We suggest a mini template meal - so protein, veg and fat - so something like grilled chicken dipped in homemade mayo + some sliced peppers and carrots would work well here.


Also lastly - please do not let fruit push vegetables off of you plate.  Make sure each meal has at least 1 - 3 cups of veg.


Best of luck to you on the next 28 days!

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I actually ate some steak with my salad at Lunch. I forgot to add it in to my post though. I'll update.

Trust me. I would have eaten more if I planned better, like my post says. It was a rookie mistake. I had to make 3 meals last night when I got off work and take them all with me to work today.


I'm very discouraged that I have to start over.

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Ahhhh, heck-a-toot.   It's only Day 3.   It was practice and now, you know.  I'm glad you eat beef. 



by any other name and what you should watch out for on labels:


Agave nectar

Brown sugar

Cane crystals

Cane sugar

Corn sweetner

Corn syrup

Crystalline fructose


Evaporated cane juice


Fruit juice concentrate


High fructose corn syrup


Invert sugar


Malt syrup

Maple syrup


Raw sugar



If you really want to starve the SOB...don't eat any of those sugars on your Whole 30.  Those are the ones I remember.

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Day 2

-M1 = 2 Hardboiled Eggs, 5 large strawberries, half of a sweet potato,

-Day two has been rough. 

Day two was rough because you started off your day poorly. Eggs, when they are your main source of protein, should be the number you can hold in your hand which is 3-4 eggs for most people. I'm a 5'2" female and I've been known to eat four in one sitting, although personally I prefer to mix up my proteins as it leaves me feeling fuller for longer... Add more protein, add more fat (there is none here & it will help stave off the cravings AND keep you satiated for longer), and ditch the strawberries.... Fruit is often reported to cause a spike (swiftly followed by a crash) in blood sugar when consumed in the mornings.

And go easy on those nuts!

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Eggs are starters at my house and not the main attraction.   Since you eat beef and other proteins, pleassse have them with eggs.   Eating eggs alone every day for 30 days is the road to food boredom.   They're meant to be enjoyed with other real food proteins.    That's the way you really starve the son-of-a-gun.    Proteins, cooked/roasted vegetables and good dietary fats.   They will smother out the constant  cravings for sugar.

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I personally wouldn't have a chance of starving my sugar dragon by eating strawberries, blue berries, grapes, clementines and nuts. That quantity of fruit would have my sugar dragon raging. More protein, more veg, more other fat instead.

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It looks to me like you're making a great start, maxjwell, but you probably just need to eat more. I've been following the template as closely as possible and not had sugar cravings. The wise elders of the forum have said that a serving of eggs is as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping them. That's 3 or 4 for me, and I'm a medium frame woman, so your serving might be more. Also the template says you can have 1-2 palm sized servings of protein, and if you're a man with a larger frame you may not be getting enough protein. I'm a newbie, too, so I may not be right, but that seems like something you could adjust. Also, I'm eating a thumb-sized portion of olive oil with my lunch salads because it's recommended to have fat at every meal.


Good luck! You seem like you're trying hard to be compliant and with a few tweaks you won't have so many cravings.

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Thanks guys. I made some adjustments and am doing well. I upp'ed my proteins, fats, and veggies and nearly cut out fruit. I feel much more full throughout the day. I don't want to speak too soon but I feel as though I conquered a major demon. I am 6'1 and 218 lbs, a dude with "a big frame". Never in my life have I been able to turn down ANYTHING (candy, pizza, sweet or salty) - seriously. Since being on the whole 30 I've turned down everything and I feel soooo empowered. I only get a small craving about 1-2pm and 8-9pm. Its like a small internal alarm clock but I just ignore it and it goes away.


Thanks for the support!

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