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Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!


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Hi! I'm in for this. A couple of people in my original Whole30 group (September 2015) have talked about doing this too. I'm looking forward to it. I have lots of growing to do.


About me: I'm 58, divorced, and mom to two grown daughters (one is 33, a stylist since high school and now an RN, and  the other is 30 and in the Air Force). I did my first Whole30 in September and felt SO great afterward. Then, I tried letting some of my problem foods in. Big mistake. Starting my second in January, and looking forward to this one being longer than 30. I've grown a lot in the last few years, have learned so many things about myself, and am working on dealing with some long-standing issues.


Personal Goals: I'd like to be stronger, physically and emotionally. I'm still working out how I'm going to accomplish that, and this Whole 9 will certainly help!


Brief History: I've dealt with disordered eating, emotional eating, binge eating, and a long-ago and short-lived bout with bulimia. In the 15 years since my divorce, I've grown in many areas, and eating has been the toughest thing to improve on. I've been a member of Weight Watchers about a zillion times, and have never been as successful as I was on one month of Whole30. I've battled depression and S.A.D. all my adult life, and am finally winning!


Something else about me: After I turned 50, I bought a motorcycle and learned to ride. I work for the Girl Scouts, and it was fun being the woman who rode her Harley to the Girl Scout office! I played French Horn for years, while marching in a drum and bugle corps (and completely taking for granted how lucky I was to be able to keep my metabolism stoked with all that marching!). I love reading, lifting weights (which I haven't been doing--must change that!), and cooking--a good thing for a W30er!!


Looking forward to a new journey for the new year!

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Morning all.


I have been gearing up for tomorrow - eating W30 compliant since Christmas day with the odd drink / goodie (I eat paleo anyway so not so difficult).


Now to face my 2 W30 demons:


1. the scales - I am up when they are down and down when they are up - I guess this is the same for most - I have contemplated taking them outside and smashing them with a sledge hammer just for fun - but do hope to see a positive result in Feb so haven't attacked them yet !! I know the number should not define you BUT sometimes it does mess with you. I was probably underweight for a long time and put weight on during my 1st W30 which was devastating - looking back I probably got to a better more balanced weight but just didn't know it at the time - I would like to get back there.


2. eating 3 meals a day - I am a 2 meal / 1 snack a day person - having a wrecked thyroid and metabolism I generally struggle to want to eat more than that and can balloon quickly if I overdo food - so that is going to be a challenge.


Cottagequeen - I love your affirmation


Yesterday I put together a whole pile of affirmations for myself - which I was going to share BUT have not been able to paste them on - PLEASE SHARE HOW YOU DID IT - failing that it is on a word document so if anyone wants a copy let me know.



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Zoe I think most folk use a photobucket (or similar) account for uploading photos. Once you've set up your own library you can then add the photos here by copying the direct link, then clicking on the little square that looks *kind of* like a picture along the bottom row at the top of this reply box (just below & to the left of the yellow smiley face) then paste the link in the window that opens.

I was about to show you but my p/bucket account is typically on a 'go-slow'!!  :wacko: 


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I'm in.

I did a whole30 last spring--I was also consistently working out at the time. However, in the summer, I landed a new job, moved 600 miles away from my gym, hurt my shoulder packing/unpacking, was hit with a terrible custody battle (even though he TOLD me he supported the move, tried to be sneaky) and generally fell into a funk. Exercise and nutrition have fallen by the wayside. I am ready to get back on track.

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Hi Laura

I'm coming out of a 20+ year relationship - dito on the destruction - I know I am being pushed out / alienated - I know it will be twisted to make me look bad - my kids are 13, nearly 12 and 9 - it is horrible but as you say you cant let it define you

Lets hope 2016 can heal some of that damage


To both of you, this is exactly what I'm dealing with! Married 18 years, kids are now 16, 13, 11. Not only does the alienation apply but he has done everything in his power to destroy my relationship with them and hurt me in any way he can find. Hoping to escape his wrath in 2016!

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To both of you, this is exactly what I'm dealing with! Married 18 years, kids are now 16, 13, 11. Not only does the alienation apply but he has done everything in his power to destroy my relationship with them and hurt me in any way he can find. Hoping to escape his wrath in 2016!

I am so sorry to hear! I hope that you too have a support group to help out.

As far as I am concerned, I did find that (trying to) escape doesn't work. Facing it is more powerful. Then learning, understanding, being realistic (he will never stop).

Then starts the forgiving process...the only one that I know will really set me free.

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Hi Laura P. 

Thanks for some wise words - I am just about to go and look at my escape option !!! - will think twice

I'm not bothered with finding a support group - I'm going to go and climb a BIG mountain - hope it works for me


Hi Dvalvo

I hope you escape the wrath - wrath is no good at all 


Some words which rang true for me ...  "I forgive those who have harmed me in the past and peacefully detach from them"

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Ah... the beautiful Mourne mountains

I have walked the Donard / Commedagh route many times (the vista in jmcbn's wonderful photo)

BUT they are babies and my training ground - when I say climb a big mountain I mean climb a big mountain

Big mountains cause me no concern 

BUT once I master PHOTOBUCKET !!!! I'll get you a photo !!

Happy New Year - have a lovely evening 

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Hi, I am interested in doing the Whole9 with you all, I like the idea of focus on one idea at a time. Feels like it will be easier to incorporate the concepts more fully and permanently. Sleep and stress reduction are huge for me so am eager to begin. Thank you for starting this forum.


I live in NZ so it is January 1st for me and I have started. My bone broth is simmering, breakfast is cooking and vegetables begging to be included in the celebration.


Happy New Year!

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I'm enjoying "meeting" everyone! I've been away from the internet and have only a smartphone at the moment, but want to say WELCOME to everyone and get ready to ring in the new year and new you!!

For me, I'm throwing out a few non compliant foods and making chicken broth from chicken

backs I found at a great price this morning. I was googling them at the meat counter, saw broth recipe, grabbed em. These are new for me, see what I get! :)

I'm also reading highlighted sections of my ISWF and clearing my dining room table. It's stacked with distracting reading materials that I read during meals. Correction-- I stare at them while eating, so I'm neither reading or eating! My goal is to focus on the food.


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I'M in! Looking forward to this 9 month idea. I did 2 whole 30 last year and am ready to make the changes more permanent!

Here's who I am:

Female, 62

Live on Bainbridge, an island in puget sound near seattle wa

Work full time in a food bank (challenge!)

Avid hiker & backpacker & yoga

Current: gluten & soy/legume & dairy free

Goal for the long term, eliminate alcohol & keep sugar to a minimum

Biggest challenge on whole 30: wine! And enough variety in food choices to keep going for the long term

Looking forward to a great 2016!

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I'm in!


About me... I did my first Whole30 the summer of 2013, have done 1.5 more since, and eat 95% compliant when cooking at home with a little leeway at restaurants and other people's houses. Stress and sleep are key things for me to address next, I know.


I'm 35, live alone, work in medical research, am really good at being an aunt and really bad at getting enough sleep. I do power vinyasa yoga 2-3 times a week on average but am looking to add more/different exercise this year. I have an active social life and it's hard to balance that with exercise and sleep especially. I have a desk job, so the Fitbit I got for Christmas has been a brutal wakeup call when it comes to general activity! 


January isn't good for a full-fledged Whole30 for me (I'll be traveling smack dab in the middle), but a nutritional re-focus is still in order. I'm insulin resistant, so the plantains and potatoes aren't my best friends, but they've been too prominent in my diet lately (not to mention general holiday revelry - I haven't gone crazy, but I'm ready to get back to normal).

I knit, but don't ride motorcycles. ;) Happy New Year to us all!
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Allright gang, just a few more hours 'til 2016!

Even if you're not doing an official Whole30 for January, since we will be focusing on nutrition it will probably be easier if you don't start off with a hangover (just saying ;)) ...

catch you all next year! (and no, I don't get tired of that joke)

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I am so in. Have done 2 W30's and am starting my 3rd. I'm ready to move beyond just what I eat - but am still on a learning curve there too. Have loved New Years morning for years as I awake and think about feeling good (as opposed to hungover). But I can't be too righteous, as wrong foods can give a hangover feeling, too. I eat mostly w30 (90%) but this holiday season got the better of me at times so a tuneup is what I want. I'm looking to take it up a notch. I'm a 63 yo in a stressful job situation looking to keep eating well, do better than the 5k steps my iPhone says I do, and looking to expand my definition of what living well is. It's an adventure; it's a journey. I'm looking for some company along the way!

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I am in here too. I did two w30s last year, followed by rotten reintro efforts...and am really interested in the multifaceted nature of the whole 9, and the extended timeframe. Thanks, Lucie, for making this happen.

About me: 63 yrs old, married to an older and more sedentary guy...but very sweet and concerned about his health so he likes eating well and getting some exercise every day. He also has a couple glasses of wine every night, which has been a major factor in diminishing my health when I join him....that and sugar seem to be my biggest challenges.

I have a 30 yr old son who lives in town...and w have two big dogs who keep me walking between 3 and 6 miles per day on most days. I do a little hatha yoga each morning and am about three weeks into a morning meditation program as well...I also do pilates once a week and tai chi. Could probably benefit from some strength training, but hav no idea how to add that into an already packed schedule.

My goals for the first month of this w9 is to eat more fish and more vegetables...and to bolster my yummy veggie recipes, especially the kinds that are good as leftovers, so I always have them at hand. I don't have much trouble doing this with protein, but veggies are a different challenge.

I work at the university in town and have just a fe extra non work days here to accomplish lots of organization and cooking...I need Dave!!

Best to everyon here....and learning photo bucket AND stopping my darn iPad for editing my writing are two other goals!!!

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I am all in!


It took me a day to decide but I knew that I needed to ring in the sugar dragon again and what better way to do that then with a January Whole30?! Plus, Iove the idea of focusing on a different challenge every month. I knew my sleep and stress were off since doing my first Whole30 last year so really looking forward to focusing on those aspects of my health. 


I am 31 year old female and live in Charleston, SC with my amazing dog. I am pretty active and I am actually working on scaling back the exercise a little because all of the interval training I'm doing is starting to take a small toll on my body. It really hard to do mentally, though. Trying to incorporate more walking and weight lifting and less HIIT training. Although, I do work in an office where I sit for 40 hours a week and, as jent103 said, getting a Fitbit for xmas showed me just how little I was moving throughout an average day when I'm not at the gym. 


I tend to cook Whole30 at home but have let myself get away with stuff when eating out with friends and I have used the holidays as huge excuse to eat desserts and other non-compliant things when I felt like it. Ready to feel even somewhat as good as I did during my first Whole30! 


Look forward to taking this journey with you all! I found these forums to be a HUGE help during my first round and now we get 9 whole months together!! I feel like we're going to get super close.  :D I can feel it!


Happy New Year to us!!!!

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Best night of sleep in a looooong time. Better food in my plate? no alcohol sugar catching up at 2am??


One of the things I remember from my 1st W30 last year in trying new recipes... tons of fun!

A thing I am changing right away though is that I am putting smaller (more normal) portions on my plate... and ta-da! real food doesn't make you hungry within 2 hours! It does hold until  the next meal!


I have to plan meals ahead (even if 2 or 3 days) , that's a challenge though. I have to build in the time to do that.


I am re-reading the daily  - very inspiring - emails I got last year everyday in my inbox. Worth it!

I'll be happy to share the highlights every day if there is some interest... otherwise I don't want to impose.


To the best and healthier us!

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Sounds like fun. I'm always up for a challenge.

About me...

44 yrs old, mom of 2 boys, we live on a farm and I work full time in the city

Been 80/20 paleo for 3 yrs, have done the 21 day sugar detox twice, but have never done a whole 30 - for some reason it seems like it would be harder

Looking to improve my relationship with food. Like many others I thoroughly enjoyed myself over the holidays and now it's time to return to healthful eating. I'm actually craving salad!

Let's do this

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Happy to be here with everyone. I'm actually half way through my Whole30, since I started in mid-December. I'm very interested in the concept of a Whole9 challenge, because I can see how the things I learn from Whole30 have a positive impact on how I lead my life in other areas. So I'm already on a roll with the Whole30, and looking forward to the rest of the Whole9 factors too.

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For those not doing an official W30 for January, have you completed one in the past?

What are some of your plans to focus on nutrition this month?

Some possibilities:

- buying better ingredients than usual

- trying new recipes

- increasing hydration

- looking at supplements (probiotics, Vitamin D, etc.)

- evaluate habits around eating: driving, grazing, watching TV, social gatherings

- improve place settings, kitchen cleaning, and other visual/pschological cues related to eating

- theme meals (regional cuisines, batch cooking, other fun stuff)

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