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Dirty 30 "Best Group on W30"


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This thread is for all of the "Dirty 30" partners who worked thru this program starting on June 9th! Although we have completed the program, many of us would like to stay in touch as we try to continue to live a healthier life.



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I'd like to join this club. I hear the entrance fee is extortionate and the manager is a thief. This sounds like the place for me, so I hope you will accept my I.O.U. for $5000 which I have written on a used Kleenex. That is all. See you tomorrow David and chickadees all.


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$5K down - I'm in. I guess we're still on the old thread for one more day. Crazy, Crazy Crazy food dreams. I made a potato salad...in fact, DEB, my dream was like I was on a cooking show, only this potato salad had anything and everything not allowed on W30, and people were fighting and clawing to eat it. I ate it in my dream and couldn't walk the next day. Meadow, I wonder if my subconscious is trying to warn me about something...


A part of me wants to stay eating this way, except I want to lose weight and I'm not. I could just eat this way, add back in the scale and count my calories (instead of adding errant food). I will add a dirty martini (probably sooner than later). If that makes me hurt I'll be really sad!


Here's to life on the other side.


Dirty Birdie Miki

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Heck yeah, 69ers, I'm in! Dave, I'll work my admission fee off with sweat equity since I'm adding a bigger fitness element to my next round. Yay team, I am so glad to carry on with the lot of you!

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$5K down - I'm in. I guess we're still on the old thread for one more day. Crazy, Crazy Crazy food dreams. I made a potato salad...in fact, DEB, my dream was like I was on a cooking show, only this potato salad had anything and everything not allowed on W30, and people were fighting and clawing to eat it. I ate it in my dream and couldn't walk the next day. Meadow, I wonder if my subconscious is trying to warn me about something...


A part of me wants to stay eating this way, except I want to lose weight and I'm not. I could just eat this way, add back in the scale and count my calories (instead of adding errant food). I will add a dirty martini (probably sooner than later). If that makes me hurt I'll be really sad!


Here's to life on the other side.


Dirty Birdie Miki



Time for me to nut and bolt.   

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I was feeling sad at the end of the 69ers just now but coming over here, I couldn't be happier that the gig isn't up and we are all still here! Yeah! 


Miki, love the dream! So interesting.  I read on a W30 thread about this dude who helps you meditate your weight away. Not even kidding. His name is Jon Gabriel. His website is a little commercial but a lot of the stuff he said actually made sense to me. Especially since my body seems determined to stay right and exactly at the weight that I am no matter what I do. Give him a Google and see what you think. Think I'm going to read his book. 


CC when you come on over, your kids are gorgeous. And Cara, so well done! Meadow, keep staring down that cream. Laurie, how is your bf doing? 


My first day of set food went ok, there was brisket at lunch, and some salad. I had brought plenty of emergency back up and snacks but didn't need them all.  Tomorrow's day is 7am - midnight - a true test to my blood sugar, I am prepared!


Again, so happy we are here.  

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post-47004-0-48611100-1404887065_thumb.jpost-47004-0-82297500-1404887074_thumb.jpost-47004-0-12512200-1404887085_thumb.jpost-47004-0-55059200-1404887095_thumb.jHey little suns, time to shine,

Happy day 31 everybody! I'm up particularly early this morning after an odd dream where I was being escorted through the Underworld by avatars of various emotions (fear, hate...weirdly classical imagination I have, eh?). Though I am aware that listening to somebody else's "weird" dream is about the least fun thing *in  the  world* to do, I gotta say that somebody in my dream told me that Hate's brother Love looks exactly like him, except beautiful. So that was my waking thought and because I thought it profound yet unoriginal, I decided to share. And you know I can't resist a back story.

Being as its reintro, I thought I'd break down my own process and see what you guys are doing when you post. Today I'm doing dairy because I have no emotional attachment to dairy and its products. I've reserved the reintroduction of clear trigger foods for the end, because I don't want to test my resolve at a point where I feel it could be stronger. This morning I had some Greek yoghurt and sliced strawberries, I'll put some sour cream on my leftover chili for lunch and dinner is meatza pie from WF, to which I will add mozzarella. I haven't cooked this recipe since before the whole 30 because the idea of pizza without crust doesn't upset my applecart, but pizza without cheese? C'mon now. I needs the cheese. Otherwise I can take pizza or leave it, its not a thing for me after years of living in Ireland, where pizza is, shall we say, substandard and I usually make it from scratch anyway.

I'm so glad we are continuing to meet in this dance club. Its noisy here and there is a very sweaty man in the corner whose motives I suspect, but that makes it feel a lot like home to me. Knowing that you are all still in is a comfort and a spur to me. 

Oh, I forgot to properly answer Debs' foodie questions:

I'm with Higs on the cauliflower, its amazeballs and I am sorry for badmouthing it as pointless for so many years. I have made cauliflower rice of so many varieties it is senseless to attempt to recount, the cocoa roasted cauli from WF is genius, and I'm thinking I might make one pizza crust from the lumpy white miracle tonight.

My most elevated sensual experience was with those coconut shrimp from nomnompaleo. Dear sweet Neptune they were delicious.

Resources for me have been both paleo sources such as Against all Grain, nomnompaleo, Well Fed and clothesmakethegirl, Diane Sanfillippo, Liz Wolfe, the Domestic Man and so on; and of course my own slickety slick cookbook collection, which actually heaves with paleo-friendly solutions once you put your conversion hat on. Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty and Jerusalem, The Extra Virgin Kitchen, Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries, Bill Granger's Everyday Asian...the list is long and boring to read.

Great to see you again abbyn. And Laurie! I think you are becoming inextricably linked in my mind with the exclamation point-a punctuation mark I rarely employ because of its shouty connotations- so glad you are still hanging in on all fronts.

Dave's wife is very cute, but I'm not surprised because he's always struck me as a mack-daddy type.. CC and Rick, your kids look like sweeties, but then, so do my kids, and I know the truth.

Miki-McCoolpants, I feel you on the weight thing. I know I've lost some and I have to be honest and say that I only needed to lose the baby weight I had hanging on, but if no shift had occurred I'd be kinda pissed off. Still, you are a driven individual and I don't doubt you will see a downward trend, particularly when you have healed enough to get back to your strenuous workouts. For now, you have parrots to stalk and canyons to hike. Its not all bad, just the crappy bits.

Yesterday I was taking some photos for you all with my iPhone and I dropped the damn thing. It now has an attractively multifaceted screen, not unlike a rare diamond, or some broken looking shizzle. I have covered it in the finest fixative known to man: scotch tape. My teenager mourns, she thought she was going to wrest it from me and now it is unpretty. Ha. One silver lining in exchange for one cloud.

So will try to figure out how to attach some pix of my smallies and I guess my camera hating self. 

Hope this is a good day dawning for each of you. Looking forward to all of your success stories.


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Good morning one and all! Happy re-intro day! I got on the scale and wasn't looking for miracles. After the bronchitis and the shoulder meds, I felt like I was retaining water...which is fine, I should be able to burn this off fairly quickly now that I am off the anti-inflammation meds. I lost another three pounds....no great thing...not bad either. We will log this in the win column and march on.


I went to a friends house last night so that we could , as a group, (about 9 of us) list our top 25 places that we would like to register duck blinds this fall. This is about a 4 hour evolution that we do every fall. The state is very difficult to register duck blinds (and expensive) so we coordinate our efforts and have been very successful. These are all great guys but, unfortunately, I don't have many interests with some of them outside of duck hunting so we rarely see each other. Three of the guys were stunned at how much thinner I looked which was a nice ego boost. I have to admit......compliments feel better from pretty girls rather than burly duck hunters.


It looks like our other thread was about 50 posts shy of 1000.......which is pretty amazing. I think everyone should go back on one last time and put in a few silly comments (I think Rose suggested this) and see if we can leave the thread trashed........so everyone knows we were there.


I have a billion (1.7 billion) emails to answer this morning so I better get to it. I will leave you with a pic or two.




My wife's birthday last week and my youngest son's (Brian) 8th grade graduation!


KC and Rocky -Yin and Yang


My middle son Henry (in blue t-shirt). He is at Towson University studying computer programming this week.


My Comet and my friends Mustang sitting pierside.


Some of the decoys that I hand carve.


Rocky ready for a ride!


Driftwood sailboats that I make.


One of my handcarved swans.


My oldest (Tommy) as an alter boy.


Some of my "boy toys"












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Yay! I'm here!  I'm loving all the pictures!  


Rose - you crack me up!  About the kiddos. You speak the truth, sista!


Deb - we continue to experiment. Rick cooked up that fennel last night. That would be on my "not again" list. Anise is a least favorite flavor for me, so to be honest, there was never any hope on that one.


I don't remember who mentioned they were hesitant on cauliflower rice? Cara? I was too and I LOVED IT!!!  It's a must try for sure. The kiddos even ate it!!


I did have a Day 29 dream where I thoughtlessly shoved a handful of pretzels into my mouth, and then decided I had to fess to fess up about it. CRAZY.


I'm going to post my FIRST WHOLE 30 Reflections here. No before and after pics because the "befores" are in NJ. When I get a chance to do that, I'll post in the success forums. (It's a little on the long side!)



This is what my life used to be like.


For most of my life I’ve struggled with disordered eating.  At times that included bulimia, starving myself, over exercising and diet pills. Always, it included guilt and shame because I couldn’t control this one part of my life. Suffice it to say that I have been on every diet ever imagined. Ever.


Over the last 5 years I gained 50 pounds, and I really felt there was no end in sight. While I was so happy in every other aspect of my life, my eating and my body image were making me miserable. I knew something had to change, but I just didn’t know what to do. And, I really didn’t have the gumption for even one more punishing diet.


In January I chose my “One Word” for the year to be NOURISH.  I did not know how my life would change over the year, but it was my greatest desire to find peace with food.


This is how I found the Whole30.


I’m in a small exercise accountability group on Facebook, and one of the gals started doing Whole30. Each day she would post her successes. I knew a little about Paleo, and I thought this was one crazy chick!  But I could not ignore how great she was feeling.


I told my husband a little about the program (as in, isn’t that crazy?) and he really wanted to do it. And wouldn’t let up about it. So, while I did not want to do it and wasn’t really mentally prepared to do it, I said I would. I’m a pretty competitive person, so once I agreed, I was in.


During my Whole30 experience…


I was surprised that I did not have any major struggles. This is what probably made it easiest for me to stay on track. I did not have raging headaches or other withdrawal symptoms, even though I was eating Oreos by the handful the day before I started.  One of the biggest reasons I hesitated to do the program was because I didn’t want to deal with the detox. Luckily for both my husband and I, our withdrawal symptoms were minor and by day 10 we were both feeling better than we had in a long time.  During the second half of our Whole 30 we went on a four day vacation, packed appropriate snacks, ate out 3 times a day (compliantly) and biked 30 miles a day. A very different experience for us, indeed!


Now that I’ve finished my Whole30…

·         While following this food plan does take a lot of time in planning and preparing food, I also gained a lot of time in other areas. I’ve been addicted to Diet Coke for about 30 years. When I would run out, it would be a tragedy, and I had to find some fast! It was really a burden and took more attention than I could have imagined. I have replaced an unhealthy obsession with a healthy one!

·         My dry skin has improved.

·         For about 15 years I’ve had a skin condition on my hands called dyshidrosis. I can manage it with prescription creams, but it’s very uncomfortable. That has resolved completely.

·         I don’t weigh and measure my food. I’m learning how to listen to my body in terms of what and how much it needs to thrive.

·         I started cooking for the first time in my life, and found out that I actually enjoy it.

·         My very biggest change in this program is that my mental obsession with food has been lifted. That is the most amazing change I could ask for.


What went well:

·         I decided if I was going to do this, I was all in. I did not try and create work-arounds for any of the rules. This actually made it easier for me to make decisions in difficult situations.

·         I bought the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook a day or two before we started the program. This gave me a lot of good recipes to experiment with. I never really cooked before, so a reward of the program was eating food that was delicious.

·         Doing the program with my husband made my life infinitely easier, especially when we were eating out. I really felt like we were in it together.

·         I signed up for the daily Whole30 email. Each morning it was motivating for me to read something inspirational and remind me that I was making a healthy choice. At the end of the day I would go back to the email and hit the “I did it!” link for a little extra encouragement.

·         I participated daily in the Whole30 Forums. I attribute this as one of the best choices I could have made. Even though my husband and I were doing this together, I think we could have talked each other into some questionable choices along the way (a little bit of this won’t hurt, right?)  Having accountability to our group really reinforced my resolve.

·         One of our group members chose and “ingredient of the day” each day, and posted multiple recipes. While I rarely hit the ingredients on the right days, I had a place to go back to reference recipes when I was ready.

·         There are certain foods that are allowed, but that are trigger foods for me. I chose not to eat those so I would not sabotage my efforts. I did not eat Lara Bars even though they are allowed, because I was afraid it would feel like dessert.

·         I did not step on the scale or take measurements. Not. Even. Once.


What could have gone better:

·         I would not plan to eat at a friend’s house while on the plan. I learned how to cook at home and even to eat in restaurants. But the rules are really too tight to impose on someone else. It made me too uncomfortable.

·         I would have read ISWF before starting the program so I had better idea of what was in or what was out. Around day 4 I bought the book because I wasn’t feeling sure about reading labels. I read it in about 2 days and then felt more solid about my choices.

·         There were times, and I will admit not many, that we really did not plan well by bringing snacks.


What you’ll do the next time:

·         Toward the end of the 30 days, I bought the Well Fed Cookbook. The section on how to plan ahead and do a “weekly cookup” will really help me going forward.

·         I will continue on the Whole 30. I know that after many years of crazy eating, I cannot say my new habits are a lifestyle yet.


Inches lost: 9

Pounds lost: 13


Happy to continue on this journey with you all! Good luck with the reintros!

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Meadow - you are probably right. Keep up the good work, you are very inspiring.


CC - What a great experience log. Thank you so much for sharing all. You and your husband are relearning your lives. Congrats on your GREAT stats.


Dave Your pictures are great, congrats on your win/loss. You've done SO well with all that nature has hit you with. I LOVE those driftwood sailboats...and of course your duckies. You have a darling family and deserve all the good thing that are coming your way.


I've read Jon Gabriel, will look for and read again. I did not lose any weight and am so grateful to have my scale back (it's been a long love affair -a little dysfunctional, but that is my style). I feel so much better, especially my pain level - and that alone is enough reason not to get caught up. I already know I don't do nuts or dairy well, corn and I guess gluten too, although I never have been able to single out bad oils from things. I think for reintro I have to keep cooking (are you kidding me?) to make sure I'm only adding in single servings. The program has ruined my "grab a salad at TJ's) because they have sugar, come on folks. I don't know what sugar does to me but I know it makes me gain weight. I really thought there would be a difference giving up cream and sugar in coffee. I'm supposed to give up coffee and eggs on the next go round...but just not ready to jump into that. I'm hoping I can just keep eating like this and start toning down my portions and getting to the gym...made it last night, wahoo.


alright...off to the showers, more later.


Rosita, let me know about your dairy. I may add in Parmesan cheese and see if I can manage that. It would so enhance my arugula salad and eggs...and brussels sprouts.


Deb-don't get mad, I bought frozen leeks (was so excited to see them at TJ's). should I eat them alone or add them to my ground chicken cruciferous stirfry?


I will post on our old blog. Don't you love that it says "HOT" next to our forum?


Hey Roseann, Higs, Laurie, Sadie and all Dirty 30's   WE DID IT...maybe not perfectly, but as a team. WE ROCK.



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CC that is a fantastic success story!!! Congrats on the weight loss and those huge shifts in thinking and relationship with food. Wow!


Rose - awesome pics, what cuties, all of you, and SO curious to know how dairy goes for you! 


Dave, also terrific pics. You are a mack daddy. I'll take the Kodiak brother  :P  

And you're so creative - love the boats and the swans! 


Miki we were cross posting! Frozen is better than none! Definitely don't eat the leeks by themselves, in the stirfry sounds good. Treat them like onions and sautee them til they are translucent and soft. They like salt, lemon juice and herbs and they are very friendly with shallots. 


Per Dave and Rose I'm going to head back to 6/9 and do a couple of photo posts to push us toward 1000! We're so close! 

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For all of you who like to shake your butts (great way to lose weight) and like the Reggae sound....my new favorite song is by a group called "Magic" and the name of the song is "Rude". It's a song about a guy asking his future father-in-law for the daughters hand in marriage. Check it out......feel free to shake your booty....and relax. 



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This is a picture of "naked GI Joe" ! He is a personal friend of mine and has been instrumental in making my wonderful sister-in-law laugh as she progressed thru breast cancer surgeries and treatments. He is kind of like "flat Stanley" if you are familiar with him. Naked GI Joe pops up in all kinds of weird places, gets a photo and then it gets posted online. Oh...the places he has been.




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I'm curious to know how everyone did today on the reintro?


Ask Rick how long it took him to find the LARGEST WINE GLASS WE OWN  :D


Tonight Rick made seared yellowfin tuna and purple cauliflower rice with unsweetened coconut. Weird, but true. It was pretty tasty!


(I don't think I ever shared that Rick was a sous chef in an upscale restaurant as a young man. I am VERY grateful for his culinary skills!!)


I said, "Rick we have to take a picture to show Deb!" We chat about all of you like we're all BFFs!


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@ CC I said, "Rick we have to take a picture to show Deb!" We chat about all of you like we're all BFFs!


I LOVE THIS! that looks amazing CC and Rick! It is so fun that you have each other to share with!! I

I am super jealous as today there was nothing for me to eat at lunch, I'm surviving on fruit and own snacks til dinnertime WATCHING PEOPLE MAKE COOKIES! Dinner though is salmon on a green salad - could be worse!!! 


Meadow, love your minutemen statement. 

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"I drink good coffee every morning....comes from a place that's far away....and when I'm done I feel like, talking...without you, there is less to say." Colin Hay

Frohliche Morgens,

Day blah blah doesn't matter anymore....

So I did the dairy-do, was fairly meh about the whole thing. No moment of bliss as something milky shuddered on my tongue, and no real reprisals so far, apart from a slight energy slump this morning that could as easily be caused by the tiny viking waking up a couple of times last night to shout forlornly for company (he yells until you come and pat his head and then goes back to sleep. In other words he is satisfied only once you have dragged your ass out of bed). Just the same, I don't think I'll bother to get on the milk float too often. Its not a particularly delicious food for me and I have environmental concerns about the overproduction of milk for human consumption *puts on stern face*. Cheese occasionally, and not worrying if somebody dollops some yoghurt or cream on food they serve me, think that's my attitude to dairy going forward.

On the other hand, my paleo dessert of peach and blueberry crisp with banana coconut milk ice cream...well that has pointed up some things I need to be wary of. Such as second portions when I am definitely not hungry anymore, just for the mouthfeel of something sweet and smooth. CC and Miki, I am starting a chapter of sugarholics anonymous, with a total lack of anonymity since we all know each other pretty well. If you care to join, there are hats you will be required to wear (mine is a doughnut in honor of my OH's sensitivity) and we have a theme song that we must solemnly intone at each meeting (She's my Cherry Pie). I don't know if I will ever be able to have a detached relationship with sugar, its my personal bad boyfriend, the one who never stops being kind of attractive no matter how mean it treats you. This tells me that yes, I do need to do another round in August. This time without fruit and cocoa nibs to prop up that sugar dragon. I realise I have been letting my dragon drive, and I suspect he is drunk much of the time. This is irresponsible of me and also kind of crazy, because surely a dipsomaniac dragon on the road is a danger to all in the vicinity?


According to my clothes, I have lost about a dress size worth of belly chunk. Added to that the lack of applause from my thighs and no flapping underarm for chicken impressions and I'd say 10 pounds or so. This is nice, but not as nice as how good my skin looks or how much more I can achieve in a HIIT workout without feeling like somebody ran me over with a steamroller. Most important of all has been the difference in my moods. I do not fluctuate with the wind or the time of day anymore. I am pretty level and my kids are so much happier as a result. There is an ad over here for a vacation company where the Dad begins the holiday as an ogre and gradually becomes human throughout until he dives, fully-manned up, into the ocean at the end. This is how I feel. Apart from becoming a man, I don't feel like that. Opposite of that.


Also, Higs? I don't get my daily headache anymore either. Isn't it weird how much we normalise these regular discomforts to the point where you only notice it in absentia...


Walked to the movies with my kids yesterday and brought a bag of "treats" with us- prunes, cashews and wafers- kids loved snacks and movie and it cost me very little both in money and stress. This is the way of the future. My 4-year-old is very busy labelling everything in his life either healthy or unhealthy at the moment, which is both funny and a tad disturbing. They pay very close attention to what we do and are clearer on our intentions than I think we are much of the time. Its quite hilarious to hear someone declare chalk quite unhealthy though. In fact little boy, chalk is calcium, and not at all bad if you're hankering for a really revolting snack.


I was thinking about posting on success stories, but I don't feel like I'm finished and I feel as though success is a process I am still inside. Higs, you still considering another round after your vacation? 


That's enough babbling. It is so cool that everybody got on board to push our old thread over the hill. I too love it that our threads always have the HOT label. Damn straight.


Here's a few pix, first one is a candid of the pirate cat, second one is me a year ago on vacation with a rather sizeable pair of hams, and third is this morning after my post-workout shower. L8r dudes.




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I started re-intros (for the short term anyway). I was really hesitant when it came to the crunch, which surprised me. I had youghurt at breakfast, it was something I though I would miss, but certainly not rushing to have it again soon. I had Parmasean cheese in my salad, it was a tasty addition but I can also live without it. And am soon to have a small scoop of ice cream. As for side effects nothing obvious, though I have been hungry (which is probably the cold weather).

Actually feeling good to be going back to the next 2 days on Whole30. Mind you work colleagues thought I was crazy when I knocked back the opportunity for hot chocolate and muffins knowing that my 30 days were up.

Rose congrats on the great results. I might have to join your sugar anon group as I am a certain addict. The idea of a future without it scares me. Jube type lollies like jelly babies make me happy in a very bad way :(

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Okay ice cream down. While I was eating it, it was a wow moment, delicious, maybe I should keep going? Fortunately, I did not go back for 2nds, but could see how I could so easily jump back on the bad band wagon. Afterwards I felt bad, not physically, but mentally. Made me realise how much I hope I can maintain a mostly healthy approach to eating (with just the odd treat).

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They heywhohaa - you are wasting away to nothing. Congrats on your successes! I think your sugar club song should be (this goes back a ways) Honey by the Archies. The lyrics were: Honey, ahh sugar, sugar, you are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you! I think its perfect for your group.

Cara - I had a piece of birthday cake last night! I gained all my weight back and went back immediately to my biggest pant size................at least that was the dream I had last night! The cake part was real...and it tasted good, but I felt kind of gross and disappointed afterwards. I got up this morning and started my eating routine as if my W30 has never really ended. I'm happy about that.


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Rose, you look fantastic! Of course I am a sucker for the pirate cat. 

I would like to join your SA meetings because I'm Deb and I'm a sugarholic. 

In the absence of nuts (which I cut for this W30 and am staying off for a bit) I feel like I rely on fruit for desperate moments where convenience and social acceptability is needed as well as a blood sugar boost. I think Dave once suggested I carry pork bbq around in my shoes, which was a good idea.


Rose and Cara, so interesting on the re intro stuff. Rose that dessert, oy, I would eat 5 helpings. 



I don't have a scale but the last time I was weighed, I was about 180 lbs. I'm pretty sure I'm still up there. 

My goal is to hover between 140 and 150, which is where I've lived for many a year. 

When I was sick for the first time, I got down to 117 !!! It was completely insane to reveal that body to myself. I had a gap between my thighs that had never before been seen. But it took 4 months of not being able to keep anything own - pure starvation  - to get to that point so I know its not my happy place. After that I rocketed at speed up to 180 over the next 12 months, despite eating gluten, dairy free and otherwise healthy. The thinnest in my life and the largest within a year. That's a lotta clothes!! And some journey. Anyone need any size 8s?! B)    I'm working hard to figure out the puzzle of why my body wants to hold onto this extra padding.  Its a riddle, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a puzzle!

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I was having withdrawal this morning with no forums!  It was nice to hop back on and finish up the 1000+ posts in our original forum.


I love reading everyone's success stories, and living vicariously through the reintros.


Regarding the SA meetings, I'm in. While that has not been as much of an issue for me on Whole 30 (I really didn't feel like I was missing much, and fruit now tastes SO SWEET) I know I could be back at it in a minute. Deb, I've been thinking of you in baking land this week.  

I think my big problem is when someone else is eating it, and I feel like I can't. Perhaps a throw back to my childhood - I just don't want to be left out!


I didn't talk a lot about the Whole 30 while I was on it, but now that I had some success with it I've become an evangelist. I think a couple of friends will give it a try. Too bad they will never have the crackerjack group we have here!


The munchkins are wearing Rick and I out - I have to admit it.  They have been with us all week, and there is just not enough entertainment under the sun to keep them busy.  Back to their mom's tomorrow and for the next week, and then all 5 of us will head to my parents for a few days.


This morning for breakfast Rick made pork chops with Alton Brown's Perfect Guacamole!! AND IT WAS!


Happy Days!

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