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I can't believe I am actually writing this post. When I started my first Whole 30 on July 1, I was hoping I might make it through the first week, but I wasn't sure. Well, this past Monday, October 8, I completed my 100th day of the Whole 30 program, and my life is forever changed.

For years I'd been struggling with inflammation related illnesses, sinus infections, IBS-C, allergies, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, bingeing, eating disorders, and hypthyroidism. I lost my thyroid to cancer in 1991, and as I get older it has become increasingly difficult to maintain wellness and keep my thyroid levels stable. My weight was up, my energy was down- I was a hot mess.

In January I began working with a personal trainer one day a week. She told me losing weight and getting in shape was 80% diet. I smiled and nodded, certain that rule didn't apply to me. For years I could eat Peppermint Patties for dinner and still drop lbs. Clearly she was not aware of my ability to lose weight easily - just as soon as I mastered this exercise thing.

Over the next few months I struggled through my workouts. I was dizzy, nauseous, and felt like I would pass out all the time. I never lost an ounce, no matter how many Lean Cuisine entrees I ate.

Finally my trainer talked to me about giving up sugar and starches. Say what? For the next few weeks I cried at my desk as I mourned the loss of pizza, muffins, and energy bars. The cravings were so bad that I would shake. My jaw would tingle, and my whole body just hurt. Thank God I still had my Diet Coke and coffee with 3 packs of Sweet n'Low to help me cope. I lasted a little over a month but gradually went back to my old ways.

Soon after, I was visiting friends who were involved in Cross Fit. They began telling me about this program where I could change my life in 30 days by changing the way I ate. "Whole What????? I don't think so."

As I listened to them rattle off a list of all the restrictions, I tossed another chocolate egg (it was Easter) into my mouth, crossed my arms, stamped my foot, and said "Hell NO!" There was NO WAY I would EVER give up artificial sweeteners, Diet Coke, or haf/half. It wasn't going to happen. After an hour or so they just gave up and left me alone to finish off the chocolate.

A few days later, after feeling dizzy (again) I decided to research this Whole 30 thing, and for some reason I pre-ordered the book. It arrived on June 26, and on July 1 I began the journey.

It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard. It took a lot of planning and preparation, and I had to cancel many social engagements just so I could stick to it.

The first week was rough. I felt weak and tired all the time. My workout session with my trainer (day 2) was pretty typical of the last few months. I was tired, I struggled, I was dizzy, and I couldn't wait to be done.

The following week's session (day 9) was interesting. I was still tired, and weak - so weak, but strangely enough, I did not experience any nausea or dizziness at all. Weird. Oh, I wanted to die, but I certainly didn't feel like I would pass out.

Day 16 was magical. I made it through my most challenging workout since January, strong and full of energy. I had just as much energy at the end of my session as I did at the beginning. Plus I could tell I lost some weight, and my skin looked better. People also started noticing that I just seemed happier. And the best part - the program was starting to get easier. The cravings were not so strong and my head felt clear for the first time in years. I decided to push through and do a Whole 45.

As the weeks past, I began to feel so much better, and wanted to continue the program. There were just too many health issues that needed more than 30 days to heal. Soon a Whole 45 became a Whole 60, then a Whole 75, and then finally I challenged myself to go all the way to 100 days. By this time, it was part of my life, and eating this way had become second nature.

I definitely noticed a lot of changes in the first 30 days, but it wasn't until I hit day 65, that I really began to see huge changes. By the time I hit day 100, I knew I wanted to eat like this forever.

What has changed for me:

  • Depression has lifted
  • No more bingeing
  • No cravings - except for avocados. I LOVE them now.
  • My disordered way of eating and obsessing about food is gone
  • Food is just food - it does not control me
  • Years of neck pain - GONE!
  • Cholesterol dropped more than 36 points
  • Moods even and stable
  • Headaches and overall achiness - GONE!
  • My skin looks great - no more dark circles under my eyes
  • I feel stronger and healthier than I've ever been
  • More energy than when I was a kid
  • I smile more
  • I've lost 10 lbs
  • I've lost inches and really leaned out
  • My eating has become consistent - I eat more when I'm hungry, less when I'm not. No big deal
  • My sinus inflammation is better
  • My allergies are better
  • I sleep better.....I actually sleep
  • Slow and steady is the way to go - no more crash diets for me
  • I feel good about myself in a way I haven't in all my 45 years

I still have a few digestive issues to work on, but I am slowly seeing some improvement. That will take some time.

This week I added a tiny bit of grass-fed creme into my coffee, but that's the only change I've made. I plan to continue eating like this at least 95% of the time.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Dallas and Melissa for creating this amazing program. If it wasn't for you and Whole 30, I would be in such a bad place right now. You have helped me change my life in so many ways and I will always be grateful.

To anyone struggling, keep going. The results may take some time but they are worth it.


Lisa Rehm

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Wow! Thanks everyone for your support and kind words. I never posted while I was doing the program, but I read the forums a lot. I found inspiration from every post I read: the success stories, the struggles, the re-starts, etc, all helped me to stay focused. I also have a trainer that told me she would hurt me if I cheated,lol (all said with love).

It took me a long time to slay my sugar dragon, and my carb addiction, and it's still something I deal with every day, but I hope that at some point I can eat a cupcake - one cupcake - without going crazy. Not now, but maybe someday.

Good luck to all of you and have a wonderful weekend.


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LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. That is how much I love your story of persistance, and realism, and dedication to your own health. I want this story for our front page - please consider letting us use this (and your name or initials, and a few photos?) as a testimonial to what can happen with patience, self-kindness, and the right path.

Thank you for sharing this with us! You should be immensely proud of yourself - we are proud of you! Please email me at [email protected] if it's okay for us to share this story with our readers.



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LRM ~ I know I'm finding this late but I just wanted to say that seeing you comment that 30 days was great but it wasn't until 65 that you noticed another big push of reward.........that is great!


I'm on Day 43 of a Whole100 and have been feeling like whatever magic I got came in the first 30 days and the rest of the 100 is just going to be redundant.  But reading that you had more magic in later stages reinforces my belief that I picked 100 days for a reason and I will go through all 100 of them.


Hope things are still great for you almost 2 years later!

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