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I am planning on starting my 30 days on February 1st (right after my bday) and I've been researching and preparing for these 30 days and have been going through the book "It Starts with Food" and ordered the cookbook.  I am excited but also very nervous for these 30 days!  One huge concern that has come up while researching what I can and can't have I realized I can no longer take my Vitamin D gummy vitamins.  I struggle with anxiety (one of the reasons for this is my binge/comfort eating) and one of the ways that I am able to help my anxiety is through taking Vitamin D every day.  It took awhile to find the right Vitamin D and now that I have found it I am beyond nervous that I have to let it go for the 30 days.  So, I am asking for any advice on what a good whole30 approved Vitamin D I could get?  It's important that I stay on vitamin D especially since I know in the beginning of the 30 days there is a very high chance my anxiety is going to rise tremendously!  So... any advice or suggestions would be wonderful!  Thank you!

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I can't have those fortified gummy bears around my house.  I have been known to eat handfuls of them.  There has to be a compliant Vita D out there that you can sub.  

Click on the bright blue links below, there are many more but here's a handful for you to read.


Vitamin D Recommendation - Supplements - Whole30

1) Is there a brand recommendation / type of Vit D that I need to look for? It's important that is Whole30 compliant, as I have intolerances to ...
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Also, doctors orders trump whole 30, so if this is how you and your doctor are treating your issues, it's fine. We're not medical professionals around here. What is the non compliant ingredient? In general, something like sugar is less disruptive to your gut. Something like soy potentially more so. I think you would still get a lot out of the program even with your current vitamin.

Good luck and have fun. We are rooting for you.

I believe the now foods brand has some of the least disruptive ingredients: https://www.nowfoods.com/supplements/vitamin-d-3-1000-iu-softgels


(In case you're wondering about the glycerin, read the whole thread: 


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