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Day 18, and I feel like crap

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I'm normally a happy person, so this dragging sadness is tough to take.



Ok, so to begin with, I've been experiencing fatigue, low energy and depression and anxiety for the last year. Not all the time, but about one -four days a month. I have a busy job, a busy life and I teach yoga on the side.


I did Virgin diet 21 days, (a lot like whole 30 but beans and rice added) and then 10 days of "Easter" eating candy, chocolate, wine along with the virgin diet ;)


I'm doing Whole30 and while I do feel

thinner, pants are looser

muscles more prominent

sleep better

skin may be better

less bloating

brain fog gone


I recognize anxiety for what it is, instead of getting caught up in it. (in fact just figured out what it was)



But.. Where is my energy? I could go home right now and sleep all night. I am working hard to make sure I'm in bed by 9 lights out 10ish. and get 8 hours of sleep no matter what, (if my job keeps me out til 12, I stay in bed 8 hours)


and I hate people, (well they deserve it. ;)


I'm wondering if thyroid. And if so, isn't whole30 supposed to help with that?

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Hi Coffee and Shoes (love your name BTW)


Are you able to post a couple of days meals here so people here might be able to to help you trouble shoot.  Tiredness and fatigue are usually common problems if you are low carbing too much.


Also how close are these days to your period?  The tiredness, anxiety *could be* hormone related. Not saying that it is but it could be.

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It is worth getting your thyroid levels checked for sure. I have been on thyroid meds for over 5 years and in that time have done much reading. I believe hormones affect many, many things in the body and mood is for sure affected when I tamper with my medication. Google thyroid and depression  or thyroid and anxiety and you will find lots of interesting reading.

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I am sorry it took so long to reply, my home computer crashed, and too hard to type on my phone.


this is my fourth or fifth whole 30 and I am usually text book but not this time.


Typical days meals

coffee- two cups half calf and coconut milk


b- three eggs, cooked with greens and a piece of fruit or this pumpkin dish I make with almonds, pumpkin and eggs (try to eat by 8 am)


l- meat and veggies. (usually left over from dinner) sometimes a piece of fruit if the veggies are all low carb


d-meat, and veggies, something like stirfry, or roasted chicken or steak, etc  and I try to do something like squash or sweet potato or pumpkin.


I was only day 16 math was an issue too apparently.

it lasted about three days.


I ate an entire huge sweet potato for dinner, (I usually eat half sweet potato or a palm's worth) and  lot of ground beef


and I am working really hard to get to bed and sleep 8 hours.

I also take bath right before bed and don't get up even if I wake up earlier than 8 hours.
I tell myself "wake yourself gently" right when I first wake up so I don't run around like "I'm late I'm late" and do meditation or read for a bit


I went through KILL ALL THE PEOPLE again too. So maybe it's just how it is this time.


today is 22 I think and I"ve only been "happy" a couple times. and I am usually a happy person


yesterday I craved peanut butter and maple syrup (I wanted a spoon of one and to just drink the other out of the bottle) GROSS


Instead I had tuna, homemade mayo, eggs and apple, it filled the fat and sweet need. (it was dinner time)


And yes I've read tons on thyroid and anxiety etc, and that is what made me think it might be me and hormones. Like adrenal or something. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and not sure if she will do thyroid panel. But I will ask.

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Okay craving peanut butter and drinking maple syrup - I get this specific craving too.  I usually take this as needing more fat, and more starchies (although I see by your log that you eating them regularly) So I have been known to go to town on a jar of coconut butter when this happens  :ph34r:


I wish I had more for you right now.  Keep us posted.

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Well, I got done with my whole30 and weighed myself, and didn't lose any weight nor do my "after" pics look better. Two weeks later, and I've gained 4 lbs, without dramatically changing my diet, all despite training for a 5K mud run the whole time and completing it a couple days ago. (I'm defintiely not overtraining though, since I'm just too tired to work out every day). 


It's beyond frustrating.


I am still feeling sluggish, and before the whole30, I practiced intermittent fasting when there was nothing good to eat or I was too busy; now I can't fast at all. When I get hungry I HAVE to eat immediately, which is a side effect I am hating. I just got a letter from my doctor saying that she is retiring from her practice, but I plan to make an appointment with the doctor replacing her to check my thyroid and glucose. I really hope I can find answers! @coffeeandshoes, have you got your results back?


Did you keep a log for your Whole30? If not could you give us an idea of what you were eating/what you are eating now. Stress levels, sleep, activity levels, and water are also good things to include.

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I was a heavy coffee and cream drinker.  I was very exhausted the first week.   My adrenal glands were beat from too much caffeine.

I slept for 12 hours several nights in a row.


My pulse is no longer racing and I'm waking up with energy.  Coffee detox takes awhile.

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So it turns out that I had a very large (22cm), noncancerous tumor (benign uterine fibroid) growing in my abdomen. it was fed by two blood supplies and weighed 3 lbs. I had that removed in October, and am still anemic from losing about 1/5th of my total blood supply during surgery. 


HOLY CRAP!  Glad to hear that you had it located and removed!!

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