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 And when I say comfort I don't mean I took a nose dive into a tub of Ben & Jerrys.... 


It's funny that it so often works that way isn't it?  Do you think it comes from early childhood and food being used as a reward?

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It's funny that it so often works that way isn't it?  Do you think it comes from early childhood and food being used as a reward?


Ever remember your mum saying '...now eat up all your dinner & you can have some ice cream...'...?

Good behaviour = sweet reward = feel good = brain learns that sweets make you feel good (comforting)


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Well I'd my curry for lunch - and that went down a little better than last time - thanks quite probably to Carla's lemon suggestion as I was reluctant to add more coconut milk/cream just in case that was the culprit last time.

For dinner we had colcannon (basically a creamy/buttery mash with kale & scallions). The boys had theirs with sausages, and I'd mine with thick sliced back bacon - which is probably more akin to your pork loin - both from the Farm Shop just around the corner. Oh, and I had some green tea in keeping with the spirit of the day  ;)  :D 

In other news I've just booked tickets to go see the ProdiJIG (video above) with my BFF in Cork in July!! Whoop Whoop!! (She has a milestone Birthday the following weekend so it's a bit of a celebration...)  B)

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Sure it's great to be  off mid-week for St Patrick's Day, but it results in you cramming all of Thursday's work into Friday, along with Friday's work...  :wacko: 

And then last night was training, followed by Booch bottling & re-brewing, followed by Study so I was well and truly ready for my bed by the time I got there.

But this last batch of Booch? From the rooibos tea in the continuous brew jar....?? Brewed by Hogan et al...???

By George, I think I've got it!!


That is all  :D

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Booch bottling & re-brewing.


Stay thirsty, my friend. Bear wants to know about that KGold Butter.   Is there really enough grass in Ireland to feed all of those cows to make all of that butter that's shipped all over the world.   How can it be.   He wants to know.


We use it.  Heck-a-toot, yes.  It's the best in the West. Once you go KGold, you'll never go back. It doesn't cause any problems around our outfit. I'm taking care of my folkaronies in a really big way now. I add KGold to their dishes.  They need it.  It ain't easy, jmcbn.  :( 


I want to thank you for being my friend all of these months.  Thanks for being so warm and cordial and human. Thanks for being kind but you're Irish.  They're all kind in Ireland.  You kind is the best kind.


A human with a big enough heart for your folkaronies and everyone here.  You are the hostess with the mostess.  Ain't no sunshine when you're gone.  So come back and visit.


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Thank you  :) 

And yes, we've enough green fields here to provide that awesome buttery goodness to the world over...... Never mind 50 shades of grey, we have 50 shades of green here, and counting!!

Talking of green, I was taking a break from the computer screen yesterday and supporting our boys in green in the Six Nations Rugby tournament. We have had some poor form this season and so had to settle for 3rd place, but our boys still did us proud. SO much sporting talent from such a small island. And what a day it was too - time spent with good friends, enjoying good food & good company (craic) really is good for the soul, and exactly what I needed at the end of a rather manic week.

Back to the grind tomorrow - just 5 days to put in until I finish for Easter for a week and take a little road trip with my parents & my boys.

And back to food trials too - but more on that later, for now I've got a hot date with a steam iron.....  ;)

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Watching someone iron clothes is soooo relaxing. I have a relative who still irons her sheets. It's like therapy, ironing.  

She irons everything.  Me?  I like warm clothes out of the dryer.  My dog loves to jump in the middle of them. We have fun. Get back to those food trials.  Tell all.  We like hearing about everything.  It's the way we roll. Have a lovely Sunday.  I'm headed back over to the Ponderosa. 


Dog Wash.



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Thank you - I figure a lot of us have issues with FODMAPs so hopefully my log will help others see that it doesn't necessarily mean they're gone for good - and that we CAN survive without them!! Sure, it might mean stepping out of our comfort zone, but that's when we do most of our growing.... 

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Avocado and I broke up at the end of July last year.

I remember it like it was yesterday... We'd just come back from a two week vacation where we'd lived in each others pockets, and a vacation can make or break a relationship as we all know. So, yeah, avocado just wasn't making me feel the way he once did. The magic was gone, replaced only by pain. I wasn't sure if it was him or me, but I knew it was over. I knew he had to go.

Almost eight months have passed. There's been a lot of water under the bridge since then. I've moved on. Gotten closer to olives and home-made mayo. And although I'm forever telling my friends '...don't look back, you're not going in that direction...' it's maybe time to admit to myself that I'm still holding a little flame. I mean we don't have to jump straight back into the kind of relationship we had in the past... But we're both adults avocado and I - I'm thinking we could at least be friends...

So tonight I bit the bullet and invited avocado over for dinner. I was nervous - there's a lot of history between us, but it immediately felt natural - the chemistry obvious from the moment we sat at the table. But now with dinner behind us, the dishes done, and avocado out of sight I'm left feeling not quite my best - and I'm wondering (as I'm sat here somewhat inflated) if maybe, as much as we'd like to deny it, that people just don't really ever change....


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So, the morning after the night before Avocado and I got it on again....

And I hate to say this but I think Avocado and I might be so over we need a new word for over......  <_< 

Today should have been a quiet day at the office. A chance for me to get caught up on a shed-load of work that's been pushed to one side due to other priorities, and yes, that meant that my breakfast was interrupted on more than one occasion, resulting in me eating it in a number of sittings. Not ideal, but probably a fair enough way for my stomach to deal with the offending item, and yet, even when I did eventually finish the meal it felt like it was just so not worth it.

What is it I say to all my friends again? "Don't look back, you're not going in that direction..."? Yeah, well maybe I should heed my own advice.

Anyway, we're on a break. Again. A two day break. Plenty of time to re-evaluate what we both want from this relationship, then we'll touch base again one last time, and see where we want to take it from there.

In other news my boys went to their Dad's yesterday. I may not be married to the guy anymore, but unlike many divorced couples we are fortunate enough to still live in the same town, and have developed a really strong friendship. We're even more fortunate that most of his holidays coincide with theirs so he steps up to the mark and gives both sets of grandparents a break from the school runs when he can - and the boys a break from the early starts they'd be subjected to if they stayed with me during their holidays - and in turn it gives me a break too.

They're staying there until Thursday and this used to mean me pretty much moving myself into the gym - training morning & night, every day, then rushing home to get two sets of fresh gym gear ready for the next day along with a packed breakfast and lunch, a quick bite to eat for tea, a quick empty of the washing machine, and off to bed. Then I'd probably foolishly end up cramming in the chores when the boys got back home... Or selfishly maybe - I can see that for what it was now.

Through Whole9 I learned that happiness doesn't come from over-training, inner peace doesn't come from getting stressed, study doesn't get done when our minds are racing, friendships don't thrive when we put them on the back-burner. Over exertion of any kind results in stress of all kinds. Life should be about balance.

So this time I'm training each morning before work, leaving my evenings free to do those chores before the kids return, leaving me time to study a little, plan some outings for the weekend ahead, and to put together an itinerary for our road trip next week.

This time it's about order. And with order comes peace of mind.

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Avocado and I sat down together over lunch on Friday to see if there was any future in our relationship.

The short version is that Avocado and I want different things - one of them for me being a tummy that doesn't look six months pregnant - and so we have decided to go our separate ways. We were both in agreement that should the occasion arise where it might be worth it then a little reunion wouldn't be the worst thing in the world (no gastric distress, no stomach cramps, no gas, just substantial upper intestinal bloating which makes me uncomfortable particularly in business wear) however we have, as of Friday, consciously uncoupled and are free to seek company elsewhere.

Next up on the food trial front for me then are mushrooms  B) 

Another old favourite of mine, particularly at breakfast, mushrooms are another of the polyol group of FODMAPS, are high in selenium & potassium, and are the exception to the rule as far as plant foods not naturally containing vitamin D are concerned.

Mushrooms help strengthen the immune system and are currently being researched for their potential to decrease tumor growth in cancer patients. They are also a good source of B vitamins, including riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid, which help to provide energy by breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Mushrooms are also high in beta-glucans which are shown to have marked immunity-stimulating effects, contribute to resistance against allergies, and may also be involved in the physiological processes related to the metabolism of fats and sugars in the body. The beta-glucans contained in oyster, shiitake and split gill mushrooms are considered to be the most effective.

Mushrooms are also on the breakfast menu of the Hotel I'm headed to for a few days with my boys & my folks later this week  ;)  :P

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There can be little gain without some loss. Little redemption without forgiveness.  You're making headway all the way around.

May those mushrooms be kind to you.  One day, FODMAP healing will be yours. Your dedication and conviction..inspiring. But you had me at Hello, a long, long time ago. Have an extra special trip with your folkaronies.

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I've just been gathering together some food supplies to pack in the car before heading out bowling with my boys this afternoon.

We're staying in a hotel that we've been to before and whilst I'm not currently on a Whole30 I do eat Whole30esque pretty much all of the time. Breakfast is easy enough to navigate - fried or poached eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms etc. I'm confident enough at navigating the menu pretty much anywhere we'll go to eat in the evening, and lunches are generally a picnic - eaten outdoors preferably, or in the car if need be, depending on what we're up to that day and the Irish weather - which isn't looking too promising right now...  :rolleyes: 

If we're going self catering I generally take enough food with me to fill the fridge wherever we're staying, giving me enough time to source local supplies, but because we're staying in a hotel we'll have no access to a fridge so this time I will be packing:

A few hard boiled eggs for protein at lunch on day one (we're stopping off en route)
Tinned fish for protein on other days

x1 large cucumber which will do for day 1 & 2

HUGE jar of dill pickles for the latter days

A few tubs of cherry tomatoes
Iceberg lettuce (I've found it's hardier than other types)
A few bell peppers
A sharp pairing knife & lightweight chopping board & tupperware
Pouches of olives (handy to have to add to dinner when eating out as an extra fat source - in my experience it's the fat that tends to be what is missing from the template when dining out - as well as using at lunch)

Extra virgin olive oil

95% cocoa dark chocolate (I'm on my holidays and may or may not indulge - I don't eat this daily - but my mum LOVES this)
Rooibos & Caffeine free Green Tea for the room - the Hotel generally provides black tea & instant coffee, neither of which I drink
Bottled water


And not a larbar in sight.................  ;) 

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Well, the sun came out so we binned the bowling in favour of a long walk along the coastal path, and then of course the sun quickly disappeared....  :rolleyes: 

We had hail stones, strong winds, sunshine, showers, rainbows, boats, birds, ships & random chit chat as we walked up and down the hills, and explored the rock pools - it was invigorating, exhilarating, and just what the Doctor ordered.

Now we're all packed & just about to watch a movie before heading to bed early for our early start in the morning.

Days like this make me truly appreciate the country I live in where I'm rarely more than 5 minutes from the coast, and where the views are never the same from one day to the next - and at times even from one hour to the next...






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Thanks LadyM - more pics to come when I get back from this trip! I LOVE this little island, so always happy to share.....

Ok, so Mushrooms.

Last night we ate in the Hotel. We had a fairly early start to our day, we stopped off at a couple of places en route to our destination, we checked in, went out exploring & didn't feel much like venturing too far in the evening.... I DID however manage to get in my first serving of mushrooms with dinner in the form of steak (rare of course!) with sauteed mushrooms, served with potato wedges and peppercorn sauce. Yum!!

To be honest I was kind of caught up in holiday mode, was playing '20 Questions' with my boys/folks over dinner, enjoying the ambience & didn't pay much attention to any potential symptoms/reactions but I certainly wasn't in any noticeable digestive distress, and I slept well so I chalked round 1 up as a success.

Round 2 took place this morning at breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon, sauteed mushrooms & grilled tomatoes, all washed down with a mug of green tea. Around 2hrs later I noticed some lower intestinal discomfort which took about 2hrs to subside... Nothing drastic, no bloat, but discomfort nonetheless...  <_< 

I'll take a day off from the shrooms tomorrow (they have smoked kippers & poached eggs on the menu so I'm giving that a go for sure!) & then repeat on Friday to see how we go.

In other news I brought some Booch with me to drink in the mornings and the Hotel room was SO hot last night that when I opened my bottle this morning it was like cracking open a bottle of champagne!!! I popped the other bottle I've brought just to release any excess carbonation because, frankly I could do without paying for the cleaning charges that might be accrued as a result of exploding Booch!!

In other other news we have had the most amazing day today visiting two megalithic passage/burial tombs, one of which is the largest example of it's kind in Europe, and both of which are at least 400yrs older than the Egyptian pyramids. We were able to enter the chamber of the second tomb and see how the light enters the chamber on the Winter Solstice to create a path of light which it was believed carried the spirits of the dead to the afterlife.

We also visited the site & visitor centre of probably the most important Battle to take place in Ireland - the Battle of the Boyne.

I love that the history of our wee country is so rich and varied, and that my boys have the opportunity to learn so much about their heritage first hand.

Today has been a good day  :wub: 

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I remember last year's cleaning episode.  :D Tell all.  Sharing your heritage and homeland is delightful. 


W30 & WD40 - who knew?!  :blink: 

Funnily enough my folks mentioned it today.........  :D  :ph34r:

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