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  1. Thinking of you all @MeadowLily - drive safe & take care............................
  2. Hey there & welcome to the Forum! So the two things I've highlighted won't be helping. Eating breakfast within an hour of wakening helps to regulate the hormones - these hormones are linked to appetite and if they are out of whack they can and do mess with satiety signals, hunger signals & of course cravings. Eating fruit on it's own can keep the sugar dragon alive. Even naturally occurring sugars feed those cravings and encourage them to continue. Yes nuts are a fat source, and fat usually slows down absrption of nutrients which *should* help with the impact of the sugar on the system, but nuts are also pretty carb dense, and are also tough to absorb so the sugar does it's damage regardless. On top of that there a thing called an 'Extinction Burst'. This is basically the brain's last ditch effort to get you to cave in and give it that quick fix of dopamine it knows it will get from sugar. Your brain is fighting with you & trying to trick you into returning to old habits. Stay strong. It will really help if your meals are composed as per the template - with adequate protein, lots of veg, and a serving of fat.. On the subject of fat; fat is pleasureable to the brain. It provides the same kind of high as the chemical high you get from sugar, but without the pain. So if a craving strikes that you're struggling to get past with a distraction technique then reach for some fat. Nothing else will work like fat will. Fat is your friend
  3. Did you get the headaches even on the days you had sweet potato? Headaches when eating white potatoes is a fairly common symptom of night-shade sensitivity..... Were you regularly eating other night shades like peppers & tomatoes without issue? If you were eating starchy veg in at least one meal per day it's unlikely you were too low carb.
  4. Sorry, but these are out for your Whole30. Compliant bars of ANY kind are approved for emergency use only, and a coffee/chocolate hit is NOT an emergency. In fact you're not doing yourself any favours giving in to those sort of cravings as this is about changing your relationship with food. Recreating baked goods even with complaint ingredients is also specifically called out in the rules. These bars are LOADED with nuts which are recommended to be eaten in moderation as they are notoriously hard on the digestive system. They are also high in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids, and packed with sugar, albeit naturally occurring. Medjool dates have around 70g of sugar per 100g - and anything over 20g would be considered high. And here's the official stance on cacao: Cacao (100%): Yes Cacao (or 100% cocoa) is great when used as a savory spice (our Mocha Steak Rub, found in It Starts With Food, is a great example), but you can also feel free to add it to your coffee or tea, or brew it Crio Bru-style. But per the rules of the program, it’s not okay to add cocoa to dates and other fruits to make chocolate-y confections. Honestly, keep them for after your Whole30.
  5. I'm not Sugarcube, but it's all done
  6. Smoothies are very much discouraged (see below for the official stance on them). They tend to be fruit heavy (often containing more fruit than you'd actually eat in one sitting), and are processed by the body much faster than if you'd eaten the fruit which can skew satiety signals. Fruit should also never push the veg off of your plate. If you want fruit (& many people choose to limit it to help fight the sugar dragon) we'd much rather you eat it whole. Bacon is a fat for Whole30 purposes, so if you're having eggs as your only protein source you'd want as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand without breaking - 3 is generally a good starting point - then you'd add your fat & veg alongside. The meal template is a guideline and if you're finding yourself hungry, or particularly active, then it's perfectly okay to eat more. Smoothies: We’d rather you didn’t This is a very popular question, with a very unpopular answer. Smoothies (generally made using lots of fruit) are technically compliant on your Whole30, but we strongly recommend against it. Food that you drink sends different satiety signals to your brain than food that you chew. So when you drink your meal, your brain isn’t getting the feedback it needs to tell your body that it’s had enough of what it needs. Plus, smoothies are generally really fruit-heavy, and starting your day off with a liquid sugar-bomb sets you up for cravings, hunger, and volatile energy levels throughout the day. In summary, we’d rather you just eat the food, and skip the smoothie. Hope this helps!
  7. What sort of volume are you eating? You could stick to just a lean protein eaten AS SOON AS you're done. That should still allow some room for dinner. The HiiT (depending on intensity) & Hot Yoga days you could probably do without, but I'd say you'd need the protein after weights (if they're heavy?) and Rock climbing... The fat in a regular template meal will slow down absorption of nutrients and could prevent muscle protein synthesis so otherwise you're denying your muscles the opportunity for growth & repair.
  8. So the first thing that jumps out at me is your preWo. By eating fruit you are providing your body with an immediate source of fuel to burn, meaning it doesn't need to burn fat. Aim for protein & fat, no carbs preWO. Other than that you are eating A LOT of starchy veg. Keep the starchy veg for postWO and/or meal 3 - that should be plenty given the protein & fat you are consuming. The fruit you're consuming postWO is preferentially replacing liver glycogen rather than muscle glycogen. Liver glycogen gets converted into fuel AFTER every other type of glucose in the body is used so it can get stored as fat. Also, you might want completely ditch the preWO since you're having breakfast & lunch anyways and opt for a postWO meal of a lean protein & optional starchy veg, followed up by dinner. So, basically cut back on fruit & starchy veg & replace with LOTS of greens. And don't underestimate the importance of rest Hope this helps.
  9. As I said in my initial post this is not a weight loss diet, and even Melissa herself would say that it's foolish to try & hack the Program in order to make it about weight loss. All I can do is offer to take a look at your meal composition to see if maybe there are some tweaks to be made there, so if you'd like to list out a few days worth of typical food intake along with activity levels etc.... Other things to consider: Are you drinking enough water? How is your sleep? How are your stress levels? Do you spend time outdoors? What I will say now though is that you are feeling great right now and there is so much more to you than the number on the scale. If competing is forcing you to unnecessarily deprive your body then I'd question if it's the right thing for you to do.
  10. I've been eating this way for a long, long time and I don't think I've lost a single pound ever, in fact I've probably gained - although my body fat is certainly lower. Perhaps your body is right where it wants to be - many people are of the opinion that they need to lose weight, but their body feels differently. What's important here (although you might not see it right now) is how you feel.... To quote your original post "...I had the same NSVs this past round and love how I feel while on whole 30..." How differently are you eating now to when you weren't on Whole30?
  11. It could well be your digestive system adjusting to the change in diet, but if you find it troublesome I'd say to go ahead & take an OTC anti-diarrhea med, and ensure you are staying hydrated. Can you give us a run down of what you've eaten since Sunday? Some people are overly sensitive to certain veg which can cause these kind of symptoms but without any detail it'd be hard to comment. I'm going to move this to the Trouble-shooting forum by the way as I think it'd be a better fit.....
  12. First off this is not a diet, and whilst some folk lose weight as a result of changing up their diet, many do not. Why you might have gained 1.8lbs could be down to many things - the time of the month, lack of sleep, sodium levels, inflammation for a food sensitivity.... All kinds of things. 1.8lbs is not a great deal of weight and your body will naturally fluctuate by more than a few pounds from day to day which is why it's foolish to be a slave to the scale. Given your name are you power lifting?
  13. This is made with 70% juice so I'm afraid it would be out as it's more of a sparkling juice than a sparkling water. Juice is fine for use in cooking, or for adding a dash to liven up some water, but not for drinking straight up like this.
  14. Make sure you're eating enough to feed that baby as well as yourself - x4 template meals or x3 and a decent snack or two... And you might want to sip on some coconut milk throughout the day and be sure to include plenty of starchy veg to keep up energy levels & milk supply. And water - lots & lots of water!
  15. No. Zoodles are not SWYPO. They are just a fancy way of cutting zucchini/courgettes. Work away.