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  1. Much of the western world is magnesium deficient as modern farming techniques deplete the magnesium from the soil so it certainly wouldn't do you any harm, and in fact it's one of the supplements I'd recommend that everyone take. Natural Calm Original is the most widely used on the forum, but there are other types available. If you'e going for a tablet go for magnesium citrate as it's more easily absorbed by the body. Flaxseed is just a type of a seed and is compliant, yes. It needs to be milled/ground in order to help with the bowel though as if eaten whole it will go straight through the digestive system unabsorbed and it's the oil within the seed that does the magic. A teaspoon in some water each day for a few days should do the trick... Hope this helps.
  2. <nods> Sorry, but yeah, not the best way to get fat in - and dates give quite the sugar hit too, so won't help with any cravings.... They're also high FODMAP along wit the nuts & very well known for causing digestive distress in all kinds of forms. Great that you figured it out, and sorry that nobody got back to you.... As an aside the coconut water is kind of like a light fruit juice & only recommended for those involved in endurance sports, or those whose work leaves them prone to dehydration.
  3. Have you got magnesium? A liquid form such as natural calm (original) should help thing move along fairly quickly... Also a teaspoon of ground flax-seeds in some water will help. How much water are you drinking per day? The recommendation is for a half ounce per pound of body weight, and again staying hydrated is key to healthy bowel movements. Looking at your meals you make no mention of fat at lunch or dinner - are you adding fat over & above what you are using to cook with?
  4. Are you drinking the recommended half an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily, salting your food, and including a serving of fat over and above what you're using to cook with at every meal?
  5. No. There is no Whole30 app. As has been said before the logistics of keeping such an app updated with EVERY product available out there in the US, never mind Worldwide would be impossible as food manufacturers change recipes often & according to costs, and formulas/recipes vary from month to month, and region to region, and more so from country to country according to food law. A big part of the process is learning to read food labels for yourself - and that way you are accountable to no-one, but yourself. There are a number of pdfs available for download listing sneaking sugars & common additives for example which will make this job easier for you, and allow you to take ownership of your own long term health.
  6. Be wary of foods recommended on sites not officially affiliated with Whole30 as many of the products/recipes are not compliant, or at the very least push the boundaries (banana ice cream, sweet potato waffles, n'oatmeal etc) - if in doubt come and ask here... Larabars are available in the US and Canada and are pretty much like nakd bars but with more flavours/varieties - again for emergency use only - they give quite a sugar kick! If you find you are needing to snack between meals due to your schedule then protein & fat are always going to be your best option - so something like hard boiled eggs work well, or chicken tenders & guacamole, meatballs & mayo.... that kind of thing. For portability the biltong/jerky is great but you could also use pouches of olives & tinned fish. Anything else you need just ask - or search the forum via Google (type in Whole30 + your query) as many of the questions you might have will have been asked before...
  7. The post direcctly above yours provides a link to compliant jerky in Ireland. Mayo is cheaper (& very quick/easy) to make yourself. (Try >this recipe/method<)I haven't seen a complaint one in the shops, but there are some available to order online, but the postage ake them fairly expensive. Fish sauce I just did without for 30 days and I've never found the need for coconut aminos. Normally I'd use the Blue Dragon fish sauce but it has sugar. Red Boat is compliant, but again postage will make it much pricier as I haven't found it locally. Although if you may be lucky enough, especially if you're in the South where kombucha, coconut aminos etc are much more widely available - try smaller specialist stores, rather than supermarkets. If you're in the North then try the likes of Sawers in Belfast, the Nutmeg, also Belfast, or any decent health food store. Protein bars are pretty much out for your 30 days. Most protein powders will have off plan ingredients so store bought are a no-no. There are some nakd bars about there that are compiiant, but for emergency use only, and if you can plan for an emergency you can plan to have real food. And making your own fat bombs, fruit/nut/protein bars etc fall under the SWYPO rule. Hope this helps.
  8. You laugh @Crastney but since my son was first diagnosed with multiple food allergies 10yrs or so ago, which is pretty much what piqued my interest in nutrition, I've pretty much memorised the Bristol Stool Chart!
  9. But as always please check the labels as ingredients can and do vary from month to month, region to region.......
  10. As ladyshanny has said above you'll have to check with Starbucks and see if you can read the ingredients on the box as it could be that the ingredients have changed - it happens with food manufacturers all the time, and ingredients can vary from region to region and from country to country according to food laws - plus this thread is 2yrs old - a lot can happen in two years.....
  11. This is most likely related to something you're eating that your body is struggling to process. If you'd like us to take a closer look please feel free to list out a few days worth of food and we can see if anything jumps out...
  12. Yup. I know corn, for me, is very problematic, and it certainly comes up higher on the common allergen lists than rice does so I'd be inclined to think corn might be your culprit. I'd go back to Whole30 for few days as per the guidelines & then give them separate reintro days just to be sure.
  13. I'm going to guess you're over 40 here as those home scales raise your BFP according to age before you even step on the scale. Try setting it so as you're 25 & see how much body fat you miraculously lose in seconds, which will show you just how unreliable they are! The best way of measuring your BFP is with a set of calipers, but you need to know exactly where to measure, then measure three times & take the average. It's a faff. Trust me. Go with your gut. How do your clothes feel? If you want to see progress in numbers take measurements of your chest, waist, hips, thigh & bicep, and then reassess in 4-6wks.
  14. Another thing to consider - are you eating a lot of dried fruit/nuts?
  15. Just remember that fruit is not recommended to be eaten on it's own as a snack, and feeding cravings even with natural sugars only serves to prolong them. If you're genuinely hungry & need a snack then make it a mini meal of at least two of the three food groups, with protein & fat always being your best option. Then reassess the size of your meals going forward...