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  1. Again, you've not really given specific info on veg. Raw veg can be problematic, as can cruciferous veg (cauliflower, broccoli, brussel srpouts, cabbage etc), if it's raw AND cruciferous then that's a double whammy.... then you've high FODMAP veg, some of which ALSO fall into the cruciferous category.... You definitely need to be adding more - and different - fats. The oil you use for cooking pretty much stays in the pan, or is divided out between meals. Nuts are fine when eaten in moderation, but they contain inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids, so when eaten in volume (more often than a closed handful every other day) they can be hard on the gut, which will lead to bloating. How about some home made mayo? Avocado? Ghee/clarified butter? Coconut milk? Compliant bacon...? Olives? there are LOTS of options... Fat provides energy so don't skimp on it! You haven't mentioned fruit at all in your breakdown above, and yet you said you snack on it throughout the day. Even the naturally occurring sugars in fruit will sap energy as they cause spikes & dips in blood sugar when eaten on their own. If you're eating more than the recommended 0-2 servings, and you're eating it on it's own then I'd definitely work on changing that. Also, if you DO have a leaky gut then those sugars will be wreaking havoc as they are often malabsorped... Hope this helps.
  2. I haven't read through ALL of the ingredients, but the bolded Contains Soy at bottom of the HUGE list tells me they're out. I'd just add that MANY of the other ingredients I quickly scrolled through are micronutrients found in abundance in whole foods....
  3. Ok, I've looked at your log and your meals look pretty good to me, although some sound a little low on fat - an 1/8th of an avocado? Was it HUGE??? Couple of things - your snacking could be knocked on the head by increasing the size of your meals - see previous comment about fat, and maybe add some additional protein as you seem fairly active. I think more food may also help with sleep, but I'd ask you to consider your stress levels due to your type of work (and maybe add in some decompression time - meditation? - at the end of each day), and then look at the sleep hygiene questions I asked above... There are LOTS of things you can do to improve sleep quality...
  4. I take a look at your food log in an hour so as I'm currently getting ready to go out, but how is your sleep hygiene - ie. do you shut down screens at least an hour before bed? Do you dim the lights in the house to mimic sunset? Is your bedroom cooler than the rest of the house? Is there any blue light or otherwise in your bedroom? Do you spend regular time outdoors - at least 15 mins (more when cloudy) - at the same time every day, preferably in the morning? Do you have a regular bed time & wake up time, even on weekends? Do you take a magnesium supplement, or other...? How many hours sleep are you getting each night? Do you limit consumption of liquids in the 2hrs or so before bed?
  5. What kind of supplements?? There are quite literally thousands of kinds out there............!! And maybe, just maybe, by eating whole foods you'll find you won't need any................
  6. Ok, so your breakfast definitely needs some tweaking. Breakfast sets the tone for the day and so if you don;t eat enough you end up playing nutritional catch up all day, and with the cumulative effect of this day in day out you'll really start to drag. If ANY meal should match the template it's breakfast - a serving of eggs when they are your only source of protein in a meal would be the number of whole eggs you can hold in one hand. Most females can manage 3-4 so you're short on protein for starters, and completely lacking in veg. Fruit when eaten first thing in the morning in the way you describe can have a negative impact on blood sugars, causing a spike followed by a dip, followed by hunger - which probably explains your need to snack. Pre & post WO meals are in addition to your three template meals. Depending on WHEN you work out you may be okay without the preWO, but don't skimp on the postWO, particularly if you are lifting weights or doing some high intensity training - your muscles need the protein for recovery & repair, and the fat in a template meal will slow down absorption of the nutrients preventing protein muscle synthesis. The bloating you're experienceing could be from a number of things. Nuts are notoriously hard on the digestive system so if the nut better is making a regular appearance along side actual nuts then bingo. Other culprits are too many raw veg, cruciferous veg, high FODMAP foods, too much fruit, and any combination of the afore-mentioned - but without knowing which specific veg you're eating other than the potatoes it's hard to comment further. How is your water intake? Are you drinking the recommended half an ounce per pound of body weight, daily? Remember too that this is a 30 day program and you are on day 4 - there is usually some adjustment period as your body gets used to this new way of eating - especially if it's dramatically different to how you ate before.... Hope this helps! ETA: Eat the whole egg!! The yolk is where the bulk of the nutrients are at...!!
  7. Feedback would be impossible without knowing what you've been eating & drinking so if you'd like to list out what you've eaten over the past 4 days that would be a good starting point... Are you including pre and/or postWO meals? How much water are you drinking? How many hrs sleep are you getting each night? What are your stress levels like? etc etc etc The more you tell us the more we'll be able to help.
  8. Option 1. Option 2 is out due to the glycerin.
  9. Tiger blood isn't the same for everyone. Sometimes people have endless energy a bit like when you get the nesting instinct before the birth of a baby. SOme people just have more steady energy throughout the day. It depends very much on what you eat, your state of health, your preWhole30 diet, your sleep & stress levels - all kinds of things will impact energy. But in my experience those that eat fish, and specifically oily fish (because of the omega 3 fatty acids/DHAs), on a regular basis experience it more. Your energy may well improve in a matter of days, and you may well feel awesome, but until you're fat adapted I'd doubt you'd be feeling Tiger Blood. Hope this helps!
  10. MCT

    Yes, provided there are no off plan ingredients in the pwder this is fine.
  11. Probably..... I think you've just turned a corner is all but keep going strong & the Tiger Blood may make an appearance soon.... Especially if you're eating oily fish IME Big fan of Rangan's here too!
  12. Some people struggle to digest them, especially when eaten in volume, and when eaten raw.
  13. Potassium, magnesium & sodium will all prevent cramping. Much of the western world is magnesium deficient so a magnesium supplement wouldn't go amiss - you can get a combi one with added calcium if you're not eating things like salmon or sardines with the bones in, or dark leafy greens like collards, spinach & kale regularly too. Natural Calm original is the favoured one around these parts, but a decent magnesium citrate, a transdermal spray, or even epsom salt baths work equally well. Bananas & avocado are great sources of potassium, and you should be salting all of your food as sodium intake can drop by up to 70% when switching from SAD to a whole food diet. Hope this helps
  14. No need to apologise - you're new and may not be aware that we'd ask you to search first before starting a new thread - plus using the forum search bar isn't always successful!!
  15. One other thing to consider is that over exposure to any food can result in an intolerance. Cauliflower is already a problematic food in that it's high FODMAP, cruciferous, and high in sulphur..... If you DON'T eat a wide variety of vegetables you may find that there comes a point when you'll have to