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I JUST LOST MY WHOLE POST!! I hate it when that happens!


New folks: Outdorsgrl, Jen, Nanny, Kelly and Dawner - WELCOME ABOARD!  You are in for quite a fun ride.


Dawner - I've had fleeting thoughts about half ironman next year. I'll be interested to hear your schedule!  I haven't used any gels or gu or blocks this time around, so I'm afraid to add them in or I might go into a sugar coma!


Deb - I'm not sure I can do radishes  :huh:


Dave - can't wait to hear what you're learning! I love school!!


Higs - I can't wait until you're back. I want you know that ONLY FOR YOU am I starting something on THURSDAY! 


Rick - I'm missing you and I can't wait to see you Saturday!


Last night at about 10:30 Sam (my 14 yr old son) announced that he needed to dress like a superhero for band camp. So we're scrambling and making a mask and putting it all together. (superheros are pretty easy for us).  And it just made me think about how much I'm going to miss that when we goes to college. Miki and Roseann - do you miss that stuff?  I don't get too stressed about it anymore, but really find the joy in whipping up projects and costumes. Wait until you see what we're cooking up for Halloween!!


Here's my focus for this 30 days:  No lara bars, watch the fat, PLAN AHEAD. And of course, do my chores, include IOD and watch the MOW.  :)

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CC why don't we do radishes AND carrots for the radish decliners. I don't think you are alone. 

A two root bonus IOD day on Saturday. 


Outdorsgrl Congrats on completing your W30!!!! That is awesome. So glad you are going to join us. 


Meadow, we are so going to the drive in, two cups of crazy and a side of silly !



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Outdorsgrl, Jen, Nanny, Kelly and Dawner  (yes I copied CC) a BIG DIRTY 30 PALEO CAT WELCOME TO U.


We are a fun, but serious, group. Dave is an amazing leader and each person has their specialties. We'll get to know you here real soon.


Meadow and Deb, I've never heard you say anything that needs to be deleted, seriously. Now Debs oops email to boss, that was bad...Always critique verbally, commend in writing.


CC My kids been in college for 6 years and is still here...what's to miss? I'm not creative, they do their own costumes if they want costumes mostly. It's nice you enjoy that. I grew up in a household where we celebrated no holidays, so never developed that side of myself.


I'm having a tough food day. I think this happens everytime the boss is here, just a level of stress I haven't learned to deal with yet. Was going to the gym tonight but decided to go tomorrow morning. Need to go to whole foods, but I KNOW I will buy Taro chips and I don't want to eat Taro Chips...sigh.


Am so tired. maybe just go to bed, go to gym in am and maybe I'll have the strength to go to whole foods tomorrow for hot sauce (which I REALLY miss) and bacon. My mouth is really watering now.


Deb - How weird am I, I'm afraid of the potato...I'm conditioned. I once made these tuna patties. I think it was tuna, onion, celery, egg, smashed potato - form into patties and fry in olive oil. I think I'll do that...yes, that sounds really good actually.


Deb - I don't remember fish sauce. Did I say fish sauce? I don't think I suggested Fish sauce. In fact, I think I'm afraid to buy fish sauce. Is it made out of fish? I may lose myself again. Just sayin.


Laurie - I hope you see our Paleo Pickmeup tomorrow. We all contributed...after you and steve get it I will attempt to post a version of it on here...but may have to wait till Deb comes over.


you guys start tomorrow or Thurs? or Fri?


I'm making a commitment to go to the gym in the AM!


Dave - I'm so excited to hear about what you're learning. I'll have to google your teacher!


Okay, so grateful for all the tried and true and also grateful for the fresh blood to inspire!


Meadow,Lady M, Rosann (visits Italy and is a professional chef and macaroon maker extraordinaire), HIGS, Rick (we miss you too) Zoogirl, Cara, big hugs to all and to all a good night.



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Meadow...I need to be you, I'll work on it. WE ARE NORMAL...at least you look normal to me.


CC have you tried Daikon radishes, they're very mild. sliced with guacamole, smoked salmon, capers and red onions...so yummy. Not sure if you can cook them, but darling Deb will know.


Night kids.

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Meadow I just watched Good Will Hunting. Oh its such a good movie. 

I haven't seen Raising Arizona in years but I remember it being good. Cuckoos Nest would be a good one for us!!


We start Thursday 21st (I thought Weds was the 21st lol) 

Miki the taro chips always call my name. Way more than the sweet potato chips WAY MORE!

Fish sauce was my addition to the list. It is a delish "umami" flavor addition to lots of dishes. It is in fact made from fishies but best just to think about how its salty goodness is such a natural flavor enhancer. If you love Thai and Vietnamese food, you're eating lots of fish sauce. The purest one, that you can get from Whole Foods or online (and probably elsewhere) is the brand Red Boat and it is Whole 30 approved. 


Hope all the PaleoCats had a good day. Dave, share your knowledge! Rose, looking forward to hearing ALL. 

Laurie, hope all good! Higs, I think you're back online tomorrow! Cara how are you. Rosann Rosannadanna. 



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Today is Day 7 for Steve.  In several hours, I will be  holding Steve's hand and telling him how much I love him.  We have not been speaking  as much lately because he is very weak and exhausted.   We have been texting and I speak with his mom almost every day. Steve is getting transfusions approximately every 2 or 3 days.  Yesterday was a new type of transfusion - platelets.  He has been experiencing extreme pain in his stomach,  and was given very potent pain meds (a medication that is stronger than morphine). The good news is that this medication finally relieved the pain. 


Miki - hopefully, the card will arrive today. I'll let you know as soon as Steve gets it.


For those who are new to our family, my boyfriend Steve just had a stem cell transplant to save his life.  Hope the newbies, as well as everyone else, don't mind if I continue to share  Steve's journey.  You have all been a wonderful source of support for me.


I have not really deviated from W30 since our 6/9 party.  Just some minor things like pickles and olives at a restaurant (don't know and really wasn't too concerned if they were compliant).  I also bought prepared grilled chicken several times ,that may have had unacceptable seasonings (maybe sugar).  I was never able to follow the 3 meals a day or limit fruit.  I did give up watermelon but have now replaced it with cantaloupe or other fruit.  Fruit is 100% no breaks for me.  I know what I must do (starve the sugar dragon by giving up the fruit)  but I have not decided exactly what I will do.  I would love to see how I feel if I do the program exactly as prescribed or as close as possible - exactly is not realistic for someone like me.

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Greetings and salutations,

What the devil is going on in here without me? Parties do not begin without the idiot in the lampshade, has no one told you of this? Dave, in lieu of payment for this exclusive club I plan to have all of your names tattooed across my forehead and will jump out of a plane over the yawning mouth of a volcano. Either that or its another IOU, damply printed on a sweaty, discarded intimate garment (not mine). Your choice.

Hello to all of you new joiners, I'm Rose and I will be your ranter for the duration. Expect warm hugs, occasional slapping and a great deal of inappropriate touching. There is no opt out clause for this, because it is enshrined in D30 law. In semi-seriousness, you are all welcome to the party and hopefully will derive as much comfort, support, and inspiration as we all have from this ragtag band of gypsy paleocats.

I have now spent a ludicrous amount of time on catch ups and posts for the various threads that live in my heart, so will leave it here. Expect a great deal more from me, gird your loins.


Love and other savage emotions,


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WOW - quite a group, thanks Deb & Meadow for making me smile.


Day 1 paleo -  (except when I have my training food) but otherwise I'm going to eat Paleo.  It will be rough, just sayin....but I'm glad I have all of you  :)


CCLaymon - I used this training program for my Half IM.  I really liked it, would use it again:  


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Rose, I tried to tell Dave not to start the party without you and Higs...but OH YOU KNOW "ANTS IN HIS PANTIES DAVE"...GO GO GO.


Dawner, everything Meadow said (beautifully put). This program for the Dirty 30 group has become a new lifestyle with a whole new group of friend.


CC&R how long will you be a part? is Rick still traveling?


Made it to the Gym this am, 30 m elliptical and upperbody weights & a light core routine. got home and was starving so had ground chicken, cruciferous veggies and 2 eggs...YUMBO.


I need to go find the IOD for Sunday. I have a hot date coming for dinner and jacuzzi and I MUST include the IOD, cause it is...you guessed it, the IOD QUEEN herself...SO EXCITED.


Okay, off to work kids.

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