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Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!


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Thanks MegaG!  I'm still trying to figure out how to upload photos so I can send you some gardenias!   :D


I love this: "cycling must be freeing you up"


True!  it showed me that a new me is possible.

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Eat more at Breakfast, every day, consistently.   Eat Breakfast like a truck driver.  When you do, the evening cravings will subside.  They will not be there.  You'll be doing whatever you do in the evenings and nuts and dried fruits won't even be in the back of your mind.   


Cravings are artificial hunger but if you're not eating enough first thing in the morning, it sets the tone for the entire day. I haven't touched any of those things in a year. You can stand on your head for 30 days, you can do it.  Cashews have the most carbs of any nut.  You're eating them because of the nut/sugar hit.


Nuts and dried fruits are the only items left on the Whole 30 program that are the closed substitute for all prior snack foods.  They're the last reminders that keep you dangling on the line....but they're a hook in the jaw.  





When a fish is over-played, it gives out and you reel that fish in.   Don't let yourself be over-played with the bait.   Get off the line and swim away as fast as you can.



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Yes Yeah Hi Meadow

You are so snarky smart

It's hard for me to eat within the hour of waking and to eat a lot is trying but

I agree with you (its Day 14 only) at this early stage feeling satisfied and correctly filling up with extra amount makes a huge difference and sets the tone for my day

Thank you for reminding us

Your help is knowledgable

Keep it going We are taking it in like sunshine!

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Bear wanted me to share about his Uncle Willard.  He's had T1 Diabetes all the days of his life.  He's never used any meds to control his T1.  He's been through rough times, in the military and now he's a preacher.  He gets invited to houses almost every Sunday for dinner.


He faithfully eats meat or chicken with greens and vegetables for every meal.  His food is so similar to a Whole 30 but he rarely if ever eats fruit.  There are carry-ins and buffets and lots of eating goes on in any church. It's all about the food.


There he is....staying in his own lane, drawing his line in the sand and choosing quality of life over sugars.


You know what Bear says?  He says that everyone wants it all and no one wants to say Nooooo to themselves for anything. They don't want to make the difficult decisions or avoid sugars that cause diabetes.   They want it all.


But this past year has taught me some lessons.  I'm more sympathetic with the alcoholics who've drawn their line in the sand not to touch another drink.  They've had to choose between quality of life or losing it all.   


Learn to say Noooo to yourself.   It's worth it.




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GRRR   I will not be the fish on the line who gets played by food.  That visual is very effective.  This is war!  I'm getting that hook out of my mouth and swimming away as far and as fast as I can!


Thanks for the truth and good advise Meadow

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The dcducks WD30 doesn't do the mess a'round.  calm-down-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?1292It is the Wild West over here at the Hitching Post.  We don't let ourselves be played out with food or Sugar Dragons.  nah-crazy-rabbit-emoticon.gif?1292793775


Snark monsters?   Welp.   A girl's gotta have some lil somethin'.






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April - around June 1st, we'll pick up a few more WD30'rs.   Kick your boots off,  take off your coat and stay awhile.   I signed up for the WD30 Bootcamp last June of 2014.  The wranglers, ropers, cowboys and cowgirls come and go as they please.  dcducks is  the Trail Boss.  He's always out there on the trail...picking up the stray cow or sheep.   I call him Eagle Eyes because his eyes are always on the horizon looking out for predators.   He doesn't let 'em tear the sheep apart.    "Nobody puts baby in a corner."  


You need someone in your corner when you're coming out from under the SAD way of life.  This ain't for sissies.  When you sign up for this cattle drive,  expect some bumps in the trail but they'll always be good stories around the campfire and fits of laughter.   


Instead of the Chisholm Trail...we're on the WD30 Trail.

The Chisholm Trail was a trail used in the post-Civil War era to drive cattle overland, from ranches in Texas to Kansas railheads. 

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Espie, thank-you - since my son was so ill with food allergies as a baby I made it my business to learn as much as I could about food. My attitude comes from being brought up by an ex-military father - we went to the school of tough love, & took no nonsense from anyone. W30 is about learning discipline around food so I fit right in :D  You're doing great - learning to read your bodies signals, and realising the errors of your past - that's a big step in getting the head re-set that needs to go along with the digestive one!

April - we will keep you right. Meadow in a flowery way with pretty pictures and descriptive visuals, me with my straight talking, and dcducks with his orders & chores!

MeGa - stick with the eating within one hour of wakening and soon it will become second nature... you're doing great, and you're almost half way already!!

meadow - I'm loving the pictures you've posted today - the swinging chairs remind me of summer on what has been the darkest, greyest, wettest day in May I've ever seen. It's like winter - I had the lights on at 6pm!! And those sprouts - oh how I miss them, sauteed in ghee & served with spiced roasted parsnips with eggs over easy..... :wub:  I could buy them in the supermarket I'm sure, but I'd rather stick to my farm shop where everything is locally sourced. Sprout season will come around here again soon enough.... 

Today was a rest day for me so I took the opportunity to use the spare hour to make a breakfast bake - my first ever! I chopped up some courgettes, yellow & red peppers, mushrooms, spinach, onion, coriander, and tomatoes, grated some carrot and added everything to a big oven proof dish, whisked up 12 eggs, added some salt, pepper & chopped olives & shoved it in the oven... Having run a bit late getting out of the house this morning I thought I'd try this to save me some time, and to mix things up a bit - my weekday breakfasts don't vary much so I thought it was time for a change...

Flat surfaces cleaned as instructed, breakfasts prepared, chauffeur duties fulfilled, washing hung, and now it's time to relax.

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Boots and coat are off.  I'd love to stay a while, thank you kindly.   So glad for someone in my corner, stories around the campfire and fits of laughter.




I'm looking forward to your straight talking and Daves chores


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M3: Turkey burgers with lots of minced onion, bell pepper, and parsley; roasted Brussels sprouts with onion and apple; Melissa Joulwan's Velvety Butternut Squash, only with canned pumpkin because that's what I had on hand.


Oh my, I have never eaten as well as I have for the past three weeks. YUM. (I think I say this almost every night, which seems to be topping the one before....)

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Good morning all


today is day 7, the end of week one!  

Dave, thanks for the photo bucket tip, I have some photos uploaded, when I get another free few moments I'll figure out how to post here.


I made it through a stressful day and the formal dinner.  I followed my plan, ordered a club soda with olives in it upon arriving.  Made it through the cocktail hour.  Turned my wineglass upside down when we sat down at the table, and put my coffee cut in the middle of my place after dinner so the server would know I didn't want dessert.


No nuts, no snacking, no hook in the mouth!


m1 Kale and onions with ground pork and scrambled eggs

m2 chicken thigh, salad with cute radish, carrot O&V an apple

m3 salad, O&V, salmon, steak, asparagus and carrots, slice of cantaloupe

coffee with coconut cream when I got home


one more challenge tonight, someones birthday dinner in a fancy restaurant.  wish I were staying home. Feeling good about not being controlled by the food situations though.



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awesome April! You are breakin' that bronc down!


Stoppin in for a quick minute.

The GFG's are still affecting me, 3 days later, sleep is getting back to good, but still dealing with some inflammation issues with the chest and fighting off the tiredness. Worked another 13 hour day yesterday, mandated again at 7 pm. No more trialing until I get back to my new level of health and maintain it for a while. Don't want to go back down the rabbit hole again!

dcducks! working on my chores today, Sunday and Monday didn't work to good for much of that esp. Monday. Got some accomplished Sunday after church, hangin with my mom, sis and BIL for a nice visit then off to spend a bit of time with my brother in ECF and take him some goodies. He wanted cheese and cashews. :D I know, not necessarily good for him, but an improvement over cookies candies and cola's. Sadly, with his Schizophrenia, deafness, and other mental/emotional issues it is hard to get him to understand what is important food wise. So we strive to help make his life as happy and content as possible. Nursing home food and the health care industry makes it and uphill battle all the way, as well as 30 years of not understanding ourselves just how much food plays a part in health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Wish I had known 30 years ago what I know now, but if wishes were horses, beggars would fly... One day at a time. Get me fixed so I can help others! Now, back to the chores. #1 priority is getting the yard mowed. Weather here is still April as far as the showers go and a fight between May and July on the temps. 80's for a couple of days then 60's for a couple of days. keeps yo-yoing, even hits some low 90's a couple of times already. :angry:

Keep it tight to the saddle ya'll! Ride 'em high!

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dcducks -   I'm amusing myself today because you're busy at work and not around to do that for me. I was looking forward to being on the other side of all this but we can't wish away our lives in giant month hunks.   So I'm soldiering on with my compatriots.   Uphill.   Both Ways.   


Here we are, through the darkest of silence, through cold, snow, aloneness, through the freezing hail of vast echoing emptiness....through "Crickets".


Lovin' your challenges, Denise and jmcbn.  MegaGardener, you are a hoot and a holler.  Lissfish, where the heck are you?


Espie - clever to be thinking about your reintro protocol before you get there.


April - nice job taking that hook out of your jaw.  


I'm headed for the cement pond with Maw.  Today, I will not swim around in circles and look at the ceiling beams.  There body, TAKE THAT!


O a peoples, cinnamon is comforting.  There's something about cinnamon that is reminiscent of childhood - it's like a hug from your Grandmaw.  Sprinkle cinnamon on everything, coffee, tea, sweet 'tatas, your lips to give you a Trout Pout.




For those having a rough time with family and friends, hang in there.   Good job planning ahead with your meals and shopping.   So long for now, ole pals.

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April - get you and your successful whole30ing at social gatherings - well done! Way to go!

Espie - no complaint about the food in these parts either - why would *anyone* go back to that SAD old diet...? It beats me!

MeGa - loving the pics - we just need to get April trained up to add some too...!!

CQ - bummer that the GFG are having a lasting effect - how dare they encroach on your Tiger Blood!! Hope all is well with your family...

Lissfish - MIA - come back, all is forgiven!  :P 

Meadow - I think we should be giving you challenges for that concrete pond...... likethrowing in a pirouette or two while you go and see if anyone notices... or splashing the life-guard.... or pretending to be Jaws to a fellow swimmer  :D 

So today was my first day with my breakfast bake. There was no denying how handy it was having food prepped, and it tasted amazing - jam packed with flavour - but it was definitely not as filling as my usual meal one which I was aware of as soon as I'd cleared the plate. I'd only so much time to spare so I shovelled a half an avocado in my mouth & left for work knowing that I'd tinned fish & olives in my drawer, and enough sauerkraut in my lunch pack to make a mini meal if need be. The gap between meal one & two for me is long - 5&1/2-6hrs long - and I definitely started feeling hunger pangs earlier than usual but I was busy enough to be distracted and make it to meal two without the need for a snack. I'll know tomorrow morning to add more protein & veggies to the bake - every day is a school day!

Meal 2 - Roast chicken, with purple cabbage & carrot slaw, boiled baby potatoes (skins on), plum tomatoes, half an avocado & a serving of sauerkraut.

Meal 3 - Jerk chicken, sauteed mixed spring greens with leeks & purple cabbage, plum tomatoes & olives.

Activity: squat warm-up (grok, air, wall, grok, goblet, pistol, grok), a little circuit of... deadlifts, bent over rows, hang cleans, front squats, shoulder press, back squats, push ups - 6 sets x 6 reps - then 3 sets x 5reps 80% max weight deadlifts, and 1000m row for time to finish.... (post WO my fave grilled chicken kebab & some sweet potato mash)


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I got home from a long day at work and knew I was spent.  


I was typing;  

"I'm feeling tired, like a fish who's been played.  I have to go out again tonight.  I am preparing myself mentally to succeed.  I'll report in in the morning."  


WHEN, my order of CHOMPS got here!  Just the fortification I needed against pre-dinner party weakness.  I ate 2.  


Gonna do the same thing as last night, yes to club soda, no thank you for wine or dessert.  Maybe I'll stick a Chomp in my purse. haha.



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April - protein and fat saves the morning, noon and night.  Stick those Chomps everywhere.  I just had some clarified butter in my tea.  I used the salted KerryGold for my 'CB' because I can tell I need some salt. 


I've eaten protein and fat everytime I've wanted something I couldn't put my finger on. They're Ghost Cravings from those old familiar worn grooves in the brain...similar to someone with a missing leg - they can still sense it or feel it's there.   Cravings are the same way, hiding in the back of your mind, sneaking up on you in a moment of weakness.  They can be as subtle as a whisper or ready-to-strike like a Rattlesnake for a Rattle-Snack.   Cravings are alot like a snake in the grass.  


Isn't that just the way?

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Melissa @ Whole9 says


August 19, 2010 at 5:34 pm

You don’t have to throw out all the sweet or savory stuff, but I do think you’re smart to realize you’re giving into the sugar demons with your sunflower seeds and raisins. If you’re craving sugar, don’t give your body sugar! Eat a high fat snack instead, with a little bit of protein, and tough it out. Break those cravings once and for all and you can go back to enjoying the occasional dried fruit and nut snack without worrying that it’s going to send you running for the nearest Krispy Kreme.



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"Here’s what we typically see. People coming off a traditional “American” diet for the first time tend to rely heavily on fruit, nuts and nut butters in their first attempt at the Whole30. While they are much better food choices than you old sweet treats, obviously we’d encourage you to work your way towards better food choices, the further along you are in the program. So as you notice that you’re hitting the nut butters too hard, for example, perhaps pull back and try to add fat in the form of other good sources (coconut milk, avocado, olive oil, etc.). You’ll naturally become more aware of your food choices, the further along you go, and naturally develop a healthier, happier relationship with ALL foods.


Just know it’ll take longer than 30 days for that to happen! It’s really a life-long pursuit – breaking those old emotional ties to food and developing a new, healthier relationship. Just stick with it and continue to be honest with yourself about your food choices, cravings and habits, and the time WILL come when you can enjoy that chocolate bar and then jump right back on the Good Food Train."



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Dallas @ Whole9 says


August 4, 2010 at 8:02 pm


If you’re craving carbs  (read: SUGAR!) , eat fat and protein.  Giving yourself sugar is NOT the route to go. But also, adding 1/2 & 1/2 to your coffee won’t make you feel better. We’ve observed in (literally) hundreds of people that “falling off the wagon” with things like pizza and cake only lead to more “falling off”. Get back on the Good Food Train.

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Good morning all! Took yesterday off to go pick up my oldest from college and bring him home for the summer. Two years down, two to go. I am still having trouble with my allergies and it looks like eggs is NOT the culprit. Going in for some blood work today. The fact that I have my allergist stumped is kind of concerning to me but I will get this figured out.  


Today is clean your car day! It's not a nationally recognized holiday but it should be. Don't just take it thru the car wash.....CLEAN IT! Wipe off the 100 layers of dust off of the dash so you can see what color it really is. Empty out all of the compartments that contain crap you will never need or use. Wash out those sticky...gooey, cup holders that have spilled soda, coffee, god knows what in them. Clean the windows inside and out. Vacuum the carpet and seats. Clan the rims, check all of the fluids for proper level, and adjust your air pressure. NO EXCUSES....DO IT!



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