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Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!


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Good morning all!


Clean your car day!  Yay!  and I will add Clean My Bike Day too.  I need to clean and oil the chain to keep the ole' gal running' smooth.  


Every Wednesday there is a big ride called  (of all things) the Wednesday Night Ride.  About 200 cyclists ride over to the next town and back, 30 very hilly miles, and ride at a  very fast pace.  Then people hang out in the parking lot, drink a beer, chat and sometimes grill hamburgers etc.  It is really fun. So I will go tonight with a clean bike, if it doesn't rain.  No beer of course!


Dave I hope you get your allergies figured out.


Meadow thanks for the protein/fat info and the tip on the Chomps.


jmcbn sounds like a killer workout!


MegaG thanks for the flowers,  I'm still working on yours <3


I am happy to say I made it through the party last night just fine.  I asked not to be served the tomato bisque, asked for the salad with plain olive oil instead of the sweet dressing and left before dessert.  I am onto something here- just don't let them serve me something I don't want to eat.  Kind of like cleaning out the pantry, takes away temptation from the start.


Sweetest thing yesterday, one of my clients sent me a big bouquet of flowers to say thank you for a job well done.  I have been at my job 5 years and that is a first!


so today is day 8, start of a new week.  yesterday's food:


m1 kale, onion, ground pork with a poached egg on top

m2 grilled chx thigh, sauerkraut, butternut squash and an apple

snack before party:  2 chomps, cantaloupe and coffee w coconut cream

m3 spinach salad w olive oil, small steak, couple grilled shrimp, carrots


before bed:  NOTHING!  no nuts, no snack.  Thanks to this group I am learning to conquer those old bad habits


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Dave,  Dave -  are you eating or drinking anything with Chicory in it?  I've never had hives but after an item with

Chicory unbeknownst to me.... hives happened shortly.  It's used as a sweetner, even in some probiotics and with some coffees. Oooo, it's used as a sweetner in those gummy vitamins, too.  The hives lasted for days.  I can't do Chicory...found that out with a Slow Roll Reintro.  Get better, Dave. I'm glad you have those great sons.  They're the arrows in your quiver.


Remember to check for ticks and chicory.   They hide.


April - I woke up thinking about snacks and snakes.   Rattle-snacks.   Don't let'em get you, now.  April, you're such a good sport and I congratulate you for breaking free.  We don't float or go through the motions....whining about what we cannot have.  We had a gal who was thinkity, talkity and taught us to break free from being snackity.   Thinkity, talkity and without snackity.


I will clean my car, it snowed....AGAIN!

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Good morning all! Took yesterday off to go pick up my oldest from college and bring him home for the summer. Two years down, two to go. I am still having trouble with my allergies and it looks like eggs is NOT the culprit. Going in for some blood work today. The fact that I have my allergist stumped is kind of concerning to me but I will get this figured out.  


Today is clean your car day! It's not a nationally recognized holiday but it should be. Don't just take it thru the car wash.....CLEAN IT! Wipe off the 100 layers of dust off of the dash so you can see what color it really is. Empty out all of the compartments that contain crap you will never need or use. Wash out those sticky...gooey, cup holders that have spilled soda, coffee, god knows what in them. Clean the windows inside and out. Vacuum the carpet and seats. Clan the rims, check all of the fluids for proper level, and adjust your air pressure. NO EXCUSES....DO IT!





Here's Miki talking to Rose about her nuts...I remembered.


"Rose - there has been a lot of trash talk going on in my head. Yesterday I just needed something so I had a 1/4 cup of mixed nuts, roasted in the micro....enjoyed them, but within 30 minutes my ear started itching. It appears that is my beloved nuts and truly if I could eliminate the itching by giving up nuts, I will (and I will make exceptions for a couple of foods that just aren't the same for me without nuts and deal). But the amazing thing to me is that when we add in just one food...we get it, loud and clear. I still have some pain (definitely improved) so purchased the Paleo autoimmune cookbook and will try to start bonding with a little more cooking in my life."


"Yesterday was fine, but I had some nuts in desperation in a meeting that went to 9:30 pm and indeed, I have a headachache and itchy ear. Back to super clean living today.


I'm still feeling good on the exercise front.


Almost ready to move over to the reintro.


I do want Dave to have his 1K."






"My parrots are no where to be found, I'm so sad. My son's girlfriend says they are on the telepone lines outside her house...SERIOUSLY. They better not come while I'm at work and steal all my sunflower seeds.


Deb, as always, an enchanting post. It's been hotter than heck in CA and I think my reintro might be that coconut milk froz dessert DEB, I saw a place in Culver City that had it advertised on Lincoln. I betcha MB has it too. I'm afraid of nuts and sadly feel I need a little long elimination period as I don't feel optimal, although much, much better.


Deb, I've never chanted, is it amazing? You do so many cool things, I definitely want to be you when I grow up.


Okay, off to the showers.


I love having the energy to work in my garden again. Must hit the gym tonight."






That Miki is funny.   :D  :lol: 

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Posted 02 June 2014 - 10:58 PM

"I am really looking forward to June 9. Dave is very inspirational and quite funny. Hopefully alot of our 5/5s will visit even if they're on reintro.  I tried starting 5/5 and stayed reasonably compliant, but that really doesn't do it...you just don't get the real experience. So now I know where the sugar free bacon is hidden and what shelf they stick the preservative and sugarfree hot sauce. I know the foods that trigger my eating, the importance of hiding the scale, the joy of starting to know your body. and how good you start feeling as you make it through the withdrawals and start finding your pain free, allergy reduced life.


Okay, I'm off to bed. I will be out of town this weekend and then back to get ready for our adventure."


MamaMiki (aka - Mini)

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 11:35 PM

I'm trying to decide if I should take a break from coffee. As I graze through Autoimmune protocols they tend to lump coffee in with nuts and seeds. I suppose at this point it couldn't hurt, although I think I will be super cranky without my coffee. But to heal and hopefully get my life back in order, it's really not hard.


I love the part in the book where they say "please don't say this is hard, fighting cancer is hard, drinking herb tea (slightly changed) instead of coffee is not hard!



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Posted 07 June 2014 - 09:14 AM

Bluegrass Mama...bacon helps. The one I get (that DAVE thinks is too salty is Pedersons. I've found it at SOME whole foods so far. Some one else said there is a low sodium bacon at costco that is sugarfree, but I have yet to try that. I may go on Sun. The Pedersons is about $9 for what looks to be a half pound, although I haven't looked at the weight. I use it as flavoring in dish or on a pattly with lettuce and avo.


Beth, when I started my first whole 30 (which sadly I did not get past 8 days or so) I started drinking my coffee black and I have not gone back. Normally I drink it with milk and agave. I do notice that my focus and energy is better in the am....and I do notice I drink more water when my coffee is black. If it is strong coffee...I add a little water and some folks enjoy adding coconut milk (it didn't do anything for me, but give it a whirl).



Several of us have been together for about a month, others longer but we're all good sharers and kind. I was a little to easy on myself the first time, but this time there are no OOPS. Read your labels, stock your refrig. Some salt has sugar, some garlic powder has bad oil...it's a world of landmines.


Summer doesn't even start till June 21. Get fuzzy water, add a smidge of olive juice and add an olive or two and sip that in a hot pink champagne glass...you'll feel fabulous...Dave does it all the time!


Okay, off to get my "black starbucks" here in SD and enjoy the sun and conversation with my girlfriend.


Had I stuck to my first whole 30 I would be doing it thinner and pain free...but I'm looking forward not backwards....No More Bushes! (separate the u from the s, add two lls, space, leave the sh, add it...delete es)...what can I say.








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Posted 07 June 2014 - 09:51 AM


As you begin to feel better......tell everyone! A positive outlook is going to be your best friend thru all of this. If you expect to fail...you will! Tell yourself .....(don't listen to anyone else)  that this is going to be different, this is going to work. You aren't drinking some shake that "melts away the fat", you aren't on the grapefruit diet, you aren't counting calories or "points". If you have done these in the past...they failed you because they never taught you how to eat healthy! THIS is going to be different! In 30 days you will have definitive proof that it worked. Until then, you might get better sleep, more energy, less acid reflux, better digestion, bowel health, better skin, relief from allergies, joint relief, loose fitting clothes, stronger nails and hair, (one girl from our last group got a better paying job but I don't want anyone to believe that is a normal benefit), and you have more self confidence. You will have succeeded where you had once failed. The better you feel, the more you do, the more you do, the more weight you lose, the less weight, the easier on back and joints. All of this....and much more can be yours if the Price is Right! The price????? Just 30 days! Then, you will dust off the scale.....step on......(jaw drops)...step off....step back on to see if scale really works......pick jaw up again....smile, giggle, laugh, jump up and down......race to get ready to go tell everyone about YOUR success!


get ready!






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Thanks,  I needed that.   A refresher and a refreshing from two of the sweetest and kindest people on the WD30.  





Dave helped me get here.... where I'm standing today.  Miki was kind and encouraging to all and scooped everyone up.  It was Mama's house.   Dave is Big Daddy.



So wherever you are, Miki...time to come back to the Nut Hut.  Nuts are better from the Hut.  What a lovely bunch of coconuts.








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I'm loving this adventure

This group is together am I'm grateful

Serious progress and good sound advice Thank you all :)

Day 16 I can hardly believe it

Also thanking my friend who lost 43 lbs Paleo

Like Espie I'm planning a slow roll

I plan to succeed as Meadow says there's no finish line

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Lissfish - MIA - come back, all is forgiven!  :P 



Sorry. Sorry! I was MIA but not in a bad way.I haven't figured out how to access the forum on my phone.  :( Need to do that. 


I have not stopped moving since Friday after work! I danced at a pow wow Friday night and didn't eat the frybread. :lol:  I worked a roping Saturday and Sunday daylight hours, my Cowboys' cousin was in an accident so we spent Saturday evening in the hospital (He's ok, just a few cracked ribs and some serious road rash), Sunday evening I was so exhausted I crashed out, Monday and yesterday I had excel training offsite (with no computer) and my evenings have been spent sewing a traditional Navajo graduation outfit for Friday. Whew! Who needs chores right? haha! Needless to say my fitbit is happy! 


I'm hoping to find time this weekend to catch up on all your posts. I'm going to Yuma Friday to spend the long weekend with my Grandfather. He is all about wanting to get healthier (lose his belly) so I'm going to introduce him to Whole30 cooking. Last time I visited him I gave him all the printouts. This time he'll eat well bc I can't go out and eat at our favorite places as they aren't compliant. At 84, he is a force to be reckoned with. I can't wait to see how much better he'll be after a W30.


I started reading the new book this morning.  :D This was my weekend view... not too shabby! I said "Horse butts make me nuts! I have a cowboy but one can never have too many horses!"


Hope everyone had a good weekend! 


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April - it WAS a killer work-out, which is why today was 60mins of active recovery. Normally I'd opt for a steady run, but knowing I'm ona  little road trip with my boys at the weekend meaning I'd miss my Sunday morning spin class I opted for spin this evening - the instructor is clueless (his class is more like a circus act than a spin class) but his music is always good so I get on my bike, get into my zone and do my own thing. All the members of his little clique throw dirty looks at me while I'm doing a heavy climb and they're contorting themselves into all sorts of shapes while doing push-ups on their handle-bars & trying to sprint with no resistance. I love it  :D 

Oh, and congrats on figuring out the pic thing - nice flowers! And that looks like an interesting book you're reading...  ;) 

LissFish - you found your way back! Yay! I think your life in the wild west sounds awesome, but please tell me what a 'roping' is - I honestly have no idea!!  :wacko: 

dcducks - I'm glad for you that it wasn't the eggs... but now to figure out what it IS... When my youngest son was 2&1/2 he had just five foods (chicken, arrowroot, peaches, rice, and pork) that he could eat so I wouldn't rule anything out... likely culprits often have lots of seeds - white potatoes, bananas, strawberries, courgettes/zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes - those sort of things. Safe fruits to stick to would be ones with a large stone in the centre, they rarely cause allergic reactions. Keep a detailed food diary - note any change in symptoms - I'm sure you know the drill... Re the cleaning of the car that is on the cards for Saturday morning - oil check, water check, air pressure check all to be carried out before I head up the coast for the day.

Meadow - lovin' the Ellen video!!  :D Love her - she is amazing - we just don't get to see enough of her over here... and those pics you've posted today all seem so peaceful... all so good for the soul.

MeGa - you seem to be coasting along now - as does Espie - good to see!! Stick with it and that Tiger blood will be yours for the taking!



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LissFish - you found your way back! Yay! I think your life in the wild west sounds awesome, but please tell me what a 'roping' is - I honestly have no idea!!  :wacko: 



Team Roping is a rodeo event. At a rodeo there are a variety of events... team roping, barrel racing, bull riding, etc. This is a good description of Team Roping:


Team Roping — Team roping is the only rodeo event that features two contestants. The team is made up of a header and a heeler. The header ropes the horns, then dallies or wraps his rope around his saddle horn and turns the steer to the left for the other cowboy who ropes the heels. The heeler must throw a loop with precision timing to catch both of the steer’s hind legs. The time clock stops once both ropers have made a catch and brought the animals to a stop, facing each other.
EVENT DESCRIPTION - Team roping, the only true team event in ProRodeo, requires close cooperation and timing between two highly skilled ropers — a header and a heeler — and their horses. The event originated on ranches when cowboys needed to treat or brand large steers and the task proved too difficult for one man.
The key to success? Hard work and endless practice. Team roping partners must perfect their timing, both as a team and with their respective horses.
Team ropers start from the boxes on each side of the chute from which the steer enters the arena. The steer gets a head start determined by the length of the arena.
One end of a breakaway barrier is attached to the steer and stretched across the open end of the header's box. When the steer reaches his advantage point, the barrier is released, and the header takes off in pursuit, with the heeler trailing slightly further behind. The ropers are assessed a 10-second penalty if the header breaks the barrier before the steer completes his head start. Some rodeos use heeler barriers too.
The header ropes first and must make one of three legal catches on the steer — around both horns, around one horn and the head or around the neck. Any other catch by the header is considered illegal and the team is disqualified. After the header makes his catch, he turns the steer to the left and exposes the steer's hind legs to the heeler. The heeler then attempts to rope both hind legs. If he catches only one foot, the team is assessed a five-second penalty. After the cowboys catch the steer, the clock is stopped when there is no slack in their ropes and their horses face one another.
Another important aspect to the event is the type of horses used by the ropers. The American quarter horse is the most popular among all timed-event competitors, particularly team ropers. Heading horses generally are taller and heavier because they need the power to turn the steer after it is roped. Heeling horses are quick and agile, enabling them to better follow the steer and react to it moves.
A roping, or also referred to as a jackpot, consists of team roping only. Headers and heelers all have a skill rating. The events at a roping are based on ratings. On Saturday we had a #11, #9 and #13 event. For each event the skill ratings of the team can't exceed the number. For example, for a #11 a team can consist of a 6 Header and 5 Heeler, or even a 6 Header and a 3 Heeler. Just as long as the total doesn't go over #11 they can compete. They pay a fee to get in a numbered event. The prizes include money and sometimes saddles, roping dummies, buckles, etc. Depending on how many teams enter will determine the number of places. We had 45 teams in one and that paid 3 places. Then another had 67 teams and that paid 4 places. 
Here's a video of a run: 



Let me know if that helps explain it. I'm a Michigan girl so rodeo and the cowboy way is fairly new to me as well. I attended my very first rodeo in Yuma with my Grandfather in 2012. 

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Good morning everyone! I see Meadow has been digging up many of my old postings........she misses nothing. I have moved on with the hives and allergies. I don't have time to sit around (and scratch). I will figure this out in time but it might not have anything to do with food. I had an adverse reaction to the Anthrax vaccine while I was in the service and I'm not sure if it "rears it's ugly head" every now and again. Having blood work done and we will see if that points anything out. Until then, I will continue to eat right and keep a clean mind (probably not going to happen)......well I will eat right. Today is the last day of the week for me so I get a nice long 4 day weekend. Saturday we are doing a 101 mile cruise in the '66 Comet with about 200 other cars. This is a benefit for a Veterans home. Last weekend my duck decoy company sponsored the St Mary's Lake Youth fishing rodeo. I bought numerous fishing poles, tackle boxes, lures, etc. that would be handed out as prizes. I was not able to attend this event but I'm sure the gifts were well received. It's very rewarding to me to give back to others. I may never be rich, but I will have a rich life. That's probably a better saying than, "I would rather be a good liver than have one!"


Anybody remember what day we started this? I'm guessing we are probably around day 14???????. It goes by so fast. It goes by much faster if you don't sit in front of the pantry and stare at the Oreos with a drool bucket under your chin.......just sayin!


I'm off to Iowa on June 1st.......so excited! Actually, not really...its just work....BUT......I do get to stop in for a day and see my parents (its been 5 years....I know that sounds terrible). It amazes me how fast time goes by when you have kids. My father isn't in good health and cant/wont travel which takes away many opportunities to get together. Combine that with my schedule, work, school, my wife's schedule, kids sports, ......you get the picture. I shouldn't make excuses. We are planning to go out later this summer as a family to see them too.


No chores this weekend! Take a moment on Monday to remember those you have served our country. Whether you agree with the policies of this country or not, understand that these men and women (many who come from impoverished homes) took an oath to defend our Constitution, to obey the orders of those appointed over them.....whether they agreed with them or not. For many of these soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines......this was the best opportunity for a better life. Many paid the ultimate sacrifice, giving their life for what they believed in. I never met a service member who wanted to harm anyone. They all came in to learn a skill, to better themselves, to grow up, learn responsibility, and to serve their country if called upon. No one wanted to see war, to die, or to come home physically or mentally injured. They take great pride in helping other countries and other people and we should all be very proud at how they represent us on a daily basis around the world. Sure, you here about an incident now and then........but this a very infrequent occurrence and the majority should not be condemned by the few. May those serving stay out of harm's way and those that have passed rest in peace! 



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Morning All


Hi LissFish, I am from Michigan, but live in Oklahoma now, so like you was not born with Rodeo, but it surrounds me now.  I like to watch the kids rope.  So fast!

jmcbn good for you doing your own thing in spin class.  Who are we doing it all for anyway, right?!

Meadow those beautiful pictures make my day


Well there was powerful temptation yesterday.  This time it came from inside me instead of from a social gathering.  I felt such a strong  pull for...something.  I did not let myself figure out what I wanted and I did not let myself start to rationalize giving in.  


First I thought about consequences:


How would I feel the tomorrow if I quit the fight for freedom today?

Did I want to give up on my goal of health and freedom?

Did I want to be controlled by cravings?

Did I want to have to tell you all I caved?



So then I got mad and as I was driving to the Wed. Night Ride.  I said out loud in a loud voice NO I will not quit!  I will NOT be controlled by cravings, I will NOT be played like a fish with a hook in my mouth.   I pictured the cravings as  bad monkeys and I imagined punching them to get them off my back.


So then I met my team and rode my bike hard hard hard until all the angst and frustration got replaced by peace and happiness.  The other days were victory over circumstance, this was victory  over myself.  It was a tough fight, but I won!


M1  kale onion egg (last of the leftovers)

M2 chx, sauerkraut, big salad, apple

Anti Cravings Snack before bike ride:  chomps, coffee w coconut milk

M3  homemade egg salad, sautéed spinach, scoop of mashed potatoes w clarified butter, decaf w coconut milk


BEFORE BED nothing.  another nut free day.

Whew I am so grateful for this group.  It makes it all real when you have to tell your friends.


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Popping in for a quick hello.  Today is Mama Miki's birthday!  I sent her a little message on behalf of her W30 fan club.


I'm sorry I haven't been posting or keeping up with everyone's posts!  It's great to see such a lively, positive, fun, supportive group in action.  And Dave's chores.  Dave, lovely Memorial Day post, thank you.


Hugs to all!  I'll try to do a proper catch up with weekend.

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DAVE - THANK YOU,  for your service and dedication to all those who are serving and have served.   Thank you on behalf of my PawPaw and my uncles.  My Paw is a disabled Marine but you already knew that.  He uses a chair and other things. It's really, really tough.   DAVE, yesterday I had to lift a crane all by myself.  We need it and it came in two huge boxes. The 'ups' man unloaded it front of Maw and Paw's front door and just left it there.   


Bear was helping someone out with their house repairs and he wasn't around to help me.  I prayed for brute strength.  I rigged up ropes and pulled it into the shop.  With all of my body weight, I could not push those boxes forward but with some heavenly help I pulled them a long ways. We have a dolly but the boxes were so long, it didn't work.  Maw and Paw were watching me. Bear will have to put the thing together.  It's so heavy, that I have no idea how we're going to use it.


Every day is Memorial Day at their house.  Maw and I put the US Marine Corps and American Flag out on the pole and we take them down in the evenings.   The Sandbox.  When I look back through my ancestors, almost all of them have served and before that they were warriors.  It's in my blood and genes.   I ain't no quitter.   




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A Salute to one and all!

Well said

Heart strings are tugged tears in our eyes

Happy proud and grateful for all those we remember

We here have so many reasons why our

Memorial Day is so special in our hearts..

Courage freedom and the relative peace we live in this era on this land we call home

May our future generations enjoy the same

God Bless America

Peace to all nations we pray

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