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Dirty Thirty "Roundup and Ride"!


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Dave - very touching words - sending thanks & gratitude from the Emerald Isle to all those in our country and yours who have served to protect our freedom. I come from a family of military men - Land, Sea & Air - and indeed I have cousins currently serving in the States. We have known loss both at home and a far, and we do what we can here to help raise vital funds for the Royal British Legion & Help For Heroes. 


"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."
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Well, it's 'Fill Your Fridge Friday' and I'm planning in my head what I'll cook up this weekend, given that I'll be away all day Saturday & most of Sunday with my folks, and my boys.... I ate a lot of chicken this week, so for next week I'm thinking beef.....  B) 


PS. Meadow - Dave Grohl...... know around these parts as Dave Drool..... <waggles eyebrows>..... I've seen him perform live three times - and all three times were the bests concerts ever... Awesome!

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I so get the freezer not big enough thing. Switzerland is a bit backwards when it comes to freezers and I only have the little ice box inside the fridge thing; you could barley fit a whole chicken in there never mind a whole cow. At the moment it is full of bones & home made stock. I long for a big freezer so I can cook in bulk. 


p.s. I <3 Dave too 

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My old fridge had one of those little ice box bits at the top but when it died and I replaced it I went for one without the ice box to get the extra fridge space, and bought a freezer the same size to sit in under my stairs (a little storage area). It's always filled to capacity and I could always fill it again!! On shopping days it's always a challenge to get everything fitted into the fridge too - swapping tupperwares as they empty down, deciding what the kids will have in their lunch boxes based on what won't fit in... I long for one of those HUGE Smeg double fridge freezers that are commonplace in the States - ah well, one day........  :wub:

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morning all


it was a beautiful day here yesterday.  65' sunny, after what feels like months of rain.  Rain is back today, but I got out in the countryside on my bike yesterday after work and soaked up the beautiful views.  I just love being outside.  Supposed to rain all weekend, so will be doing yoga or some kind of exercise class instead of riding.  Good thing is I get to go with my daughter, Margo.


She and I have a lot in common, both lawyers, speak spanish, love health eating and exercise.  She and her husband were robbed yesterday while they were at work.  The thief took some sentimental things, but left laptops, tv and some cash. Weird.  We think he was after a car bc he took a spare key.  Thank goodness no one was hurt.  It does feel like a violation though.


Yesterday I felt the pull of the old habits again.  I did not give in.  I am looking forward to moving past this stage.  


I join you all in honoring those who serve our country.  I am grateful for freedom, and for those who paid the price for me to live free.


m1 cauliflower fried rice w ground pork and scrambled eggs

m2 pot roast brocoli carrots and grapes

m3 pork roast, mashed potatoes, salad w veg, pineapple, decaf w coconut cream


PS I feel so full all the time.  Should I be eating less?

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Your inspiring posts are like visiting with friends from far away places intriguingly familiar

Dave enjoy your well deserved relaxing drive

Meadow the kids are our future Love it

Jmcbn organized and proud

April inspiring throughout despite obstacles

Loulabelle et all Good Day

Day18 here already? A beautiful pleasant one here which makes you want to spend it outdoors

After my 'chores' and errands etc

My meals are satisfying and portions are enough to take me 4/5 hours I'm less active than usual

Has anyone thoughts on holiday meal plans?

I've already in mind my Plan B and

Plan C for a slow roll post W30

Hope it's a sticky one

Happy and safe long weekend

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Hello fellow campers! Whew! This has been a tough week for me physically as the wonders of W30 continue to clean out my body. But things seem to be on the mend: Bright attitude is back, energy is returning, things seem to be balancing out.


Dave - thanks for your wonderful words about Memorial Day and all those who serve our country. Particularly those who go into service, but also everyone who supports them behind the scenes in their families and in the businesses & industries that support the work that they do.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I hope yours are filled with family, thoughtfulness, and time to enjoy life.


(P.S. April - keep posting, your daily messages always bring a smile to my face!)



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April, I had to look at your photo up close because I didn't think you looked old enough to have a daughter who's a lawyer!! And in the photo you both look so young! And I mean she looks like a kid!! And a pretty kid too...!

How awful for her to have had her home broken into.... I had my car stolen many years ago, and that felt like enough of a violation so I can only begin to imagine how she must be feeling.... I guess it could have been a lot worse though had they have been at home or had they taken more, so I guess that's a blessing.

My boys and I are off on a little adventure to the coast (well, a different coast to the one we live on...!) for an overnight trip. There is a charity raft race on and a street market, and live music etc so hopefully the weather will be kind.... Then we've booked into a nice child/teen friendly restaurant for the evening... My folks are staying up there for the week so we're bunking with them then hitting the sand dunes on Sunday before coming home. I stopped off in the garage on the way home this evening & checked the oil & air pressure in the tyres as instructed, filled up with petrol & washed the car - just need to pack some compliant food for sunday's breakfast & we're good to go!

Have a great weekend everyone  :)

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April - I don't know how you change the locks on a car door or for the ignition switch. Can they do that?  Do they have a locked garage for the car.   Dang, that's not a comfortable feeling at all.  I'm glad you didn't cave with the snacking or the stress response.  


It's raining buckets here and flooding.  The ground can handle only so much snow all winter and then pour on the rain, it's a huge big mudpie.  Maw and I went out to the marble orchards and decorated everything in the rain.  We left it pretty but we were soaking wet. It's too wet to fire up the grill.  


jmcbn - I hope you have a great weekend with the boys and folkaronies.   Way to shake it all up.  ;)  :D 

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Y'all know I watch the seismos....they just a quake in Nevada.  I've been watching the swarms there for weeks.  





A moderate earthquake occurred at 12:47:42 PM (MDT) on Friday, May 22, 2015.
The magnitude 5.3 event occurred 24 km (15 miles) SSE of Helene, NV.
The hypocentral depth is 4 km ( 2 miles).


Magnitude 5.3 - local magnitude (Ml) Time Friday, May 22, 2015 at 12:47:42 PM (MDT)
Friday, May 22, 2015 at 18:47:42 (UTC) Distance from Helene, NV - 24 km (15 miles) SSE (153 degrees)
Caliente, NV - 38 km (24 miles) SSW (199 degrees)
Hoya, NV - 39 km (24 miles) N (360 degrees)
Joseco, NV - 44 km (27 miles) WSW (239 degrees)
Alamo, NV - 46 km (28 miles) E (100 degrees) Coordinates 37 deg. 17.5 min. N (37.292N), 114 deg. 39.3 min. W (114.655W) Depth 4 km (2.5 miles)

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jmcbn - today, there was one in your neck of the woods, too.  

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake has been recorded in Kent, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has said.  The tremor originated near Sandwich at a depth of 13km (8 miles) at 02:52 BST, it reported.

Residents in areas including Margate, Canterbury and Southend-on-Sea in Essex felt the tremor, with some saying they thought it was a plane crash. Kent Police said a number of calls had been received but no injuries or structural damage had been reported.



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Espie, I am glad to make you smile, and glad we made it through our tough week together


jmcbn thanks for the sweet compliments, and sorry about your car.  That happened to me too once.  Bad feeling!   I love picturing you in Ireland.  So So beautiful there.  I hope to go back someday. I have a gorgeous cook book from Ballymaloe.  


Meadow,  the car had electronic locks or something like that, so they could take  the car to the dealership to have the locks reprogrammed.   Someone tried to write one of their stolen checks at a pharmacy, so they may have video footage of the thief.  I'll let you know!  

What is a marble orchard?  How did you decorate it?


I deep cleaned my car today and feel so happy about that.   With all the rain, it looks like I'll have plenty time to clean my bike since I can't be riding it.


I think I told you my college kids are doing W30. Today is day 5 for them.  My son loves to cook and is taking out all his food yearnings by cooking us a Whole 30 feast.   Tonight is crab cakes, chicken wings, and broccoli w hollandaise sauce.  I'm usually the cook, so I am really enjoying this.  I am going to watch my quantity to not get over full.  It seems like just another way to stuff feelings.  


Thank you all for your kindness and encouragement, beautiful photos and wisdom.  This trail ride wouldn't be nearly so enjoyable or successful without you!


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The marble orchards...in our neck of the woods, that's what the cemetery is called. Marble headstones.  Hope they catch the thief, April.    We used flowers, flags and spinning flowers, very pretty but it was pouring rain. Hope they hold up.

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So sorry for those people who felt that quake

Hope they fare well through it is worrisome

I didn't know until I checked the weather channel thought of you all

Meadow that's an interesting hobby you enjoy


Long time ago we had a minor one

April yes hope they catch the thief - put them at ease at least no one was hurt

Jmcbn have a safe road trip

Meadow I'm sure your decorations were beautiful and much appreciated

Espie thanks and you also relax s

And remembering our service persons

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MegaG - been watching seismos since I was a kid.  Today is very active. 225 and counting is alot for one day.  I've been in a few quakes and lots of small ones.  :D When it's eerily quiet out and animals go completely silent... you can hear/feel loud bangs underground, it's like two trains colliding. The animals know things.  mmmmm mmmm.  They go perfectly still. Can I call you MaMa G for short? 


April, your dinner sounds fab. 

Okay, I've got my ear to the ground.  I'll report back later.  That map above updates on its own, just hit refresh.

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morning all,


i hope you all slept well.  Sleep is one of the immediate benefits of W30 for me.  I love sleeping through the night.  I am on day 11, 'the my pants are tight!' day.  It is bothering me, wondering if i'm actually gaining weight?  I don't want to compensate for the discomfort of what I am giving up by just eating too much of what I can have.  My marriage is stressful as well, and I want to be careful not to eat my feelings.  Hope that's not TMI.


Dinner was really good.  My son, Dylan was so proud of himself.  I was glad he provided treats for a holiday weekend, so we could get the celebration feel while sticking to the plan.  I felt good about my choices too.  Just enough of everything to enjoy it without overdoing it.  


Yikes MegaG, you too, with a stolen car!  Sorry about that!  


Meadow, I like it that you track earthquakes.  What an interesting endeavor.  I think I need a new hobby.  I just work and ride my bike.  I do really like to cook, too.

I am thinking of Italian lessons.  I already speak Spanish, so it would be a natural extension.  


Supposed to rain all day.  I'm going to 8:15 cardio sculpt with Margo, my daughter, then 9:15 restorative yoga.  We have a nice YWCA about 5 min from my house.  I love it.  Very reasonable price, beautiful facility and great classes.  Also gym equipment and indoor pool.  A Godsend!


M1 nothing too full from yesterday

M2  beef, onions, peppers, avocado

M2 chx wings, crab cake w homemade chipotle mayo, broccoli w hollandaise, 1/2 small sweet potato, cherries, decaf w coconut milk


NO snacks, No nuts




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