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Mo rothar féin


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Evening all,

Feeling like my log may have run it's course at this stage so I will probably wrap it up soon, but I will still be around the fora of course!


7am - egg loaf from freezer & coffee

12.30 - leftovers taco fries from last night with cheese

3.30pm - coffee with cream

5.45pm - chicken "stir-fry", used the sauce from well fed - tasty! leftover roast chicken, stir-fry veg (incl corn), basmati rice. With toasted cashew nuts on top.

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I did a chin-up today.

the end


So jealous!!! Great job. I actually cancelled on my trainer because my 45-year old back is hurting. My body needed a rest.

I don't want you to stop logging. I will miss your posts even though i don't check in often enough to catch every single one... :(

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I am not terribly sore, but think I my body needs more recovery time and had I trained today I would have really hurt this weekend. I do a lot of clean and jerks, deadlifts, heavy squats and they all work my core very hard. Even with standing overhead press and bench press, I tighten every muscle to push that darn bar up. Also haven't been doing my conditioning days lately since I took a break from running the last six weeks. Just a bit burned out I think so my three training sessions are pretty much my only real exercise lately and it's been almost all heavy lifting. Time to mix it up again.

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  • 2 months later...

Mo Rothar Féin Rides Again.

Back again with my post W30 log :) I had a read through and loved being reminded of the great characters from w30's past. And my goals - ha ha a 100kg deadlift by Xmas?? That did not happen! But I'm ok with that.

As before I'll be using the red light/green light markation. Red = not w30 complaint and Green = activity.

So last night I went out for dinner with my dear friend of 32 years :) We had such a laugh, great night. I paid no heed to health or paleo and just ordered what took my fancy. So that was Smoked salmon, cream cheese & spinach roulade. 8 Hour Braised Suckling Pork Belly, Spring Onion Mash, Fig Chutney & crispy Leeks. Eton Mess. a pot of tea and a shared bottle of red. Followed by a 2?3?mile walk home because I missed my bus - my bum & thighs were numb with the cold by the time I got home!!

Woke up at 3.30am feeling rough, dog rough! My stomach was not happy & my brain went in to thinky overdrive...took me a couple of hours to get back to sleep but surprisingly I felt not too bad this morning despite being on library duty at school for 30 junior infants (4/5 year olds)

7am - too full from last night for breakfast, banana and cm coffee

10.30am - another cm coffee

12.30pm - roasted veg , clearing out bits & pieces - carrots, parsnips, garlic, onion, pepper, zucchinni & fillet steak :) I'm clearing out the freezer this week as I need to defrost it and I had 2 marinated steaks in there.


3pm - decaff cm coffee & 30g Montezuma's dark chocolate. I was browsing in the health food shop & saw this. I remembered someones (Andrea) mentioning it was really good so I treated myself - Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Solids 73%, Organic Sugar & Organic Ground Vanilla

5.45pm - green chicken, sweet potato fries, roasted veg (as before), spoon of mayo.


I was reading the fat loss 30 day meal plan in Practical Paleo yesterday and might try to implement some of the suggestion she makes, but (a large) part of me, doesn't want to make the changes - no more gobs of mayo? cm coffees? only starchy carbs after workouts? doesn't sound like much fun now does it?? :lol:

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I should take another look at that one...but no more mayo? :blink: I don't know if I could handle it.

yeah, like is it worth it? I'd want to end up looking like Jamie Eason for that sacrifice!

on the avoid list it says

"Excess Dietary Fat

this does not mean to avoid ft. but eat the naturally occcuring fat in you foods (meats, seafood, eggs, avocaaso) as opposed to adding a lot extra fat when cooking"

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So what do you think were the most belly-busting parts of your most delicious sounding meal?

I'd say the wine and the dairy - cream cheese in starter and cream in desert, and I had couple of spoons of my friends cheesecake too. And the just the sheer quantity of food in one sitting! Oh also had some bread from bread basket, forgot about that....it was homemade sourdough, which I had with butter and green tapendade.

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Day 2 MRF#2

7.15am - 2 eggs scarmbled with chopped up sausages , saurkraut, cm coffee, half banana


9.30am - gym had to come home instead as I pulled my shoulder muscle this morning. Embaressingly I think it was when I was messing about showing dh my muscles and doing my hammy bodybuilder poses :o

10.30am - cm coffee

12.30pm - leftover steak & roast veg with added olives with fried egg.


3.30pm - Roobios tea for first time, I like it! some coconut flakes & half a slice of M&S lemon cheesecake I had stashed in the freezer during my W30!

5.45pm - lettuce cup tacos with avo, mayo & a little cheese


Dh has gone to buy crisps as he wants to open a bottle of wine tonight so I will join him this weekend for a glass or two! Just the wine, not the crisps (potato chips)!

Happy Friday peeps!

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9.30am - gym had to come home instead as I pulled my shoulder muscle this morning. Embaressingly I think it was when I was messing about showing dh my muscles and doing my hammy bodybuilder poses :o

I love this...Is that bad? I hope your shoulder is better soon :P

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Quoting Derval " 9.30am - gym had to come home instead as I pulled my shoulder muscle this morning. Embaressingly I think it was when I was messing about showing dh my muscles and doing my hammy bodybuilder poses :o"

You are so funny - have a gentle weekend and a little wine - moderation must be a key as evidenced by your post out to dinner distress.

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Day 3 MRF#2

8.30am - 2 boiled eggs, a cm coffee, banana

I am going to try cutting down the cm coffee to 1 a day (from 3) and reduce my coffee intake to 2 cups a day.

10.30am - black espresso

1pm - bacon, spinach & avo, saurkraut, clementine. 500ml roobius tea


4pm - some coconut butter. Once all the snacky fatty stuff is finished I am not replacing it. The macadamias are gone, coconut flakes almost etc... I am not going low-fat but I am trying to reduce the extra unnecessary fat I add in to foods, in an effort to lose some pounds.

6pm - roast chicken leg & roasted veg (brocolli, carrots & mushroom) What a frugal dinner this was! This chicken was "reduced to clear" to €1.50 and the veg were 59c per pack (Aldi) so worked out at less then 85c ($1.14) per head!


Am going to have a decaff coffee (black!) & my last piece of lemon cheesecake shortly.

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Day 4 MRF#2

8.30am? - black coffee, egg loaf (mushroom,onion,spinach, bns, seasoned pork) avocado


10.30am - black coffee

12.30pm - leftover roast veg from last night rehaeated with chicken drippings :) and ghee fried egg. 500ml roobios tea. Half an apple.


4pm - banana & almond buttter

5.45pm - rib eye steak, green salad with balsamic dressing, fried mushrooms & onions. Sparkling water.


I am planning of having mango & coconut butter later.

Notice the no reds?! :)

Neck/shoulder pain much better today thank goodness.

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Why avocado looks like someone took a bite from it and then put back on the plate? Ahaha

Black coffee - yay! I want to try drinking it black too.

Rumbled! :ph34r: I actually took a bite from it before I even took it out of it's skin :D

I just wanted to pop in and say you are an inspiration (and your food pics are lovely). :)

Thanks Mary!

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