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  1. No, it's not overthinking for that kind of question, especially at the beginning. However, it's almost impossible to over eat fat on this program due to it's high satiety impact. If a recipe is cooked with fat, remember that the fat is split between the portions so if you had 4 tablespoons of olive oil to roast a pan of veggies, you're not eating anywhere near too much fat when you use those veggies in portions over time.
  2. I have no tips or advice as I do not own any children but it stands out to me that if your 2 and 4 year old are having carb flu/detox type symptoms, this is probably the best thing you can do for them!
  3. Good for you! That's awesome! Way to take on the research! My day lit up when I read this!
  4. Whole9 is/was the parent company to Whole30.
  5. It's hard for us to suggest brands because we don't know what is available in your area... but San Pellegrino, Perrier, La Croix and most club sodas that have no flavoring are compliant... read your labels!
  6. Smoothies: We’d rather you didn’t This is a very popular question, with a very unpopular answer. Smoothies (generally made using lots of fruit) are technically compliant on your Whole30, but we strongly recommend against it. Food that you drink sends different satiety signals to your brain than food that you chew. So when you drink your meal, your brain isn’t getting the feedback it needs to tell your body that it’s had enough of what it needs. Plus, smoothies are generally really fruit-heavy, and starting your day off with a liquid sugar-bomb sets you up for cravings, hunger, and volatile e
  7. That's great that they were able to help you. Did you mention soy products as well? Do you know what their proteins are cooked in? It would be better if they can give you an ingredient list of what you're thinking of having... not saying they're being untruthful but sometimes the sneaky sugars aren't noted or they use a soy oil or soy lecithin or something...
  8. Have a read through this thread. Almost every question that you can ask as a beginner maker is answered here. You can also google and get many good websites like Wellness Mama and I think Stupid Easy Paleo and that will provide you with loads of information.
  9. No, not saying you should remove grapes... I have an extreme reaction which I didn't actually know about until many whole30's under my belt... Most people even with a sensitivity aren't going to be affected by grapes. Try and find some tinned fish (tuna, sardines etc) or bring hard boiled eggs and some olives etc... with you... if you can plan out to make and have trail mix, then you can plan out something else... the bars are absolutely not necessary for a successful Whole30... I've never met an emergency that would have necessitated it. If they're not readily available and you're going to
  10. Shannon gave you good advice on how to consider extending your whole30 but I'm coming here to tell you that yes, sulfites CAN BE as bad as all that. You won't know until you remove them and the other inflammatory foods... I didn't know but I get a terrible rash from them... My sensitivity is so bad that I can't eat grapes because the vines are sprayed with sulfites before the grape even blooms (blooms?? is that what you call it when a grape appears?). Anyway... sorry to hear that happened to you. Another thing while we're talking about this is that dried fruit as a condiment (sprinkled on
  11. Unfortunately no one here is a doctor or endocrinologist so it's difficult to say exactly what it is caused for in each individual person. It IS a rebalancing of hormones (it has to be hormones... they're what drive the female reproductive system). Depending on where you were eating on the scale of SAD to Paleo previous to your Whole30 can be the indicator of how much your hormones need to reset and how much healing is going on in your system...
  12. Yes, the .80 is worth it because part of what the Whole30 teaches you is that manufacturers put unnecessary additives and fillers in our food... We know that yeast extract is not necessary because you can find a slightly more expensive brand that doesn't have it... so the reason that unnecessary potentially harmful substance is in your fish is because they make more money off you by feeding you fillers. If that isn't worth .80 a can, I don't know what is!
  13. Hard to say but unlikely... things get a little mixed up sometimes timing-wise when we start balancing our hormones, but your body knows what to do! Hang in there!
  14. Please get rid of your scale... I advocate smashing it with a hammer but if you're not into that, take the batteries out, hide it, give it to a friend to hide... it's a rule just like no sugar is a rule so please put it away. Second, regarding your comment of doubting the diet. The Whole 30 is not a diet. It is a 30 elimination program designed to help you find out which food groups are making you less healthy. Do people lose weight on it? Yes, sure. But it's not a weight loss program and you're on day 10 of a 30 day plan, so even if it WAS a weight loss program, it's not really fair to
  15. First, regarding being hungry, lots of women report eating more (sometimes double) in the week leading up to and the week of their period. If you're hungry (litmus test, you'd eat bland steamed fish and broccoli) then eat a meal or mini meal (composed of at least two of the three macros: fat, protein, veg). As far as Plan B goes, I've taken it and it did a number on me for sure... it's a LOT of hormones being introduced to your body in one shot and for someone that is already struggling with hormone issues (35-50 day cycle) that's definitely going to play a part. Even in regard to how yo
  16. This post just made my day!! Wonderful how wonderful you feel!
  17. It happens unfortunately as our female hormones adjust/readjust... Sorry you're not going to be able to do yoga... you could do savassana (sp) on the sofa..