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  1. Not really. Sugar reintroduction is really about the sweet-tasting stuff, as the biggest reaction sugar causes for most people is cravings for more sugar, and bacon is unlikely to cause that. In fact, if you read the Slow My (Reintroduction) Roll article, one thing Melissa says people who are not quite ready to do reintroductions might do is loosen up on the no added sugar rule, in things like meat or ketchup.
  2. Your body doesn't really know whether you had the sulfites accidentally or on purpose. Some people are very sensitive to them. You're only three days in, if you really just can't stand the thought of starting over right now, what you could do is just keep going, and in 27 days, when your 30 would be up, see if you aren't okay with tacking another three days on there to get the whole thing -- you'll both be well past the hard part by then, and many people hit the end of their 30 days and keep going because they feel so good. At the very, very least, make sure you go 30 full days without a
  3. I'm not sure why the order is different in the book and on the website, but it really doesn't matter what order you use, the important part is to go back to whole30 eating for at least two days between different categories of foods, more if you have a reaction that lingers for more than two days. The point of reintroducing foods is to help you decide what foods you want to include in your regular diet going forward. If you love cheese and are okay with not feeling great after you eat it, it may be worth it to you to have it sometimes. Whole30's position is that none of the foods that you've
  4. They're listed in order of least likely to cause problems to most likely, but order doesn't really matter. Just be sure that you have the reintroduced food one day, and then go back to Whole30 eating for at least two days (more if you happen to have a reaction that lasts longer than two days -- then wait until you're feeling better), and keep each reintroduced food out until you've done all your reintroductions, even if you don't notice any reaction at all.
  5. Salad for breakfast this morning. Grilled chicken thighs, spring mix greens, celery, cucumber, jicama, tomatoes, chopped bacon, fried ginger, roasted garlic mayo, and pineapple-raspberry kombucha.
  6. I tried to just sprinkle a little Chinese five spice on it and it spilled. They didn't really get that brown, but they were very flavorful.
  7. Today's breakfast, baked chicken thighs, bok choy, yellow squash, and some cherries, with a strawberry orange kombucha:
  8. That sounds like about the amounts I use, although I don't really measure. One thing I found is that mine will be fizzy, so I stick them in the fridge, and they lose most of their fizz within a day. I drink a lot of them at room temp instead of refrigerating to avoid that. If you're still reusing the original lids from the GT's bottles, you might look into replacement lids -- maybe your lids have warped a bit and aren't as air tight anymore. Kombucha Kamp sells the replacement lids. Do you continuous brew or batch brew? I cb, and mine's pretty fizzy straight from the container without
  9. I still use the old GT's bottles, have for like a year and a half now. I get fizz most of the time, I've never had a bottle explode (I've had some leak, but never all out explosion with breaking glass, and never the kind of pressure on opening where I ended up with booch on the ceiling either), and if I can't get a lid to loosen, I stick it in the fridge for a while and I can usually get it off then with minimal loss of booch. I keep thinking someday I'll get the swing top bottles, but I'm cheap, and these work, so I'm not too concerned. I will say, because I've had some bottles leak, I
  10. This morning, I had baked chicken thigh, sweet potato, and bok choy, with a grape kombucha.
  11. Thanks, but I didn't come up with it. It's One of the variations of Melissa Joulwan's sb&j burgers in one of the Well Fed cookbooks, I think.
  12. Leftovers from last night for me: Steak topped with sauteed mushrooms, onion, and garlic, sweet potato wedges, and tomato-cucumber salad with sunflower seeds.
  13. I'm not sure if this is breakfast, or more of a brunch, since I slept later than usual, but this is what I had for my first meal today: Elvis burger (hamburger patty topped with almond butter, banana, and bacon), collard greens, and sweet potatoes (yes, they were slightly burnt. One of these days I'll learn to set a timer).
  14. This morning was hamburger patties, the last of some tricolore salad I made for the week (thank goodness -- it's good, but getting soggy and I'm tired of it. Next time, I'll only make a half batch), tostones, jicama, tahini dressing, and berry-lemon-ginger kombucha.
  15. One of the most common questions here on the forum is, what can I eat for breakfast? Maybe it's someone used to eating pancakes or pop tarts or just coffee or nothing at all, or maybe it's someone who's been eating eggs and is tired of them or wants to try the AIP protocol that doesn't allow eggs, but most people at some point during a Whole30 wonder about this. I thought maybe we could have a thread about unusual but tasty breakfast options that we could direct people to when they ask. So, if you eat the kind of breakfast that makes your non-W30 friends think you're weird, things
  16. Please quit posting the same question all over the forum.
  17. You can actually reintroduce dairy and sugar together if you want. Here's a quote from the reintroduction article: Also, have you read the Slow Roll Reintroduction article?
  18. This is okay. It is generally better to have a variety of foods over time, because you get different nutrients from different foods, so be sure you have a variety of vegetables and change up fat and protein sources some, but it's definitely fine to keep it simple rather than making a new and different recipe every day.
  19. I use fruit juice a lot, but mostly because I'm too lazy to cut up fruit, it's so much easier to buy a few bottles of juice to keep in the pantry and then they're there when I get around to bottling for my 2F. When you did the blueberries, did you cut them up at all? When I do use berries, I cut them at least in half, and larger things like strawberries I cut into fourths. More surface area exposed in the booch=more flavor, from what I've read. If you figure out the Gingerade thing, please post how you did it. I've given up on recreating any of the GT's flavors, they never turn ou
  20. Many people find it helpful to do a weekly cook up, in which they chop vegetables to last for most of the week. Much easier than chopping them for each meal. Here's a description of how that can work:
  21. Well, stepping on the scale is a rule, so if you want to be able to say you truly did a Whole30, following all the rules... But, having said that, here is the guidance for determining if you need a restart.
  22. If you check the Can I Have list, the rule is, as long as there's no sugar added after the first fermentation, it's okay. Here's the exact quote: