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  1. As long as all the ingredients are compliant, it's fine. Always check the ingredients.
  2. Ghee is clarified butter (the big difference is that it's cooked longer to allow the milk solids to brown before it's strained, giving it a different flavor than regular clarified butter). It will list butter and sometimes milk as ingredients, or might have an allergen statement listing milk. It's fine. Using a calorie tracker, on the other hand, is not really a great idea during Whole30 -- more information on that here:
  3. Even though you've read the information here, be aware that you are still responsible for asking about ingredients. Restaurants can change recipes or suppliers, and the original post was several months ago. Here's a download with some tips for successfully dining out on Whole30:
  4. The timeline is just a general guideline. Some people follow it pretty closely the whole way through, some don't. Be glad you haven't had the rough days in the beginning some people experience, and just keep going.
  5. If you end up making your own, you might be able to dice the potatoes small instead of grating them. You might need to adjust the cooking time a little. Or borrow a food processor from someone? I haven't ever found pre shredded potatoes that are compliant.
  6. I found that it depends -- if I seal the scoby hotel in a fairly air tight container, there's not a lot of evaporation and the scoby doesn't start looking dried out, so I don't really add to it. If I just have cloth covering it, the way I would for the kombucha I'm brewing,, there is some evaporation and the top of the scoby starts looking dry, so I add some tea occasionally. Either way, I would just keep an eye on it and make sure it continues to look okay. Mine do lose fizz in the fridge sometimes. Don't burp the bottles before you put them in the fridge, but other than that, I'
  7. All of the schedules are just suggestions -- as long as you follow the basic process they outline (reintro one thing at a time, at least two days of Whole30 eating between reintros, and don't have the things you've reintroduced again until you're completely done with reintroductions), you can do them in whatever order makes sense for you. One of the lists goes in order from least likely to cause issues for most people, to most likely to cause issues -- that one ends on gluten, but I can't remember now what it starts with, legumes maybe? Some people break down their reintroductions
  8. You'd need to wait until after reintroductions, or if you do a reintroduction day of sugar/honey/sweeteners of some kind you could have it then. Also, just in case you didn't realize, nitrates/nitrites are okay for Whole30 purposes, it's sulfites that are not.
  9. If it's definitely mold and not stray bits of tea or something, definitely toss it all. You can read more about mold and see pics of what it looks like here, if you have any doubts.
  10. We know. Lots of people's posts are doubling, tripling, quadrupling... The people in charge of these things have been informed. Haven't heard when we can expect a fix yet, hopefully it'll be soon.
  11. Sorry, due to the "no commercial chips, nothing deep fried" rule, pork rinds would not be compliant during your Whole30.
  12. We know, and it's been reported to the people who can fix such things. No word that I know of as far as when to expect a fix. If I hear that it has been fixed, I'll try to remember to come back here and post so you all know.
  13. I think it's a new and different version of this issue, but it has been reported to the people in charge of such things, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon. You're not the only one experiencing it.
  14. You might ask the brewer if they'd be willing to part with a scoby. There's a good chance they have more than they need, it never hurts to ask. I haven't grown one from bottled, so no real advice there, sorry.
  15. Those seasonings would be fine. Obviously, the Elvis burger is almond butter (or sun butter, or whatever nut/seed butter you prefer) with bananas and bacon, there's also another variation -- the SB&J burger -- where you cook strawberries down to a jelly-like consistency, instead of the bananas. Both are tasty. Like jmcbn said, not an everyday thing necessarily, but a nice change of pace.
  16. I don't really have anything useful to offer, but if you google Whole30 forum large family, you should find past posts from other people. I know we've had several families of five or more, I think the biggest was a family of 10 or 11. Good luck to you, and congratulations on making it to day 26!
  17. Wow! I don't guess I've ever seen goose eggs before, I didn't realize they were that huge.
  18. You have to check the ingredients. Even if you're getting it at the deli counter, they should have a list of ingredients for you to look at. If you can't confirm what the ingredients are, there's no way to know whether it's OK or not.
  19. Try another egg (or some other protein if you just don't want more eggs), + a cup or more of some other veggie in addition to your potatoes, and have half to a whole avocado, rather than a fourth of one. (See meal template for sizes of fat servings for things like avocado, olives, coconut, etc.)
  20. If you wanted, you could pull the meat off the bone of something like the chicken thighs or wings and pile it up and see how it measures up. It doesn't have to be exact, just be sure it's at least roughly the size of your palm. And yes, eating big meals is the key to not needing snacks.
  21. Two coffee filters probably won't hurt anything, but one should be sufficient. The cover I use over mine is made of a t-shirt like material. Basically, just don't use something with a really loose weave like cheesecloth (not even multiple layers of it), and don't close it up air tight with a lid and you should be fine. I would probably put it under the cabinet in the kitchen, and if you're concerned about the lights, throw a towel or something over it. If the lights get very warm, that might be a concern, but if they're like LED lights that don't put off much heat, definitely not a big d
  22. The second ferment in smaller, air tight(ish) bottles is not necessary, but even without adding any fruit or juice or anything, might give you more fizz, if you like it fizzy. First ferments may get some fizz, but usually not much. If you like it plain without flavoring, you might look into continuous brew, which you do in a container with a spigot (like a glass sun tea jar with a plastic spigot), and can just draw it off a glass or bottle at a time as you want some, and replace what you've taken off with sweet tea periodically. You can still do a 2f with a continuous brew too if you wan
  23. Sorry, I didn't see this, and you may have already done your reintros. If you're curious about sulfites in particular, this would be one way to do it. Keep in mind that while many people who have a reaction to red wine (headaches seem to be the biggest reaction) often blame sulfites, there are actually sulfites in white wine too, and some of the same people can react to red but not white, so there's some other something that some people are reacting to besides sulfites.
  24. The person who could get you local kombucha, ask them if their source would share a scoby and some starter liquid (which is just plain, unflavored kombucha) -- typically kombucha brewers have more scoby than we know what to do with, so they might be willing to share. Never hurts to ask, anyway.
  25. Not really. Sugar reintroduction is really about the sweet-tasting stuff, as the biggest reaction sugar causes for most people is cravings for more sugar, and bacon is unlikely to cause that. In fact, if you read the Slow My (Reintroduction) Roll article, one thing Melissa says people who are not quite ready to do reintroductions might do is loosen up on the no added sugar rule, in things like meat or ketchup.